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rilg 1999 


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Daily Schedule, 1989 





School Meeting 

Meetinqs tba 


School Meeting 

School Meeting 

























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L_ L. 


1:10 — L 














Five-minute Passing Times 
No STUDY HALLS in F-Blocks 

LUNCH HOURS: 11:45 - 1:10 
Wednesdays: 11:20 - 1:00 

While we have remained true to the core of what the GDA 
experience has been in the past, every aspect of GDA has taken 
a quantum leap forward during the Bragdons' stewardship. The 
face of our campus has changed with new facilities that are the 
tools for our Mastery Curriculum — a cutting edge mastery- 
curriculum that is being taught by a faculty that is second to 
none, to students who are bright and engaged, within a commu- 
nity that embraces the tenets of mutual respect and caring. 
— Daniel M. Morgan '67, President of the Board of Trustees 

While Headmaster Bragdo'n's tenure at 
GDA has seen transformations and growth 
for the school in innumerable ways, all 
would agree that one of his powerful lega- 
cies is the Mastery Curriculum and its 
manifestation throughout campus. Under 
Mr. Bragdon's leadership, the school had 
the vision to see the need for change. 
Developed in 1991 as an outgrowth of a 
faculty initiative, the Square One curricu- 
lum moved in a direction freeing students 
to become involved in their own learning, 
while still holding on tightly to the two 
centuries of the master teacher tradition at 
GDA. The Mastery Program offered a chal- 
lenging, thought-provoking and student- 
centered curriculum that was fully imple- 
mented in 1992. 

Visually represented here by the changes 
in the school's daily schedule between 1989 
and 1999, the Mastery Program has empha- 
sized longer class blocks providing oppor- 
tunities for interdisciplinary and more in- 
depth learning, alternative assessments, and 
extra help sessions and group work. By 
teaching students to become actively 
accountable for their own learning, the 
program enforces a community that has 
learning as its foundation. 

In light of this school-wide commit- 
ment, new buildings opened in 1997 that 
are tools for education and products of the 
challenge taken. As Mr. Bragdon explains, 
the Center for the Study of Mathematics 
and Science and the Carl A. Pescosolido 
Library are buildings that provide a space 
for "a curriculum that strives to answer the 
question of how a student learns and that 
includes the student directly in the process 
of discovery, immerses the student in 
collaborative learning, and is driven by a 
unified approach to science that emphasizes 
interdisciplinary research in laboratories." 

This is the curriculum and the process of 
change that is ushering GDA into the next 
century. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony 
for the two buildings, Mr. Bragdon 
explained, "Our goal is to foster graduates 
who will enter society with a thirst for 
inquiry, a commitment to constant intellec- 
tual renewal, the will to succeed, and the 
conscience to help others do the same." 

As evidenced by the testimonies of so 
many alumni/ae and friends of the 
Academy in the following pages, we 
think, Peter, you scored that goal. 
Congratulations, and thanks. 







School Meeting 


Spanish I 



7:45-8.00 Chapel 


Spanish I 






Spanish I 




Hk mm 


Spanish I 



School Meeting 
& Advisor Meeting 


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9:55 X3 




1 1 35 








Science 2000 




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Jazz Band 







Jazz Band 


12:05 L2 
















Science 2000 




Science 2000 






3,10 Ai 

2:40 C f u 
3:10 En S' 1Sh 


Typical Freshman Schedule, 1999 


Published since 1884 


Peter W. Bragdon 


Kristen C. Grubbs 


David Oxton 
Sue Cook 
Leo Hart 
Joe Rubino 

Graphic Design 

Elisabeth L. Campbell 

Assistant Headmaster 

Edward C.Young 73, P'01,'02 
Director of Development 
Patricia Tobin Peterman P'01 
Associate Director of Development 
Michael A. Moonves 
Director of Annual Giving 
Michelle M. Kunz 

Trustees of Governor Dummer Academy 

Daniel M. Morgan '67, P'97, President 

Shirley S. French P'76,Vice President 

Stephen G. Kasnet '62, P'95,Vice President 

Josiah H.Welch '47, P'80'83, Secretary 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, Treasurer 

William L.Alfond '67 

Putnam P. Flint '37, GP'99 

Clifford J. Gillespie 

Judith Gore P'95'97 

Richard M. Kelleher P'99'01 

Josiah K. Lilly '68, P'91 '98 

Mary F. Mack P'87'91'93 

Joshua L. Miner IV '69, P'96'98 

Dodge D. Morgan '50, P'92 

Reynolds E. Moulton,Jr. '56 

Brian H. Noyes 76 

William F. O'Leary 73 

Carrie W Penner '88 

Haskell Rhett '54 

James L. Rudolph '68 

George S. Scharfe P'95'00 

C.Thomas Tenney, Jr. '69 

Alumni Trustees 

Kathleen Leary Livermore 79 

Ann K. McShea '82 

Steven G. Shapiro 74 

Ex Officio 

Peter T.Butler '62 

President, Alumni /ae Council 

Alumni/ae Council 

Peter T Buder '62, President 

Catherine Burgess '91, Secretary/Treasurer 

Carolyn Borwick 77 

R. Jeffrey Bailly '80 

Deana Giamette Boyages '88 

James Deveney '60 

John P. English '28 

Peter W Franklin 72 

Anthony P. Fusco '85 

Joshua Lappin '92 

Joseph E. MacLeod '56 

Howard J. Navins '31, P'63'66, GP'93 

Susan F. Pattison 77 

Robert Studley '86 

Marc K. Tucker '68, P'01 

Ex Officio 

Karen A. Schulte '83, Past President 

Arthur H.Veasey III '68, Past President 

John S. Mercer '64, P'95, Past President 

Peter M. Sherin '59, Past President 

Putnam P. Flint '37, GP'99, Co-chair, Trustee 

Development Committee 
Carrie W Penner '88, Co-chair, Trustee 

Development Committee 

TheArchon is published three times a 
year by Governor Dummer Academy, Byfield, 
Massachusetts 01922. Telephone: (978) 465-1763. 
Letters are welcome from alumni, alumnae, parents, and 
friends of the Academy and are subject to editing for 
reasons of space availability. 

c o n (: e n I 

\ j 


12 Making a Significant Difference: 

A Tribute to the Bragdons 

18 Bye Bye Birdie: 

Celebrating Roberta Britton 

56 Student Profile: 

Meet Megan McShane '99 

cm J^l 
LI m^* 

Welcome Doggettsl page 5 



headmaster's message 

on campus 

22 class notes 

54 in memoriam 

on the cover 

The Bragdon's Foyer 

The cover drawing was conceptualized by Jane Rothwell 
P'97 '00 '01 and executed by Francis Ng '99. It was chosen 
as the cover artwork for this issue in honor both of Peter 
and Dottie Bragdon's years at GDA and teacher Roberta 
Britton's impact in the fine arts program. Francis will be 
attending Rhode Island School of Design in the fall where 
he will continue to study art. 

The Archon is printed on recycled paper with a minimum of 10% post-consumer waste. It is 
printed with sustainable resource vegetable-based soy inks in accordance with our commitment to 
the environment. Please recycle again. 

diversity responses 

Dear Peter, 

I am sure that I caught a glimpse of you on 
the evening news a couple of weeks ago, stand- 
ing in line at the airport during that snow 
storm?? I hope it got you wherever you were 

Just a note to wish you well as you prepare 
for the fly fishing days ahead. You will be 
tremendously missed in the community, but 
please know that you have a wonderful family 
of friends from GDA. 

Thank you for your efforts and growth in 
bringing awareness about gay and lesbian issues 
to campus. It is my hope that there are some 
current students residing at GDA who are liv- 
ing in less fear and shame because of it. Thank 
you for bringing these discussions "out of the 

Enjoy springtime on campus. I look forward 
to seeing you in June! 
Love, Grace Jeans '92 

Dear Peter, 

The special issue of the Archon is magnifi- 
cent. I have read every article and studied every 
photo. You are way ahead of most schools but I 
do hope they are also making strong efforts to 
achieve diversity. Thank you for your leadership. 
George Cardigan, P'57 T'55-63 

Dear Mr. Morgan, 

It is with profound regret and sadness that I 
ask that my name be removed from the alumni 
mailing fist. In my limited way I have tried to 
support GDA in its growth and goals since my 
graduation in June of 1940. I was a grateful 
recipient of a partial scholarship grant and 
worked several jobs to offset my obligation. 
GDA was good to me and I benefited in many 
ways in the one short year I was on campus. 

Now I am shocked that in the use of a 90s 
phrase, "cultural diversity," GDA has embraced 
the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Master Moody, Ted 
Eames, and probably Tom Mercer and Mac 
MacDonald are rolling over in their graves. 

In my professional career the gays and les- 
bians that I have encountered, hired, and pro- 
moted have always been treated with respect 
equal to all others. Now this very minor por- 
tion of our population has propelled itself into 
a visual prominence above all of those who 
have for decades protected them and enabled 
them to be themselves. The silent majority, their 
protectors, will not become subservient to their 
public relations efforts and let them become 
dominant in our lives. 

The pendulum will swing, not in my lifetime, 
but it will swing. 

I regretfully terminate my relationship with 
Governor Dummer Academy. 
Yours truly, Alan T. Lockard '40 

mac murphy tributes 

Dear Mr. Bragdon, 

I am proud to say I had the honor of being 
a student in Mr. Murphy's 1973 senior English 
class at GDA. My memories of that class and 
Mr. Murphy are vivid. I loved that class: reading 
at least one book a week; writing, writing, and 
more writing; and listening and watching Mr. 
Murphy as he paced back and forth in that 
seminar room. In that class, I learned about lit- 
erature and how to write properly. 

Mr. Murphy's lessons were invaluable in my 
subsequent academic achievements, including 
graduating law school summa cum laude. To 
this day, when I draft a contract, write a legal 
opinion, or author a law review article, Mr. 
Murphy's influence is strong. He was unique. 
He was a treasure. He will always be fondly 
Very truly yours, Jay A. Martus '73 

Dear Mr. Bragdon, 

Enclosed is a check— too small but well- 
intentioned-in honor of Mac Murphy. He was 
a great help to me in the difficult job (at least 
difficult for me) of growing up. Sorry that there 
is no way I can get to Byfield in June. By the 
way, next year will be my 60th and I can hard- 
ly believe it. My one year at GDA was so won- 
derful and so important to me that I think back 
to it often and it seems like yesterday. 
Very best wishes, David H. Solomon '40 

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bragdon, 

I want to say hello to you, thank you for tak- 
ing good care of GDA, wish you the best of 
health and happiness now and after GDA, and 
briefly introduce myself. I am Gordie Martin, 
class of 1956, who spent three good years at 
GDA with such mentors as Mac Murphy, Heb 
Evans, Ben Stone, and Art Sager, to name a few. 
Though I played alumni lacrosse in 1970 and 
visited one day in 1988, I have been disabled 
since 1989 and don't drive. Therefore since I 
have not been able to get up to Byfield since 
1988, 1 have kept in touch with class represen- 
tatives, and have studied what's in the Archon. I 
have been very impressed with the 
changes-going coed, building a chapel and 
library, and making other improvements. I wish 
I could have met you two and walked the "larg- 
er" campus with you. Best of luck and thanks 
for a better GDA. 
Sincerely yours, Gordon W. Martin '56 

thanking coach navins 

Dear Coach Navins, 

I do not think there has been another person 
in my lifetime who I love and respect as much 
as you. While I sit here waiting for my new 
heart, I think back at the great times with you 
as my coach and mentor. I do not know how 
you did it but I always did my best for you! 
Here's to the good old days and you coach!!! 
Much love, your one-armed outfielder, 
Rey Moulton '56 

colorful memories 

Hi there Mr. Bragdon (yes, it's still hard for me 
to get used to Peter, but I'm working on it!) 

Recently I started having flashbacks of GDA, 
and I felt compelled to write you ... I can 
imagine that if I have all of these colorful mem- 
ories, you must have countless ones after your 
years there. 

I remember vividly the taste of pepperoni 
pizza in Jim Scheidegger's apartment with the 
freshman astronomy class. The savory flavor of 
cinnamon popcorn at Abu's cross-country pop- 
corn parties. The taste of that awesome blueber- 
ry pie that would unfortunately turn your teeth 
blue in the dining hall. The summery scent of 
freshly cut grass on the quad in front of Phillips. 
The musty but welcoming smell of the Cobb 
Room. The consuming odor of McDonald's 
french fries in my car (with Becky Baker 
crouched on the floor) as we snuck back onto 
campus after another illegal lunch. The warmth 
of the June sun on my back as I lay on the 
French building lawn on a sunny day. The feel- 
ing of butterflies in anticipation of making a 
speech in PaulWann's class, and the invigorating 
experience after nailing the speech down with 
only a few flaws. The cozy comfort of the 
library chair in the window of Frost. The awk- 
ward feeling of having my first crush. The sound 
of LL Cool J blasting from someone's dorm 
room in Moody's, and the cheering of people as 
I crossed the finish line after struggling 3.1 
miles. The calming silence of the ice rink on a 
frigid winter morning. The piping of the brass 
quartet on the Mansion House lawn on that 
picture perfect graduation day in 1991. There 
are too many memories that I can still taste, 
smell, feel, and hear . . . Enjoy your last days at 
GDA and take in as much as you can. 
Sincerely, Kori Winter '91 

Our alumni are looking out for us... 

In response to an article in January's issue of SmartMoney which sought to out- 
line some negative aspects of independent schools, Ben Beach '61 wrote the 
following letter to the SmartMoney editor: 

While there was some sound advice in "Ten Things Private Schools Won't TellYou," I can say 
from my personal experience that my four years at Governor Dummer Academy, the nation's 
oldest boarding school, changed my life. I hope you haven't scared away those who could 
benefit from one of these schools. 

2 The Archon — Spring 1999 

headmaster's message 

Living Dreams 

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's 
blood and probably in themselves will not be realized. 
Make big plans. Aim high in hope and work, remembering 
that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, 
but long after we are gone will be a living thing, asserting 
itself with ever-growing intensity." 

Daniel Burnham, 1846-1912 

What over-riding factor made these sixteen years so incredibly special for Dottie and me? 

Was it the sensitivity and ebullience of 
our students which surfaced each day in 
some way: in the long conversations during 
and after meals in Jacob Dining Hall, in the 
card games and pool matches of Open 
House, in the genuine concern for others — 
adults and peers? 

Or was it the strong sense of service with- 
in our community, dramatically manifested 
on Special Olympics Sunday and during the 
myriad of service projects on Martin Luther 
King Day? 

Was it the talent within our student body 
evident in the classrooms, or in standing- 
room-only concerts guided by that Man in 
Red Shoes? Or in drama productions that 
seemed to surpass the Broadway version? 
Or art shows which appeared to sponsor 
young Michelangelos? 

Was it the dignity and quiet courage of 
our athletes in Cardinal Red, and that of the 
Governor Dummer fans, revealed so 
impressively at basketball games when foul 
shots by rival players were attempted before 
a silent Alumni Gym? 

Was it the resilience and creativity of a 
faculty who embraced change, initiated a 

demanding mastery curriculum requiring 
great teaching, and asked all students to par- 
ticipate in the act of discovery? A faculty of 
master-teachers who made the classroom 
experience just the beginning of their rela- 
tionships with students? 

Was it the contributions of those on the 
staff, in the kitchen, and on the maintenance 
crew to produce a functioning community, 
with the best-fed student body on possibly 
the most beautiful secondary school campus 

Was it a courageous and generous Board 
of Trustees under the leadership of Skip 
Pescosolido, Dodge Morgan, and now Dan 
Morgan which operated on the forefront of 
dramatic change — change which reinforced 
the most enduring values of a liberal arts 
education while always resting upon a 
sound financial basis? 

Was it the presence of loyal parents who 
stepped forward to sustain their own chil- 
dren and also to serve the children of others 
through constant acts of support? 

Was it the graduates who have thanked 
those who taught them, and made possible 
the continuation of the master-teacher tra- 

dition at Governor Dummer Academy 
through their own generosity? 

One over-riding factor? My choice 
includes all of the above. 

But the major single factor that makes 
Governor Dummer so special is the privi- 
lege to dream and then to put these dreams 
into action. Today in 1999 we are living in 
dreams which have been accomplished 
because so many have accepted the chal- 
lenge to improve this special place. The 
result is the seeming contradiction of the 
oldest boarding school in the United States 
living and thriving on the cutting edge of 
innovation. We live in this territory because 
Governor Dummer chose to be daring dur- 
ing these sixteen years. 

Thank you, members of the Governor 
Dummer family, for choosing to live with 
such dreams. Dottie and I have treasured this 
constant and demanding quest and look for- 
ward to new heights for Governor Dummer 
Academy during the Doggett years. 

Peter W. Bragdon ' 

The Archon — Spring 1999 3 

on campus 

Andrew Therriault 

National Scholars 

Two seniors were recently honored as 
finalists in the 1999 National Scholarship 
programs. Senior Andrew Therriault from 
Newburyport, MA is a finalist in the 1999 
National Merit Scholarship program, dis- 
tinguishing him in a group representing 
less than one percent of all U.S. graduating 
seniors. Senior Adele Chase of Stone 
Mountain, GA was presented with a 
Certificate of Achievement as a finalist 
in the 1999 National Achievement 
Scholarship program. This award distin- 
guishes her in a group of 1,200 Black 
American students nation-wide. The 
process of selecting 7,600 merit scholarship 
winners and 800 national achievement 
scholarship winners from the finalist group 
is now under way, and awards will be 
announced later this year. 

Modeling Congress 

For the third consecutive year, a delega- 
tion of GDA students traveled into 
Cambridge last February to engage in the 
14th session of the Harvard Model 
Congress. Organized, prepared, and led by 
HMC co-presidents Andrew Therriault 
'99 and Joann Nguyen '99, the delegation 
was accompanied to Boston by faculty 
advisors Perry Nelson and Bill Quigley to 
join over 1200 other high school students 
from around the country. 

Students from almost 70 schools around 
the country engaged in a government sim- 
ulation for four days, enacting the roles of 
actual U.S. Representatives, Senators, 
Cabinet officers, National Security 
Council members, justices and attorneys in 
U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. District 
Court, lobbyists, and print and TV jour- 
nalists. Run by Harvard undergraduates — 
including, this year, Mike Meagher '98 — 
the program presents awards at closing 
ceremonies to those students who 
emerged as leaders in their roles. 

Seven GDA students were honored this 
year for their outstanding achievement: 
Matthew DiGuiseppe '01 (Rep. Jerry 
Weller) for his work on the House 
Committee on National Security, Joel 
Crawford '99 (Sen. Jesse Helms) for his 
work on the Senate Judiciary 
Committee, Stuart Gilfillen '99 (Sen. 
Christopher Bond) for his work on the 
Senate Committee on Ethics, and James 
Mazareas '99 (Sen. John McCain) for his 
work on the Senate Foreign Relations 
Committee. Honorable Mention Awards 
went to Willow Malick '00 (Rep. Earl 
Hilliard) for her work on the House 
Committee on Transportation & 
Infrastructure, Elizabeth Turnbull '00 (Sen. 
John Edwards) for her work on the Senate 
Armed Services Committee, and Gregory 
Moore '99 (Director of Intelligence) for his 

GDA Gives Blood 

On Monday March 8, 91 members of 
the GDA community donated blood 
through an American Red Cross blood 
drive held on campus. Organized by 
Gretchen Gee '00 and Eve Seamans '00, 
the Frost Library was transformed into a 
blood-giving clinic. Of the 96 people who 
registered, 54 were students and 56 were 
first-time donors. Faculty, staff, and parents 
filled out the rest of the group. Cian 
O'Neill '00's parents donated two gift cer- 
tificates which were raffled off to donors 
(and won by students) and more than 30 
students volunteered throughout the day 
at the registration table, the canteen, or 
being "donor-buddies" to provide support 
and encouragement, especially for those 
first-time givers. To maintain an optimal 
blood supply in the New England region, 
1,100 donations must be received daily. 
GDA is proud to be a part of the five per- 
cent of the population that gives! 

Free Ski! 

70 students were the lucky recipients 
of an anonymous donation to GDA last 
winter. Despite their busy schedules, 
these students woke in the wee hours 
of iwo Sunday mornings to travel 
north for bigger hills, Waterville Valley 
and Loon Mountain, and fresh powder. 
By funding lift tickets and ski rentals if 
needed, this amazingly generous gift 
provided an opportunity not often 
found in the unpredictable snow pat- 
terns in Byfield, MA. Fifteen students 
who had never skied or snowboarded 
had the opportunity to try out their 
mountain legs for the first time. One 
student echoed the general sentiment: 
"This is the coolest thing — I can't 
believe someone would do this for us!" 

4 The Archon — Spring 1999 

Seeking Literary Alums 

Tuesday nights have a whole new meaning at the Carl A. Pescosolido Library. Led by 
head librarian Mary Leary, a new program has been bringing together students, faculty, and 
guest speakers for evenings of stimulating dialogue and exposure to new books, new ideas, 
and exciting conversations. The Tuesday Night Program has included book groups, Civil 
War reenactments, discussion of a recent trip to Rwanda, and two dramatic readings. 

As Leary plans for next year, she hopes to entice any interested "literary type" alum- 
ni/ae or parents to bring their talents and knowledge back to campus. Come share your 
expertise with an interested group of students and faculty. Plans are already underway for 
a monthly poetry session and a workshop by Toastmasters International to help our stu- 
dents improve their verbal skills. Book group sessions will run again as well as dramatic 
readings. Writers, readers, poets, travelers — unite! Contact Mary Leary at 978/499-3329 or for more information. 

Boas and Bids: Tlw sophomore class hosted a 
well-attended Casino Night last winter 

Beyond Geography: Technology in Action 

2:00 p.m. on a Thursday last March, and 12 students are found hard at work in the com- 
puter lab of the Pescosolido Library: "What if we put the flag on the first page and link it 
to the population figures on the second?" Guided by librarian Susan Chase and history 
teacher Perry Nelson, ninth grade geographers are discovering the challenges of html pro- 
gramming as an alternative assessment for their geography class. Rather than a final 
research paper, students have been given the assignment of choosing a country to research 
and creating their own website to display their findings. Some sites have taken on the 
appearance of a travel page, or of an encyclopedia. When complete, students will share their 
sites with the class via overhead projectors hooked up to the web page. Lessons learned 
beyond geography, history, and culture include the ability to understand the inner workings 
of web sites and to evaluate them from a more knowledgeable basis. 

Opportunities for 
the Future 

The Governor Dummer Academy com- 
munity is delighted to welcome John 
Martin Doggettjr. as the 27th headmas- 
ter of the school. Daniel M. Morgan '67, 
P'97, president of the Academy's Board 
of Trustees, reports, "I rejoice in the 
outcome of the search and am confident 
that this transition will be a seamless 
one. Marty has experience, commit- 
ment, energy, heart, and character." 
Marty, Patty, and their five sons will 
arrive on campus July 1 , bringing their 
own energy and vitality to campus to 
herald in the 21st century. We look for- 
ward to celebrating their arrival and 
warmly welcome them to GDA. 

Into the Community 

Last January, students and faculty honored 
Martin Luther King Day by heading out 
into the communities beyond GDA. 
The day began with a morning assembly on 
campus, honoring the winners of the 
history department's Frederick Douglas 
Declamation contest, and was highlighted 
by a keynote address by Reverend Adrienne 
Berry Burton. Burton, an ordained minister 
who serves as an associate pastor at the Zion 
Baptist church in Lynn, MA, is also the 
mother of Raymond Long '95, Morse Flag 
recipient in 1995. She has worked exten- 
sively as a community builder/educator in 
the state. Organized by GDA faculty mem- 
ber Ike Suggs '78 and students Christina 
Coppolino '99 and Bijou Mgbojikwe '00, 
the rest of the day was spent doing service 
site work at more than 30 regional social 
service organizations. 

The Archon — Spring 1999 5 

on campus 

Admission Update 

by Gillian Lloyd, Director of Admission 

GDA is celebrating another strong 
admission year! Visitors to campus continue 
to applaud the beautiful Carl A. Pescosolido 
Library and The Center for the Study of 
Mathematics and Science as well as our 
wonderful new Barbara F. Porter Field and 
Samuel Huggins lighted track. Our second 
annual Fall Admission Open House attract- 
ed 129 families to campus on one of those 
spectacular autumn days that reminds us all 
why we love New England. 

We continue to appreciate the help and 
warm reception that we receive from alum- 
ni, alumnae, and past and current parents 
during all of our travels. Our Boston area 
reception at the home of Albert and Mitzi 
Papoyans (parents of Lara Dunev '99) was a 
success despite a bitter cold and snowy 
evening. Many families braved the elements 
to enjoy an evening with Headmaster and 
Mrs. Bragdon, faculty, students and alum- 
ni/ae. And, with the incredible support of 
our parent Allies, we have been providing 
prospective families with campus visits that 
are especially warm and informative. 

We have received fantastic feedback 
regarding our new viewbook and support- 
ing marketing publications. The publica- 
tions provide an exciting and real picture of 
GDA today for prospective families. We 
welcome any comments that our alumni/ae 
may have! 

With a 12 percent increase in applica- 
tions over last year's already substantial 
increases, Revisit Days in April provided 
over 155 admitted candidates and their 
families a day on campus to attend classes, 
meet with department heads and faculty, 
view student projects, eat lunch with cur- 
rent students, and join the Bragdons, the 
Doggetts, and current parents in the 
Mansion House for continuing conversa- 
tions. It is exciting news to report that GDA 
has a full enrollment as of April 15. Our 
strong enrollment says much for the 
strength of our school, its reputation, our 
academic and extracurricular programs, our 
faculty, and our facilities. Stay tuned for 
descriptions of the diverse and talented 
future generation of alumni/ae entering 
GDA next fall! 

Development Developments 

Calling All Volunteers! 

This year the Alumni/ae Council was charged with improving the class agent structure 
by recruiting additional agents. Recently, Council President Peter Butler '62 reported that 
his team has recruited 23 new class agents, representing seven classes. 

To further the understanding of the roles and to heighten the spirit of all volunteers, 
including parents, class agents and secretaries, and Alumni/ae Council members, the 
Development Office will be holding a Volunteers' Workshop on the weekend of October 
1-2, 1999. The program will begin on Friday afternoon with group sessions followed by a 
reception and a dinner with the Trustees and with the Doggetts. On Saturday morning 
there will be further programs to help the participants with their volunteer responsibilities 
and panels to ensure familiarity with the current GDA experience. After lunch there will 
be a full slate of athletic contests. More specific information about Volunteers' Weekend will 
be mailed at a later date. Stay tuned! 

Annual Fund Update 

By Michelle Kunz, Director of Annual Giving 



As of April 8, 1999 the Annual Fund pledges and gifts totalled an impressive 
$909,285 towards our $955,000 goal! Great job by all of the Class Agents — including 
24 new recruits — who have actively been trying to increase their class participation. 
Thank you to the 50 alumni/ae volunteers who attended the phonathons in 
Portland, ME, Boston, New York City, and Byfield during February and March. Each 
night proved to be an enjoyable evening catching up with classmates and reminisc- 
ing about GDA days. A special thanks to Jack Deering '47, Neda Kalhori Boyd '80, 
and Neal McElroy '16 who were the hosts for the phonathons in the various cities. 
The six phonathons raised a total of $47,863 with 336 pledges! 

Current parent volunteers also have had a fantastic year, raising to date $217,668 
.with over half of the parents supporting the Annual Fund. 

To those of you who have contributed — thank you. If you have not participated, 
please consider a gift to support the ongoing needs of the school. A gift of any size 
received by the Development Office by June 30 is truly helpful to the Academy. 

6 The Archon — Spring 1999 

Trustee News 


Shirley French P'76 and Dodge Morgan 
'50, P'92 concluded distinguished tenures 
as members of the GDA Board of Trustees 
at this spring's Board meeting. 

Shirley French served on the Board 
from 1976 on, chairing both the Trustees 
Relations Committee and the Buildings 
and Grounds Committee and serving as 
vice president since 1996. Mrs. French and 
her husband Robert L.V. French shared 
their enthusiasm and generous support for 
the school in innumerable ways through- 
out their years as parents and beyond. 
French's never ending energy and com- 
mitment to the trustees was manifested in 
the giving of her effort and time to guide 
a path for the school into the future, 
and her giving of funds, as a catalyst for 
others to give. 

Her continual generosity improved 
student life on campus in many ways, most 

Shirley French 

visibly in substantial renovations of the 
Student Center. Her involvement and 
interest in the school's history, past and 
future, has led the charge to establish an 
impressive collection in the GDA Archives, 
and her appreciation of the Bragdons led 
to the hanging of their portrait in the 
Pescosolido Library. Similarly, GDA will 
forever remember and honor the role that 
Shirley French has had in the hfe of this 

Dodge Morgan served on the Board of 
Trustees from 1984 to 1999. He was elect- 
ed president of the Board in 1993, serving 
for five years until current president Dan 
Morgan '67 took the reins. Well-known for 
his 1985 record-breaking solo navigation 
around the globe in a 60-foot schooner, 
Morgan brought a comparable level of 
energy, expertise, and commitment to the 
goals of the GDA Board. President and 
founder of Controlonics Corporation, a 
manufacturer of electronics communica- 
tions products, which he later sold, Morgan 
is now owner of two Maine newspapers, 
the Maine Times and the Casco Bay Weekly. 
Morgan's contributions at GDA have 
been immeasurable. As Headmaster 
Bragdon explains, "Dodge's business acu- 
men and entrepreneurial skills, his passion 
for excellence, his belief in the search for a 
better route, and his genius for understand- 
ing relationships between people that best 
achieve shared goals, contributed immea- 
surably to his work at GDA." 


Reynolds E. Moulton, Jr. '56 joined the 
GDA Board of Trustees at the May Board 
meeting this spring. Moulton is founder 
and chairman of the Board of R.E. 
Moulton, Inc., an innovator in the reinsur- 
ance and stop-loss insurance agency The 
company was founded in 1976 and since 
then has become one of the strongest in its 
field, growing to six regional offices across 
the country and 100 employees. After 
GDA, Moulton received his bachelor's 

Dodge Morgan 

degree from Dartmouth College. He 
recently moved to Manchester-by-the-Sea, 
MA after many years in Marblehead, MA. 
His involvement in the community 
includes director of Citizens' Scholarship 
Foundation, director of Making Ends 
Meet, and former president of the 
Marblehead Chamber of Commerce. 

Steven G. Shapiro '74 of North 
Hampton, NH also joined the Board this 
spring. Currently a management consultant 
serving industries as varied as an environ- 
mental investment fund, a general aviation 
parts distributor, and a restaurant chain, 
Shapiro has had a broad range of experi- 
ence in senior financial management. He 
worked previously as vice-president and 
controller of ABEX, Inc. (formerly the 
Henley Group), a NYSE-listed aerospace 
and automotive company, and as vice-pres- 
ident of Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc, 
both in Hampton, NH. After GDA, 
Shapiro received his bachelor's degree 
from Trinity College, and an MBA from 
Cornell University Graduate School 
of Management. 

The Archon — Spring 1999 7 

on campus 


Meghan Barry '00 and Leighton Phillips '00 perform as Little Red Riding 
Hood and the Wolf in this year's winter musical, Into the Woods 

Music Notes 

On a snowy night last March, 50 music lovers (including three all the way 
from Korea!) trekked through the drifts to the Moseley Chapel to hear Hannah 
Cho '00 perform a variety of pieces on her flute. Coached by flute teacher Trisha 
Dunne, Cho is, according to Head of the Fine Arts department, Chris Stowens, 
"one of the best flautists we've seen on campus." Cho's sister and parents trav- 
eled over from their home town of Kyung Kido, Korea for the event, which fea- 
tured pieces by Godard, Ganne, and Briccialdi. 

Last fall, Nat Baldwin '99, whose successes also grace the pages of sports news, 
walked into the audition space for the University of Hartford's renowned School 
of Music, began to play some tunes on his upright bass, and was stopped in his 
tracks. "One moment," the judge said, and scurried off into the back room. 
Returning in a few moments he walked up to Nat and said, "Congratulations, 
you're accepted." While we have yet to hear whether Baldwin, of Portsmouth, 
NH, will attend the Hart school, or one of his other competitive choices, we cer- 
tainly know this story will filter through the proud GDA campus for days to 

"Carnegie Hall: the place all performers aspire to, and one of your classmates 
made it!" announced Chris Stowens at Morning Meeting last March. For the 
first time in GDA choral history, Jesse Soursourian '99, of Beverly, MA, traveled 
all the way to New York City to perform with the All-Eastern Chorus. 
Sousourian competed through the various levels of regional and state-wide are- 
nas, and joined other high school students for a choral extravaganza of the best 
high school singers in the eastern U.S. 

Art's Alive 

Seven students were honored in the 
49th Annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art 
Awards competition held last February in 
Boston. Displayed for the following weeks 
in the State Transportation Building in 
Boston, the young artists received awards 
for outstanding portfolios, or for gold, sil- 
ver, and honorable mention keys. Francis 
Ng '99 received a gold key and had his 
portfolio honored and sent on to New 
York where it will be further judged for 
scholarships to a number of outstanding 
art schools. Nathanael Sprague '99 earned 
a silver key for his pencil drawing, a self 
portrait, and Becky Dosh '99 won honor- 
able mention for her wood stick sculpture 
of a grasshopper. Teaya Bromley '00 
received a gold key for her photography; 
Willow Malik '00 an honorable mention 
for her ceramics; Brittany Perham '99 a sil- 
ver key for her photography; and Will 
Bastian '02 a gold key for photography. 

Groove to Groove 

The Governor Dummer Dance program 
presented an evening of lively music and 
movement to their packed audiences last 
February. Interspersed with grooving tunes 
by Johnny Spec and the BC's, a five -piece 
jazz band, the ten main dancers performed 
a variety of modern, classical, and hip hop 
pieces, highlighted by guest appearances by 
a group of male hip-hoppers. Directed by 
Susan Atwood and Sarah George, and 
assisted by students Kristin Seim '99,Yori 
Senser '00, and Elisabeth Coolidge '00, the 
group's hard work throughout the winter 
afternoon program paid off to energetic 

8 The Archon — Spring 1999 

sports news 

A Space Under the 

by Coach Mark Gerry 

There were just too many good aspects 
of our GDA football team and our great 
season to savor. It started with the anticipa- 
tion and excitement of preseason. Then we 
established ourselves as a physical, hard-hit- 
ting team in the Exeter game. From there 
we cruised through the ISL. A highlight 
was certainly our thrilling victory over 
then undefeated Middlesex, who eventual- 
ly won the New England Championship. 

A more subtle memory, however, is just 
as important in characterizing this out- 
standing team. It occurred in our last 
Thursday practice. We were kicking extra 
points, going through the motions at quar- 
ter-speed. In case of a bad snap we have a 
planned pass to a receiver, and sure enough 
Justin Becker '01 was there in the end zone 
to catch it. Just as he did Justin Marshall '99 
leveled him. It was a cheap shot really, but 
the entire team, including Becker, started 
laughing. It was a good laugh, a heartfelt 
laugh. We all looked at each other, under- 
standing. We were a team. We all knew that 
Marshall has no off-switch during practice, 
and we knew that Becker loves to be in the 
midst of a melee. That cheap shot was a 
love tap in honor of the game we play. It 
was a good laugh. 

That's why this team was so special, and 
so successful. Passion and compassion 
pulled us together. We weren't expected to 
be as good as we were, but the players' 
efforts and camaraderie made us very 
good. Credit belongs to our captains for 
their leadership: Mike Moore '99, Paul 
Morrissey '99, and Steph Triendl '99 were 
outstanding as players, as mentors, and as 
leaders. They deserved their All-League 
honors, as did Justin Marshall '99 and Brad 
Downey '00. All-League honorable men- 
tion went to Min Bae '99, Nick Mincolla 
'00, Dale Williams '00, Gary Thomas '01, 
and Jackson Parker '02. 

Thanks to everyone for their support, 
and thanks to the assistant coaches and our 
manager, Maria Moore '01. Most especial- 
ly, thank you, Peter Bragdon. There will 
always be space under our goalpost 
reserved just for you. 

The 1998 Varsity Football team showing 
team spirit in a huddle last fall. 

Life on the Ice 

Men's Hockey 

by Coach Peter Kravchuk 

It was a year of improvement for the 
Varsity Men's Hockey team, not only in 
our season record but also in our ability to 
compete with some of the best teams in 
our league. This year's team should be 
noted for several significant accomplish- 
ments, including the most wins that the 
program has had in four years, and a league 
and home win also for the first time in four 
years. We had our share of highs — beating 
BB&N and Brooks to end the season — but 
we also experienced lows, including the 
unfortunate death of Brendan Oreto '98 
who gave his heart and soul to the program. 

Mike Mullins, a junior forward from 
Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec, finished 
the year as our leading scorer and 'was 
deservedly recognized as an All-League 
Player and as our team's MVP. TJ Landers, 
a senior from North Andover, was chosen 
by the coaches and players as the recipient 
of the Wasson Award, and Justin Fishman 
(Dresher, PA) and Ryan Shelly, (Vankleek- 
hill, Ontario) were elected as next year's 
captains. Special thanks go to the four sen- 
iors: Brian Hobbs, Paul Morrissey, Brett 
Mackey, and TJ Landers, for their hard 
work and dedication to the program. All of 
the players and coaches are anticipating 
even better results next year! 

Women's Hockey 

By Coach Lindsey Wetzel 

Women's Hockey is in a state of flux — 
a lot of energy and a few ups and downs. 
The 1998-99 season brought some tough 
losses against strong ISL teams, and 
some extremely rewarding successes. One 
such high point was the holiday tourna- 
ment at GDA. With positive attitudes and 
dedication, the team worked steadily to 
beat Westminster and N. Yarmouth. The 
final game against Brooks was a fight for 
first place and after staying locked in a tie 
for almost two periods, GDA scored to win 
3-2 and took home the cup for the first 
time in nearly ten years. 

Though the team did not make it into 
playoffs, prospects for next year look better 
than ever with sisters Cassandra '00 and 
Elizabeth Depratto '01 from North 
Lancaster, Ontario and Janet Hanson '00 
from Ipswich, MA leading the charge. 
Elizabeth Depratto scored a record 48 
goals for the season of play, earning All- 
League Honors, while Hanson and 
Cassandra Depratto earned All-League 
Honorable Mention. The team will miss 
senior goalies Dana Ahn and Chris St. 
Pierre but will enjoy a great deal of depth. 
Women's hockey is on the road to the 
playoffs next season! 

The Archon — Spring 1999 9 

on campus 





Ayeisha Morgan '99 takes control. 

Women's Basketball in 
NEPS A Tournament 

The Varsity Women's Basketball team 
qualified for post-season play for the first 
time in a decade when it defeated Noble 
& Greenough in a close match last 
February. Finishing the season 8-4 in the 
ISL and 12-7 overall, the team was pre- 
pared and excited for the post-season New 
England Prep School tournament. Coach 
Ike Suggs explained, "The team pulled off 
three straight league wins near the end; 
they showed nothing but character through- 
out the season." Matched in the champi- 
onship round against Stoneleigh Burnham 
School, the team put up a good fight in 
western MA with the support of loyal GDA 
fans, but lost in the final game 55-47. 

Earlier in the season, the team recorded 
an impressive finish in the holiday tourna- 
ment, finishing second after a loss to Tilton 
School in the final minute of the champi- 
onship game. GDA handily beat ISL rivals 
Groton, Pavers and Middlesex during the 
season as well. Senior Marlena Mercer 
from Newburyport and Ayeisha Morgan 
from Los Angeles, CA led the team for 
much of the season, scoring record points 
in several games. With excellent rebound- 
ing from junior Lyndsey Riley from 
Danvers, MA and impressive speed from 
ninth grader Vanessa Russell, the team 
looks to the future with excitement. 

Hail to the Harriers 

by Coach David Abus antra 

Like a baby bird unable to fly once 
hatched, the young team of eight women 
(four underclassmen) endured the fledgling 
process. Predictably, its two lone wins came 
in the final two regular season meets, but, 
unpredictably, the last win came against 
Groton, #2 in the league. In that meet, 
Caroline Bierbaum of Groton, a freshman 
first-year runner, broke Kristin Perini's 
(Milton Academy) 15-year GDA course 
record by 24 seconds, running 18:40! Led 
by captains Naomi Fink '99 and Elizabeth 
Turnbull '00 (captain-elect), these distaff 
harriers placed sixth of 1 1 in the ISLs, with 
two frosh, Vanessa Russell and Kelly 
McGrath, placing 11th and 23rd 
respectively in their first championship 
meet experience. 

A week later, GDA hosted the largest (36 
schools) New England Championship 
Meet ever held in any division. With seven 
girls setting personal records, the team 
placed seventh of 15 schools. By virtue of 
their respective fourth and 11th place fin- 
ishes, of 114 runners, Russell and McGrath 
secured All-New England Team honors. 
Displaying a poise and confidence that 
belied her years, Vanessa Russell, our #1 
runner and highest place finisher in both 
championship meets, was awarded the 
1998 MVP award. With all but one 
runner returning next year, just watch this 
team soar! 

The male harriers put together a "mixed 
bag" of a season. Running to a 4-5 regular 
meet season, highlights included victories 
over traditional rivals Thayer, Milton and 
Brooks. Captains Jon Traister and Jesse 
Garth, our only seniors, led a varsity in 
which two of its top five runners were 
first-timers, sophomores Nate Efinger and 
Adam Piatt. At the League meet, Jesse 
Garth, our #1 runner all season, ran to a 
13th place finish (All-ISL Team), of 111 
runners, after running in second for part of 
the race. 

After the ISLs the team had a special cer- 
emony to plan for the New England tour- 
nament. It simply decided to do what no 
prior GDA cross-country team had ever 
accomplished: earn a first, second, or third 

10 The Archon — Spring 1999 

place plaque for a third consecutive year. 
The team realized full well how much of a 
challenge this would be, knowing that 
there would be 28 other teams in the var- 
sity boys' race. Out of 204 runners, Garth 
placed 14th (an ALL-NE Team choice), 
Traister 23rd, Peter Aloisi '00 24th, Efinger 
64th, and Marc McDonnell '00 67th to 
make school history! Their "courage was 
the price of admission." Our only 4-year 
runner, Jon Traister, received the rarely 
given Coaches' Award, and Jesse Garth the 
1998 MVP award. 

Wrestling to Victory 

By Coach David Hudson 

The 1998-99 Wrestling team managed to 
blend youth with experience in putting 
together a successful season. The 11-9 reg- 
ular season record was highlighted by close 
wins over St. Mark's, BB&N and Nobles 
with come-from-behind victories over 
non-league opponents Landmark and the 
Hyde School. Many individuals had their 
share of success in the post season tourna- 
ments. This year's Graves Kelsey 
Tournament, held at the Middlesex 
School, saw Governor Dummer wrestlers 
earn medals in six weight classes. Top place 
winners were: Alex Harris '02, 4th @ 103; 
Joe Shedosky '01, 6th @ 130; Nate Efinger 
'01, 6th @ 135; Gary Thomas '01, 5th @ 
171; Michael Moore '99, 1st @ 189; and 
Min-Woo Bae '99, 1st @ 215. 

The following weekend Michael and 
Min-Woo traveled to Lehigh, PA for the 
Prep National Wrestling Tournament. 
Michael won three straight matches before 
falling in the quarterfinals and then losing 

in overtime in the round to place. Min- 
Woo won two matches before losing to the 
eventual champion in his weight class. 
In the final weekend of the season, four 
wrestlers qualified to compete in the New 
England Championships in Providence, 
RI. Gary Thomas managed to win one 
match before getting injured and eventual- 
ly placed 6th in his weight division. Min- 
Woo Bae made it to the semifinals before 
losing to the number two seed. He man- 
aged to come back strong and placed 4th. 
Michael Moore came into the weekend 
seeded third in what was arguably one of 
the toughest weight divisions in the tour- 
nament. He rose to the challenge as he 
pinned his way to the finals where he 
won the championship match with a 
13-4 decision. 

Michael finished the season with a 30- 
2 record and was elected the All-Scholastic 
representative from our league to the 
Boston Globe. The loss of seniors Moore 
and Bae will have an impact, but the future 
looks bright as 12 of 14 starters will return 
next season. 

|roundup*sports roundup 

•sports rounduj 

) • s p o r t s | 

Varsity Season Records 



Men's Cross Country 4-5-0 

Men's Ice Hockey 


Women's Cross Country 2-6-0 

Women's Ice Hockey 


Field Hockey 4-10-1 

Men's Basketball 


Football 6-2-0 

Women's Basketball 


Men's Soccer 5-7-3 



Women's Soccer 8-3-2 

Women's Volleyball 




The Varsity Women's Volleyball team 
roared into the championships this year 
with a 12-2 season record. At the final 
winter sports banquet, the team was 
thrilled to present a plaque for first place 
in the IEL championships to Headmaster 
Bragdon. Four-year letter winner senior 
Rebecca Dosh led the team, earning the 
Most Valuable Player award for the season. 
Sophomore Maria Moore earned her 
accolades as the IEL Tournament All-Star, 
and will be guiding a strong team into 
future success! 

Baldwin '99 Leads 
GDA Dribblers 

Each year the ISL select a single player 
who represents the ideals of pure competi- 
tion and true sportsmanship. From among 
over 200 players, the coaches select one 
player to receive this sportsmanship award. 
This year's recipient of the Navoni 
Sportsmanship Award was GDA's own Nat 
Baldwin '99 of Portsmouth, NH. Nat was 
the MVP of the New England Class C 
Championship; as a senior this year, he 
scored his 1000th point and was named 
to the MacDonald's Ail-American 
Massachusetts team. He shared the GDA 
Most Valuable Player Award this year with 
Marco Joubert '01 of Haverhill, MA. 
Marco finished third and Nat finished 
fourth in the ISL in scoring and, significant- 
ly, both were among the league leaders 
in assists and steals. Both players were 
unanimous All-League selections. 

Coach Steve Metz summed up the excit- 
ing Men's Basketball season by saying, "It 
was a series of little things that added up to 
one of the most rewarding and successful 

seasons I have ever been involved with 

Now that I think about it, maybe these 
things weren't so small after all." 

The Archon — Spring 1999 11 


tribute to the Brandons 

The Bragdon headmaster reign 
is well marked as the most produc- 
tive and progressive in the 
Academy's 243 years. These 
Bragdon years have been illumi- 
nated with grand quests and majes- 
tic achievement, in the education 
delivered to young people, in the 
facilities that serve as tools for that 
educational process, and in the 
optimism and pride of an entire 
community intensely committed 
to excellence. 

— Dodge Morgan '50, member of the Board of 
Trustees, 1984-1999, president of the Board from 

12 The Archon — Spring 1999 

When I first came to GDA, I was shy 
and unsure about my new life in a new 
country. Dottie and Peter had a pro- 
found influence in helping me mature in 
a new society. My September birthday is 
often neglected during the busy opening 
week of the academic year. Dottie was 
the first to recall it and sang me a birth- 
day song during a Brantwood orienta- 
tion weekend. Peter was a great mentor. 
A conversation with him was always a 
mutual learning session. 

— Chunbai Zhang '94 

I started to learn 

the anthem-like things the 
Bragdons talked about ... 
courage, curiosity, dignity, 
and, of course, honor." 

— Mosa Kaleel '86 

I arrived at Governor Dummer Academy at the start of the Bragdons' second year, in 
1983. And it was short order before the returning students let me know that the 
Bragdons were definitely not the most popular kids on the block: "They even make 
us make our beds every day!" they lamented. 

Well, I had never had to make my bed before. I wasn't going to let anyone tell me 
what to do . . . until I spent a few days raking leaves and cleaning out stock pots in the 
kitchen. Maybe making my bed was a fair concession. I eventually got the hang of it. 
Some days the bed-make was lousy, and some days I actually did a decent job. 

Then it was on to morning meeting. Mr. Bragdon would sometimes speak. His 
speech would start something like, "Honor ..." And he'd let that just float in the air 
for what seemed like the rest of my life. I have no idea what the rest of the speech 
may have been. He'd lost me with the first word. 

I graduated, went to college, and then moved west. I got banged up a bit and had 
success just like everyone else. I started to learn the anthem-like things the Bragdons 
talked about. Those things none of us grumbling students understood. Things like, 
courage, curiosity, dignity, and of course, honor. 

Those words come crashing down every time I am faced with a situation that I 
have no idea how to handle. I grapple to make those words and ideas a reality. I try 
to press my face in those molds. I want to help those around me be more of what 
they are supposed to or want to be. I attempt to live up to the expectations of the 
Bragdons, my other mentors, and my parents. 

Through it all, I still make my bed. And some days, making my bed is the only 
thing I seem to do right. 

I recently met a girl who makes her bed every morning too, although she is much 
better at it than I. But she likes that I try every day. Now we make our bed togeth- 
er. We were married last May. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bragdon: With all of my might and heart I know that I can never 
give to you and Governor Dummer Academy anything close to what you have given 
me: the basic building blocks and ideas of life. I know that you both became highly 
regarded with the student body, deservedly so. Giving hearts can not go unnoticed. 
For me, though, thank you for having the foresight in knowing that you can't always 
be the most popular kid on the block when so very much more is at stake. 

May you make your bed together happily for many years to come. 

—Mosa Kaleel '86 

The Archon — Spring 1999 13 

ff , "' ■ jtfcjriiu 


11 m ' 


Ji 'jS^M 



Tte one o/£ne Old Guard 

will surely miss 

Peter and Dottie . . . 

Her loving kiss . . . 

My stays at Mansion Hous 

without a fault; 

Great hosts . . . great single $ 

—Put Flint '37 

Peter and Dottie with children William, 
Christopher, and Katherine upon their 
arrival at Mansion House in 1983. 

We are sitting in front of the shed that holds the big gas kiln, Wait- 
ing for the last cone to fall. It seems like an eternity, but it gives 
me a chance to learn what a wonderful individual Dottie Bragdon 
is. She is a warm, caring, down-to-earth, energetic person. She is- 
ready to help, even if it means getting up at 4:00 a.m. to turn 
the kiln or at 2:00 a.m. to shut it off. I remember our trip 
dairy farm on a cold day in November to pick up cow flops. So 
excited about our full bags, we forgot to turn down the heat i 
car — only to have unfrozen cow flops to unload. I will neviF 
get the special moments I have shared with Dottie, Lloyd 
Hamovitt, and students around the kiln; if the left burner stays 
on, the "Queen of the soda rings" does her thing. I look forward 
to continuing these and many more treasured moments with this 
special person. 

— Irina Okula,Jine arts teacher, appointed 1987 

Ginny Pescosolido, Gerry Mack P'87 

' T>3 (trustee '91 -present), 
and Dottie at an Allies Golf Tournament 

'9V93 (trustee ' 91 -present), Mary Lcary, 

and Dottie at an Allies GolfTournamet 

at the Essex County Club in 1997. 

The potting studio, the golf course, a book group or a GDA function, Dottie is an enthusiastic and lifelong learner, competitor 
and friend. Dottie s eager acceptance of new challenges and her unflagging optimism have raised my spirits on many occasions. 
Dottie will embrace the challenge of the future just as she embraces anyone who needs it with her reassuring bear hug. 

— Mary Leary, Head Librarian, Pescosolido Library 

14 The Archon — Spring 1999 

My first memory of Peter Bragdon 
actually involves a baseball play that I 
was not even alive for and that tortures 
long-time Boston Red Sox fans like 
Peter. It was Pesky s Freeze. 

I had just joined the GDA communi- 
ty as a 14-year old freshman when I first 
met Peter. In what had been a whirlwind 
week, I had finally setded into my room 
in Evans Cottage. Two of my new dorm- 
mates invited me to something called 
Mansion House. Not knowing any bet- 
ter, I happily tagged along. 

We had just entered the house when 
Brett Fullerton '95 led me down into the 
cellar where some kids were playing 
pool. It was there that this tall, lanky fig- 
ure towered over me. "That's Mr. 
Bragdon," Brett said. "Let me introduce 
you to him." 

When we walked up to him, Peter 
quickly put my mind at ease with his 
warm and kind manner. After some chit- 
chat, we got into talking about baseball. 
"I'm a long-suffering Boston Red Sox 
fan," Peter explained. "I cried when Joey 
Pesky hesitated to throw out Enos 
Slaughter in Game 7 of the 1946 World 
Series to give the Cardinals the title." 

"Oh, you mean Johnny Pesky," I said. 
"That's right," Peter said. "Geez, how 
did you know that?" 

And a good relationship was born, 
through a common love affair with base- 
ball. I also met Dottie later that night 
and between the two of them, I knew 
then that if nothing else, there was going 
to be a nurturing community there for 
me as I adjusted to this new life. In 
short, Peter and Dottie cared, which is 
what made them such a tremendous 
asset to the GDA community. 

— Edward Guzman '95 


Governor Dummer Academy is 
losing a legend. 

You have meant so much to so many of us in a time when we 

need it most. In a school full of astonishing history, there is no 

doubt that you will be considered one of the 

greatest assets that the GDA community has ever had. 
— -Jim Cavanaugh '94 

Shirley French P'76 (trustee 1976-99), Gerry 
Mack P'87'91'93 (trustee 1991 -present), Peter, 
Carl Pescosolido P'55'57, Giiviy Pescosolido, and 
Dan Morgan '67 (trustee 1987, President '97- 
present) at the ribbon cutting for the Pescosolido 
Library in October, 199". 

The Archon — Spring 1999 15 

It was the best time of mv life. 

I understand now that you have 

dedicated every ounce of 

energy over the last 15 years 

to see that every 

GDA student 

has a similar experience. 

—Robert C. DeLena '87 

As his assistant headmaster, I met with 
Peter almost everyday for a half dozen 
years on a variety of challenges 
and opportunities. 

From the day Peter first walked on to 
the campus, one could quickly tell he 
was a leader, and not a manager kind of 
headmaster. Whether discussing a 
Headmasters Day in early morning, 
watching a JV practice in late afternoon, 
or giving an evening speech in a 
distant city, Peter was always thought- 
fully engaged in the dynamic of 
"keeping school." 

Peter enjoyed using the famous Buster 
Navins' phrase "Play better than you 
know how" when suggesting a course of 
action. For example, he often spoke of 
raising the level of social discourse, and 
developing a sensitivity to community 
"tone" with large and small groups. His 
vision of the faculty and staff always 
focused on improvement, on reaching 
beyond one's grasp. 

Peter reminded Governor Dummer 
Academy what we'd let slip through our 
fingers. He refocused the school with a 
simple clear mission and broke a silence 
about our core beliefs. Peter promoted 
the vision that Governor Dummer 
become the best school of its land. 

— Christopher Harlow, faculty member 1970-90 and 
assistant headmaster,! 986-90. 

Vatican IVilkcJi: (headmaster 1959-12), Peter, and John W. Ragle (headmaster 1972- 
83) at the Old Guard Testimonial Dinner in Boston in 1985 

Can 15 years disappear that quickly? I can still recall those dorm house conver- 
sations about the new headmaster who, along with his family and personal belong- 
ings, was coming to Byfield from Kent School with horrific new policies like Saturday 
classes and mandatory jacket and tie dress code for boys. Fortunately, your arrival to 
GDA meant so much more than such superficial changes for the student body. You 
brought to campus an entirely new attitude. 

The beauty of your strategy was that you reminded us of a long-forgotten school 
motto: "not for self but for others." This was probably the toughest part of the lesson 
to grasp. You challenged young men and women to "win" in life by working harder, 
gaining acceptance into top-notch colleges, and embarking on successful careers, 
and still asked them to remain responsible citizens and remember the absolute 
necessity of giving back to their communities. From you I learned: 1) that being suc- 
cessful did not mean a damn thing if you had to take certain shortcuts to get there, 
2) making money is easy, making a difference is hard, and 3) that trying your best and 
failing was acceptable but holding back something in order to refrain from being 
hurt was not. In other words, "Far better it is to dare mighty things ..." I can never 
thank you enough. 

It was the best time of my life. I understand now that you have dedicated every 
ounce of energy over the last 15 years to see that every GDA student has a similar 
experience. You did an incredible job, not just with the bricks and mortar, but in 
shaping the lives of each student. The school owes you a ton of gratitude. I know I 
do. Thank you again. 
—Robert C. DeLena '87 

16 The Archon — Spring 1999 

Peter Bragdon came to GDA with a vision 

of what our school could become and what we needed to do in order to get there. Most 

importantly, Peter Bragdon brought with him the drive, the passion, the leadership and the 

ability to communicate and share his vision with all constituencies at GDA. Thanks to Peter, 

we have all — alumni/ae, faculty, students, and parents — had the opportunity and excitement 

of participating in this "Quest" for Governor Dummer Academy. 

As the team player that is an essential part of his character, Peter would be the first to shine 
the spotlight on the many others that had a hand in creating the success brought on by all 
of the important initiatives during his tenure as Headmaster. What is undeniable, however, 

is that GDA has achieved so much first and foremost because of 
the significant difference Peter has made. 

On behalf of the Academy, for all that has been accomplished these past years, for all that 

will continue to be accomplished long into the future because of the Bragdon legacy, 

I want to extend to Peter and Dottie thanks upon thanks and our sincere appreciation. 

Governor Dummer Academy has been blessed to have you in its service. 

— Daniel M. Morgan '67, President of the Board of Trustees 

The Archon — Spring 1999 17 

Celebrating 17 Years of Art 

Abstraction, 1970 

Mountain Chairs , 1980's 

Since my days with Birdie I 
have been involved with art in 
some fashion ... and I believe that 
has a lot to do 'with her tremen- 
dous influence. I was an art 
major, went on to teach high 
school art, ran a children's sum- 
mer art program, now I work at a 
gallery and am pushing myself to 
become a full-time artist. Birdie 
seems to follow me. 

I remember a project with her 
that drove me crazy: paper bags. 
She had us draw and paint crum- 
pled up paper bags. At the time, I 
thought it was simply Birdie's 
wild sense of humor. However, in 
college we had an assignment and 
I'm happy to say I was way ahead 
of the game ... to draw paper bags . 
Then when I was teaching I found 
myself driving my students crazy 
by having them draw ... yes, 
paper bags. 

A few years ago I had the pleas- 
ure of having dinner with Birdie 
and David at a friend's house. 
How nice to now call her Birdie. 
And to realize that as an adult, 
we had an awful lot in com- 
mon — from art to life philosophy 
to spirituality. I treasure the fact 
that Birdie helped to shape the 
biggest inspiration in my life ... 
art. She is a tremendous teacher, 
mentor, artist, and person and 
will be missed. 
— Lindsay Rowan '87 

The Wedding Trip, 1999 


Above are a few of the works of art viewed in "From the Beginning to Mexico, 
a Retrospective of Work by Roberta Britton, shown last April in the Carl Youngman Gallery of the Kaiser Arts Center. 

18 The Archon — Spring 1999 

"Really you, yourself, 
have been the 
true work of a 

- Chris Stow 

the end of this year, after 17 
years of dedicated and 
inspired work. Her impact 
on students and upon 
GDA's art community — 
and the community as a 
whole — has been memo- 
rable and powerful, and is 
best and most clearly docu- 
mented by the words of 
some of her own students 
and colleagues. 

Some of the most moving and 
illuminating words I have ever 
heard came in a beautiful eulogy 
of Kittie Mercer given by her son, 
John. A brilliant and gifted writer 
and speaker, John described his 
mother's hands, her heart, her 
vision, and her life. I considered it 
an honor and a blessing to have 
heard it, because for me it was an 
epiphany. I turned to my friend 
and colleague of these many 
years, Birdie Britton, and saw her 
with brand new eyes. Kittie and 
Birdie both have been so impor- 
tant in the history of the 
Academy. Kittie taught art starting 
in the 1960's and into the 1970's. 
Roberta arrived in 1982, and so 
began the Britton era. In her time 
here the arts have grown in size 
and stature and are now one of 
the most important aspects of our 
school culture. 

Here is Birdie's entire last offi- 
cial teacher evaluation: "For your 
job so well done, I have only love 
for you, and thanks, admiration, 
indebtedness, and memories. 
You've left your mark, your teach- 
ing, your spirit, and your art, but 
really you, yourself, have been the 
true work of art, a treasure to 
behold and savor for the future." 

To that evaluation I add, Birdie, 
for you, my most treasured 
friend, colleague, fellow artist and 
mentor, the words of the Chinese 
master, Wun-Men: 

Ten thousand flowers in spring, 

The moon in autumn, 

A cool breeze in summer, snow in winter, 

If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things, 

This is the best season of your life. 

— Christopher Stowens, Chair, 
Fine Arts, appointed 1978 

The Archon — Spring 1999 19 


She created the 

perfect artistic 

environment: a 

place designed to 
spark creativity... 

and to look at the 

Birdie in her studio, 1984 

world with a fresh 

and open mind 


Mike Tank '85 

Birdie Britton's kindness, 
patience, intellectual curiosity, 
creativity, and determination 
were an inspiration to me as a 
young artist. Birdie was a truly 
special teacher who had a deep 
and profound impact on my life. 

Her art classes were structured 
freedom. She created the perfect 
artistic environment: a place 
designed to spark creativity a set 
time ' during the academic day 
when the student had the oppor- 
tunity to experiment with 
thoughts and materials, a place to 
shed those preconceived ideas 
and look at the world with a fresh 
and open mind. 

Old art classmates of mine will 
remember all the extremely cool 
activities Birdie planned for us: 
our drawing field trips to the 
junkyard, marshes, and other 
visually interesting places; art his- 
tory slide shows; working from 
live models; student art shows; 

visiting artists; studio time. All of 
which (and more) Birdie guided 
us through, sharing her love of art 
and life with us. 

Junior year I was in a small 
advanced art class with three 
other students. It seems an 
appropriate moment to mention 
what we are all doing now. Lisa 
Demeri '85 and Sarah Wellington 
'85 are both professional artists, 
creating and showing their work. 
Diane Frangos-Walsh '85 and I are 
both art teachers and artists. I 
believe this to be a strong testa- 
ment to Birdie's excellence as an 
art teacher! She affected each of 
us in such a profound way that 
we have built our lives around art 
and the creative spirit. 

My sincere thanks go out to 
you Birdie! You are an awesome 
teacher and friend. The GDA com- 
munity will miss you. Enjoy 
painting in your retirement and 
keep in touch. 
—Michael J. Terrile '85 

20 The Archon — Spring 1999 

"Birdie was so inspiring 

The Kaiser Art Center holds 
many rich memories of times we 
shared with Birdie, our art 
teacher, who illuminated that 
room and gave us freedom to 
express and explore. Birdie was 
supportive and really fun to be 
around. Her art room was a bub- 
bly, vivacious, and creative place. 
We, as art students, were content 
pursuing our creative visions and 

Sometimes we worked at tables, 
while other times we sprawled 
out on the floor with large pieces 
of paper and charcoal to create 
portraits. Birdie gave us a lot of 
nurturing and we felt safe 
expressing ourselves. She gave us 
a lot of room to explore and real- 
ly be ourselves in our artwork. We 
were learning to speak visually 
and were taking risks. With 
Birdie's steady guidance and 
encouragement we did it natural- 
ly. She empowered you to feel like 
an artist. We laughed a lot and 
related easily, and almost effort- 
lessly we were maturing as artists. 
She was a friend, and talked to 
you as a peer — with respect. Yet 
she knew how to reel us in. 

The postcard recently came in 
the mail for Birdie's retrospective 
art show on April 16. I was 
delighted to see Birdie's blue and 
white and red and white striped 
beach chairs sitting in a row on a 
long stretch of beach. I put the 
postcard in my painting studio, 
on a chair — an altar of sorts, 
where all the people who have 
graced and changed my life are 
represented. Birdie was so inspir- 
ing. She is inspiring. 
— Lisa Demeri '85 

bye bye birdie.. 

The Archon — Spring 1999 21 

class notes 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

Class of 1924 - 75th 
Class of 1929 - 70th 
Class of 1934 - 65th 



Harold H. Audet 
511 Crocker Avenue 

Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3705 

(408) 373-5652 

It has been a long time since I have written 
up class notes, and I hope that things will go 
better in the future. •Recent weeks have 
brought in several notices of members who 
have passed away. It is with regret that I 
report the following deaths: Roger Page '29 
died on November 1, 1998; Charles Caddoo 
'32 on March 13, 1999 james Adams '36 in 
November, 1997; Walter Faget '38 on 
November 21, 1998 and Ruth Clinard, wife 
of Marshal Clinard '28 in January, 1999. 

• Warren Lane '27 writes me that he is in 
great shape and is still playing golf. He does 
not mention his scores, but notes that it is a 
lot more fun than it used to be. He is also 
doing a lot of volunteer work and that keeps 
him busy. «In November of last year Russ 
Hamilton '27 had a hernia repair and is 
gradually recovering. On February 16th he 
and his wife celebrated their 64th wedding 
anniversary. •Marshall Clinard '28 writes 
that the 10th edition of his textbook 
Sociology of Deviant Behavior has been pub- 
lished. He plans on spending the month of 
July in a B & B in Newburyport and hopes 
that train service will be running to Boston 
by then. The sad part of his letter was to 
inform us that his wife, Ruth died in 
January. I was fortunate enough to meet her 
a couple of years ago when she and 
Marshall passed through Pacific Grove. 

• Ward Fearnside '31 plans a short visit to 
Byfield next summer. It will be a break in 
his 150-mile bicycle ride from Wellesley 
Hills to Brunswick, ME. He will attend his 
60th class reunion at Bowdoin College. His 


to Marjorie and Russell Hamilton '27 
who celebrated their 64th wedding 
anniversary on February 16, 1999. 

card was mailed from Tucson, AZ where he 
is avoiding the late snow storms of New 
England. In his note he asked if any of his 
class are still active. My records show that 30 
percent of the Class of 1931 are still on the 
go. •John Whittlesey '33 is still active in the 
practice of labor law. When he wrote, he was 
on a six-week vacation in Puerto Rico. He 
is enjoying the time off and sends his con- 
dolences to his friends who are stuck in the 
snow banks. •Chuck Somerby '37 is still in 
Milton, FL and bragging about the mild 
winter for the benefit of his classmates who 
are still in the snow belt. He says that they 
had frost a couple of times during the 
winter. If he mentions frost too often he will 
probably have his Florida citizenship 
revoked. He is active in the local historical 
society and has started aY2K scrapbook to 
accompany his collections ofWWII, Korean 
Conflict, and UFO publications. •Emerson 
Kirby '3 7 sent a brief note saying that his 
new address is 55 Old Land Road, Cheshire, 
CT. He also gave his e-mail address but I 
can't decode it. I suggest that you contact 
him through the old fashioned route of the 
U. S. Postal Service. I wonder how many of 
our Pre-39 group make use of e-mail? •John 
Barrows '37 went to our last reunion and 
says that there were 10 members of the Pre- 
39 group present. He will not make the get 
together next June as he has an important 
golf match that weekend. I hope he will 
send us a report on the match and his score. 
•Art Jameson '38 is still working part time 
at the C.F.Jameson Company. I wonder how 
many members of the Class of '38 and ear- 
lier are still employed? From the notes I 
received I would guess that it is fewer than 
10 percent. •Jack Bell '38 and his wife 
Marilyn have been on a world cruise and 
enjoyed it. «Last fall Gordon Ellis '35 was in 
the hospital for blockage of the circulation 
in both legs. He is gradually getting his 
strength back, but has to go to the hospital 
fitness center three times a week. *Hank 
Cleaveland '38 is now living in Farm- 
ington, Maine and works out at the local fit- 
ness center five times a week. In recent years 
he has had two hip replacements. It seems as 
if almost everyone I know has had or is 
expecting to have a hip replacement in 
recent years. *Fred Franzius '51 wrote in to 
tell the Class of 1935 that he recently met an 
old friend of Bill Dodge '35 at a Kiwanis 
conference in Bedford, NH.The friend, Bob 

Fritsch, explained that back in 1968 he and 
Bill had met in Mystic, CT, and Bill had 
given "generosity and concern during a 
critical time in our lives." Bob wanted to 
extend long overdue thanks to Bill, and 
wishes that he is well. •These notes are pub- 
lished under the heading Pre-39 Classes. 
This is accurate and fits into the overall sec- 
tion of the Archon for Class Notes. I have 
some problems with it when I write, and 
would like to cook up an informal label for 
our group. With my distorted army sense of 
humor any title I can think up will have 
many members offended. How about a few 


Donald W. Stockwell 

8 Country Hill 

Brattleboro, VT 05301 

(802) 254-5504 

60th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

Tom Tenney is planning to make a big show 
our 60th, on June 1 1 . Hopefully he will be 
there because it will give the likes of Hank 
Payson, John Klotz and others to make 
reservations at his pad in Ponta Vedra for 
next winter. We understand he is a great 
host. He says not much is going on but we'll 
bet he's on the golf course many a day. •John 
Koslowski is trying to enjoy life but appar- 
ently a bad back is killing his golf game. 
However, he's enjoying his two grandsons 
who have been playing on the first line of 
Winchester, MA High School hockey team. 
They won the state tournament last year and 
were runner up this year. Chip off the old 
block! *There must be something about 
these golden years because two of the reply 
cards did not have signatures. However, I 
was able to track down the authors with a 
little detective work. One individual uses a 
typewriter and by referring to previous 
typewritten messages, "which I keep on file, 
I determined it was none other than Jack 
Dunlap. The other card was hand written 
and with more sleuth work I could tell the 
name of the writer. See me at reunion and 
I'll divulge the miscreant. Back to Jack, trou- 
bled with emphysema, he spent 12 days after 
Christmas in the hospital battling pneu- 

The Archon is published three times yearly. Deadlines for news are: July 15, November 15, March 15. 
Send class notes to, tel. 978/499-3185, or fax 978/462-1319. 

22 The Archon — Spring 1999 

monia. He had given up his plans for a vaca- 
tion at Ft. Meyers Beach in March and 
April. New feeling better he will be in 
Naples, FL for two weeks. If still on the 
mend he plans to go through the Erie Canal 
and down the St. Lawrence to Saguenay in 
September. We bet he will, too. *George 
Simson has not been feeling well of late and 
it is doubtful he will be at the reunion. 
Having been under his spell at one of these 
functions a few years ago I am saddened as I 
would like to get back at him for breaking 
down my willpower. •Once again John 
Klotz has been on the road with the 
Stanford tennis teams. This time in Hawaii. 
However, since returning to Bryn Mawr he 
has been playing indoors three times a 
week, mostly doubles. He did take time to 
go on a cruise to the Caribbean in 
December, although it was very crowded 
and not a five star trip. Possibly his experi- 
ence was tempered by the fact he spent 
money foolishly. That also may come with 
age. It's on to Florida in March. Tom Tenney 
can expect the doorbell to ring. John will do 
his best to be at our 60th. *John Gannett had 
a great Maine/Florida party on Presidents 
Day at Boca Grande. He has been plying the 
waters of Charlotte Harbor and planning a 
trip northward. He has also been helping his 
daughter rebuild old Cracker House, what- 
ever that is. *Thayer Richardson, whom we 
haven't heard from for a while, has checked 
in, answering my question as to what's hap- 
pening: model-making, sailing, boating, 
some golf, visiting friends, six months 
North, six months South. Enuf said! ^George 
Hubbell, who recently phoned me, is plan- 
ning on attending our 60th, which is great 
news. He also sent a clipping, which tells us 
of his accomplishments (see above). *Henry 
Payson has returned from a two-week vaca- 
tion at Marco Island. Apparently whatever 
he's doing is agreeing with him, as he 
appears to be acting as social director for the 
ladies in the 75 years and older category at 
Ocean View, Falmouth, ME. He does indi- 
cate it's good duty. «As for your secretary, life 
keeps rolling along with activities of all 
descriptions. Alice and I had our first grand- 
daughter born last October. She's a real 
beauty and one we would like to introduce 
later on to your grandsons. Who knows? 
This past winter we spent two weeks in 
Malta. It's a very interesting country with 
plenty of history. The winter here has been 
up and down. Snow came late but with it 
came a lot of ice, which resulted in treach- 
erous walking and driving. However, we 
managed to survive and look forward to our 
reunion in June. I hope you will join me and 
raise our glasses for the 60th. It will be fun. 

National Champ 

After winning a couple of golds in swim- 
ming at the last National Senior Olympics 
in May, 1995, George Hubbell '39 decided 
to pack it in with the comment, "that's it." 
As at the age of 75 he decided 65 years at 
it was enough. This past summer he 
changed his mind and decided to try again 
with five-day-a-week workouts. In 
November he qualified at the Golden 
Games in Sarasota and made it into the 
Nationals in five events, which will take 
place at Disney World in October '99. He'll 
be 80 then and feels he's on his way. Who 
knows where George will go from there? 

unteer job (information desk at the Frick 
Collection of art museum in NYC), I try to 
produce one literary/graphics project and 
one recording of songs: my whisky tenor 
and a friend of the ivories." 


William H. Torrey 

112 Fire Island Avenue 

Babylon, NY 11702 

(516) 669-4339 

Ben Wright is still involved in the skating 
world having been in Salt Lake City for the 
Nationals, a pre-Olympic event. Later this 
month we go to Helsinki for the Worlds. 
Ben continues as secretary of his home 
skating club. He's still trying to work in 
genealogy and philately. Sadly his curly has 
"died" locally so is not on the ice anymore, 
but is looking forward to golf soon. *Bob 
Goodspeed spends seven months in his new 
home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and then 
rents a condo for five months on the New 
Hampshire coast. Bob is still very active in 
his leather business and offices on Singer 
Island, FL and a summer office on 
Portsmouth, NH. He still plays golf and 
works out every day. • George Stobie's wife 
Patricia is back from Australia and New 
Zealand. George stayed home to keep and 
eye on the golf course. He is playing golf 
four times a week, and he and his wife are 
both still in good health. Best regards. *Nat 
MacDonald retired from medical practice in 
Danvers (30 years) in 1985. Married to 
Eunice King (sister of Staff '45?) for 50 
years. Living in Florida (six months) and 
Topsfield (two months) and Wolfeboro, NH 
(four months). Nat has four children (Doug 
MacDonald '69) and 11 grandchildren. He 
has time to play golf and watch grandchil- 
dren grow up. *Bob Little is still involved in 
an interesting segment of the California 
processing tomato industry. A new word 
being used is "nutraceutical" because of both 
the nutritional values of tomatoes along 
with the effective anti-cancer pharmaceu- 
tical properties. They are continuing to do 
some pleasure/work travel (statewide, 
national and worldwide). *Larry Van Doren 
writes: "Every year now, in addition to a vol- 


R.A. Little 

146 Fincks Basin Road 

Little Falls, NY 13365 

(315) 823-1662 

Richard Wyman states, "I'm not "modest" — 
never have been — just rolling along @ 76 
years, married 55 years November 16th and 
still playing tennis three times a week with 
some very fine friends. I'm the ONLY 
enlisted man in the group of 12-16 players 
mostly military retired. I don't let them 
forget it either!". R.F. (Dick) Winckel 
writes: "After GDA I attended Texas A & M 
University. In 1943, the army got me for 
three years in Europe and the South Pacific. 
I then returned to A & M and got my 
degree in mechanical engineering in 1948. 1 
then worked for a pipeline company in 
Louisiana until 1964 when I was hired by 
the Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco, 
where I worked 'til retirement in 1982. 
Best regards!" 


Seward E. Pomeroy 

29 Berwick Lane 

Worcester, MA 01602 

(508) 152-1469 

Bill Hill and Mary are now settled into their 
new "digs" in Topsham, ME and report that 
they are well with "much to do." 'Heard 
from Bill Kirkpatrick a few times and will 
see him soon. He writes, "We have our own 
small house here, our health is perfect and 
we are awaiting the boating season." *Bill 
Kirkpatrick writes: "Just had lunch with Bill 
Hill. We had fun talking about GDA days 
and our 50th in '92. We agreed that the 
GDA years were as valuable as any education 
years and more than most." 'Short note 
from Dave Jarvis reporting that "life in the 
fast lane is still good, but I lost a half step 
during the winter, along with my fast ball!" 
•Nice note from Hank Skinner who writes, 
"I was shocked to read about John Mortimer 
and his wife. I didn't know her well, but 
John was an important part of my GDA 
experience. A truly gentle man. Our thir- 
teen grandchildren continue to delight us, 
and I am anxiously waiting for the golf 
course to open." »Our traveling classmate, 
Tom Fern, is on the road again and writes 
"not much change from normal!! We're 
leaving here on April 30th to head back east 
in our new 1999 Tradewinds motorhome. 

The Archon — Spring 1999 23 

class notes 

We will be at the reunion affair whenever it 
happens. See you there??" *Bob Harris 
writes that he is "still very busy designing 
boats, sailing, biking to work, and bowling 
10-pins each week. My highest single game 
so far is 209. Will be at the opera La Traviata 
this weekend, and am also enjoying some 
chamber music, thanks to the musical edu- 
cation I received at GDA. So sorry to hear 
about Nancy Stone passing, and also about 
Mac Murphy. Hope to see you at school for 
our 60th. Come on up to British Columbia. 
We'd like to see you." *Steve Houtz fills us 
in on some further details of his active post- 
retirement life: "1998 was a pretty busy year. 
I think I mentioned in my Christmas card 
that I had joined American Collection 
Consultants first as a consultant, and more 
recently as Western Marketing Director. So 
much for retirement. I believe I sent you a 
couple of pictures of our recently reacti- 
vated 1963 Lotus 22 Formula Jr. Vintage 
Racing car. We will be running at Sears 
Point, Laguna Seca, and I am planning on 
going to the Pittsburgh Grand Prix on July 
17th and 18th. (The 'we' just mentioned in 
the previous sentence is me and an old 
friend and partner from back in the 1960s)." 
•This report is beginning to sound like 
everyone is back working: Ted Stitt writes 
that he "was recently elected vice president 
at our condo in Stuart. Nothing new about 
that except it's in a new location and even 
larger than the one I was involved with in 
Fort Lauderdale for almost 20 years." Ted 
indicates that he and Joy will be back north 
by June in time for reunion weekends at 
both Amherst and Governor Dummer. "We 
are just back from 2 weeks in Puerto Rico 
and leave for two and one-half weeks in 
Arizona in April," he adds. •Finally, Cornie 
and I, Seward Pomeroy, are well and busy. 
Our local grandchildren keep us hopping, 
and our daughter Linda is coming north 
with her two for a short visit in early April. 
I continue active with my photography, 
exhibiting in museums and galleries, and 
also teaching at Assumption College here in 
Worcester in their Continuing Ed Program. 
Most everyone assumes I'm doing this in 
photography, but it's meteorology — just to 
keep my life more active. Have a great 
summer. We'll be in touch again as the fall 
approaches... dismal thought. I do want to 
take a moment to thank all of you who keep 
sending in the cards. These class notes are 
easily one of the first sections that we all turn 
to when the Archon arrives. It's great that so 
many of you continue to keep us posted 
with your activities. It's really appreciated. 

24 The Archon — Spring 1999 


Benjamin B. Brewster 

88 Warren Avenue 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

(508) 746-1306 


There are many things happening in South 
Byfield. It is sad to see the passing of Mrs. 
Stone and Mac Murphy. They were an inte- 
gral part of our time at GDA. It seems that 
we have yet another replacement for Ted 
Eames.Vfe all know that he won't have the 
same facility at fighting the fireplace for 
evening commons, but the smoke will prob- 
ably be thinner. Many of you have not done 
well by me in the way of returning post- 
cards, so you will stand in danger of me 
making something up about you. »Had a 
note from Nan Allen. Sad to say, Louis Allen 
is suffering from Alzheimer's. Our thoughts 
are with him and his family. •There is a lot 
less of Bob Wood. He has shed about 40 lbs. 
And still going strong with the gym and the 
power walking. *Huck Leinbach is happy in 
Virginia with a new wife and an old boat. 
He could use a new set of knees, but 
couldn't we all. *Pete Morgan has given up 
bus driving, mostly because of their travel- 
ling over seas and via the sea. His old Ford is 
still not for sale. *Al Weisberg is still busy 
with the precious metals and jewelry, but 
doesn't offer any samples. *A note from Bob 
Wadleigh saying that he is headed back to 
Costa Rica and that he was sorry to hear of 
Roger Hargraves passing. *Walt McGill is 
moving ever closer to Foxwoods in Mystic. 
If you happen to be in the neighborhood 
clad in a barrel, don't call him. • George 
Trombly writes that he is switching from 
wind to gas with a new boat now being 
built in Thomaston, ME. He has hung up 
the phone after 50 years, and is spending his 
time in Falmouth, ME and Vero Beach, FL. 
One can probably talk him into a mooring 
at either address. »Your correspondent, 
Benjamin Brewster, and family are well and 
still in Plymouth when not travelling. I'd 
truly like to have you call if you come to 
check on Plymouth Rock. 

Steven K. Kauffman 

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The Archon is published 

three times yearly. 

Deadlines for news are: 

July 15, November 15, March 15. 

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representative or, 

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55th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

John "Pinky" Whitney says the luck of Job 
was with him this year. At the New England 
Boat Show he met his old pal from Camp 
Winona. He and Jim Eaton were tent mates 
at camp and, "If you can believe it class- 
mates at GDA. It was fun to catch up." He 
opines that his granddaughter at GDA 
seems to be enjoying the activities. Pinky 
says, "Funny I still can't get used to girls 
being students at the Academy — but we are 
the generation that led the way for some of 
these changes!" *Ben Pearson, one of the 
faithful contributors, says he is still hanging 
in here [in a South Carolina town near 
Savannah, GA, I think] and he and Joan will 
celebrate their 50th in August. (Congrats 
from all your classmates!!!!! You get five !s.) 
Ben is taking his family on a barge trip in 
Wales to celebrate. *Jack Wellman writes 
that he has recently become CFO of a 
chemical company that converts hazardous 
waste into a stabilized NoH product good 
for 1,000 years. (My uneducated guess is 
that the notation should be NOH, but what 
do I know. What is that, a nitroso-hydride?) 
Jack says, "Exciting and better than 
watching a clock!" (Jack is obviously a man 
who enjoys the fun of working. Personally, 
I find I am busier and get less sleep being 
retired, but there is little stress.) *Nick 
Martin sent me an e-mail and said, "Since I 
don't have much time I thought it would 
be well to go online. Anne and I just 
returned from two weeks in Hawaii. Great 
time. Visited four islands. I'm planning to 
show up for our 55th reunion in June. I've 
challenged "Squaw" Waugh to a tennis 
game. Anybody else wants to play is wel- 
come." Nick would also like to know how 
many of you 44ers will be at the reunion. 
"That way I can look them up in the year 
book and remember old times."We all need 
help remembering, Nick. *As for me, 
Steven Kauffman, by the time you see this I 
will have returned (hopefully) from a trip 
to the Holy Land with my new digital 
camera in hand. With a 32 Meg 
CompactFlash card the size of a half-dollar 
I can take over 400 pictures. We are going 

with a group headed by the leader ofTeresa's 
bible study. We have had seven two-hour ses- 
sions preparing us to understand the history 
of what we will be looking at. 


George E. Duffy 

2332 Chrysanthemum Street 

Tucson, AZ 85737 

(520) 825-4710 


Richard A. Cousins 

71 Federal Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950 

(978) 462-4542 

Thanks to the good response to the request 
for news we have a number of items this 
issue. *Warren Furth:"Our main preoccupa- 
tion of recent months, it seems, has been to 
escape the exceptionally harsh Swiss winter. 
Margaret and I spent November in Arizona 
and most of January in Sri Lanka. With the 
coming of spring we'll be off for a tour of 
Berlin and Dresden. And we are looking for- 
ward to my 50th Harvard College class 
reunion in June, where I expect to see Don 
Palais and Stan Hameir •Bill Hale: "1998 
was an up and down year for myself and 
family. The up side is our grandsons were 
named football captains for 1999: Chris Hale 
at Williams College and Kevin Hale at 
Newburyport High School. Besides Chris 
and Kevin, our son Bill was captain at 
Newburyport High School. Is that cool or 
what. The down side is my brother, Frank C. 
Hale, Jr. '42, died last October. He was a stu- 
dent at GDA in 1941-42." •Bo Jameson 
writes: "Rita and I are now well into the 
retirement years and fully enjoying life. We 
spend four weeks in the Caribbean each 
winter and two weeks in Taos, NM in the 
spring. We are blessed with good health and 
grandchildren. It's hard to imagine how life 
could be better." *Arch Kingsley: "Sold the 
42 foot ketch and bought a Grand Bank 36 
stinkpot. That's allowed at 72." *Brad Roberts 
sent a holiday letter which reported a family 
reunion which included 32 members 
ranging in age from two months to almost 
80 years and which was held at the CM 
Ranch in Dubois, WY (population 849, plus 
32 that week). He still keeps busy at the 
University of Nevada, Reno. *Sy Symonds 
writes: "We have been heavily involved in 
moving. . .a task that should be reserved only 
for the young. For the next two years we will 
be in Union, NJ. Then we go permanently (I 
hope) to Cape Cod when Ellie is ready to 
retire in March of 2001." *Paul Withington 
writes: "Nothing new. Still slowly decom- 
posing. Dru and I had our 50th wedding 
anniversary last summer with all our kids and 
grandkids on Martha's Vineyard. Great time!" 

I guess I'll have to be more pervasive, 
because, my not-so-subtle pleas for a mes- 
sage from you has, for the most part, gone 
unanswered. I guess most of you are well 
occupied and (hopefully) energetic. *Two 
1949-style communications: The first from 
El Presidente, Herb Levine, contains the 
announcement of his very first grandchild, a 
young lad of some 10 months of age named 
Sam. Herb writes that he's "still working, 
about 2/3 time (plus)." The Levines are 
heading back to their favored part of the 
world, Tuscany. Herb concludes, "All is well; 
life has been good to me." Great to hear 
such optimistic words, Herb. *The always 
peripatetic Bill Silver has after 46 years 
announced his retirement from active 
orthodontic practice. Bill has also become 
involved in Florida politics. He ran for the 
State Legislature and lost by a mere 400 
votes out of 17,000 cast. He is also a volun- 
teer aide in the Miami office of US. Senator 
Bob Graham. And, lest we forget, Bill con- 
tinues to work as a consulting forensic 
odontologist at the Miami Dade County 
Medical Examiner's office. *A note or two 
from elsewhere — actually practically next 
door. A phone call and some logistical 
arrangements resulted in a terrific reunion 
luncheon with an old friend, Bob "Bish" 
Peale '47. Val and I had a delightful time 
catching up with the past 53 years. "Bish," a 
retired Methodist clergyman, has spent 
much of his life here in Arizona. He cur- 
rently lives near Sierra Vista at about 6,000 
feet in a 4 season home. We plan to visit his 
paradise soon. •Oh, yes, there was an early 
March phone call from the Sage of Buffalo, 
Brew Hemenway. I was off watching the U 
of Arizona women's softball team in action, 
so I missed his call. Please call again, old 
friend. *And as for the rest of you, in the 
immortal words of Bob and Ray (you 
remember them, of course!), "Write if you 
get work and hang by your thumbs!" Hope 
to hear from you soon. 


Homer Ambrose 

5601 Seminary Road, #2205 N 

Falls Church, VA 22041 

(703) 379-8011 

hambrose@erols. com 

Greetings from the 22nd floor of Skyline 
Towers in Falls Church, VA. From my bal- 
cony, I can see the Capitol and the 
Washington Monument. The Pentagon — 
aka Fort Fumble — is just down the pike. 

•When I volunteered for this job, Jack 
Deering and I agreed to mirror Sam's sparkle 
and to keep it fun. I hate to open on a sad 
note, but we mourn the passing of Class 
Secretary Sam Gwynne and the passing of 
our beloved mentor, Mac Murphy. The last 
time I talked to Sam, he said, "This must be 
Homer — the scourge of Adelynrood." And 
the last time I talked to Mac, we went over 
those glorious days of lacrosse and hockey 
and English in the library. After metamor- 
phosing from class scourge to class scribe 
over the past 55 years, I will endeavor to 
match Sam's wit and humor and to follow 
the rules of composition laid down by Mac, 
all in true GDA tradition. And to Mrs. 
Elizabeth Murphy, we send our deepest 
regrets. *Bill Pierce writes: "Two new grand- 
children in August and September — only 
three total, however. I wonder who in the 
class has the most. Hard to say if my health 
will ever permit me to visit GDA again, but 
I have been fortunate to get this far and still 
maintain my sanity, I think." *Chuck Hartel 
reports that he has just returned from 
Anguilla, and writes: "We enjoyed the beau- 
tiful beaches and warm Caribbean water 
and hate to return to the snow and cold. Do 
some watercolor painting both here and in 
the Caribbean. We plan to once again go to 
our place at Small Point Beach in Maine if 
all goes well." *Dan Hall writes: "Employed 
part time as case manager in a Boston-based 
transitional program for men who are 
homeless. Taking trips to Wyoming where 
daughter is teaching physics at Casper 
College and to Maribor in Slovenia where 
son is teaching high school under Soros 
Program — much like Peace Corps." *Joe 
Welch has just returned from a cruise of 
Australia and New Zealand where he met 
up with Charlie Bowen '50. Joe writes: "It 
just proves you can't escape anywhere these 
days." *Bish Peale was down Maine this fall. 
He and Jack Deering had lunch with Norm 
Brown. Later, a few days before Mac passed 
away, Bish and Jack went to see Mac in 
Yarmouth, and all hands had a marvelous 
visit. When I talked with Bish, he reported 
the Arizona climate is to his liking — along 
with his canines keeping him company 
these days. *The phonathon this February 
was a huge success: $7,395 was raised by the 
GDA contingent at PaineWebber in 
Portland. •Word has it that Wings Mayo is 
writing three books. Wings writes: "Will be 
teaching a course in Sweden this May. Have 
three granddaughters under three, plus a 
grandson who will be four in May." 
Congratulations! *I heard from Ed Tarbell 
'44 that he is still sailing from Portsmouth, 
NH. As an item of interest, Ed recalls that his 
mother and my mother launched the Sea 
Robin into the Piscataqua River back in 

The Archon — Spring 1999 25 

class notes 

1944. Ed, by the way, used to date my sister, 
June. Thanks for the note, Ed; it was great to 
hear from you. •My earliest contact at GDA 
was with Jim Knott, who roomed directly 
across the hall at Adelynrood.Jim writes: On 
the 6th of January, Henry Dunker, Shad 
Tubman '54, Peter Bragdon, Josiah Welch, 
Betty and I revisited the old days by having 
lunch with Fran and Buster Navins '31 at 
the Willows in Westboro. Henry and I were 
particularly impressed with Buster's story 
about the one day in his career that he had 
been assigned the job of wrestling coach 
during a Saturday competitive match 
because no one else was around. Before we 
entered the gym, Buster lined us up in the 
locker room and said, "Go out there and 
win! All you have to do is stay on top!" 
Buster and Fran looked great! If you'd like 
to drop him a line, his address is: Mr. and 
Mrs. Howard J. Navins, The Willows at 
Westboro, 1 Lyman Street, Unit 307, 
Westboro, MA 01581 *Dana Mayo writes: 
"This has been a year of changes, new office, 
new lab, new house. Three new texts in var- 
ious stages of development, but all due to be 
done by summer. Three granddaughters and 
a grandson. Giving our international course 
in Sweden in May — a busy time." # To Peter 
and Dottie Bragdon, our best wishes for 
your future and our thanks for looking after 
so many of us during the last sixteen years. 
The Class of '47 welcomes our new head- 
master, John Martin Doggett, Jr. and his 
wife, Patty. »And to Jack Deering, our best 
thanks for looking after the Class of '47 for 
more than 50 years. Stay trim. Live well. Best 
love to all. 


Kenneth Bruce 

1299 Foxfire Lane 

Naples, FL 34104 

(941) 643-7746 

KenBru @aol. com 

By the time that you will probably get to 
read these, it will be Reunion Weekend 
1999. A whole year will have passed since 
our great 50th last June. It is truly hard to 
believe that WE are in fact now part of The 
Old Guard. I've talked to a few of our class- 
mates over the winter and we are hoping to 
have a kind of mini-reunion this year and 
feel that we will get 10-15 back to share 
some time with the Class of '49. *Ted Long 
writes: "Sorry to have missed the 50th this 
past June. However, I had to take care of 
some prostate surgery in May and I guess 
that came first. My prognosis (so far) is good. 

Best wishes to all." We really missed Ted and 
hope he can make it this year. # Our only 
career minister, Web Kitchell, has finally 
retired after 42 years with the Unitarian 
Church in Santa Fe. He and Nancy continue 
to live in Santa Fe and enjoy the mountains 
and the many good friends that they have 
met over the years. He's still on the sermon 
circuit in the Southwest as a way to keep his 
hand in his profession and travel with leisure. 
9 Bill Elliot found a typewriter and wrote a 
letter about how he was skiing in Sun Valley 
and wearing his 50th Reunion cap when a 
GDA alum tapped him on the shoulder. His 
name was Dick Bartlett '56 and they had 
lunch and talked about GDA and all the 
Masters that had meant so much to them. 
Upon his return home he was deeply sad- 
dened by the news that Mac Murphy had 
passed away. What a shame! As I write this on 
April Fools Day Bill is on a four-day trans- 
Sierra ski trip weaving in and around the 
avalanches from Tioga Pass to the Yosemite 
Valley. And who says we're part of the Old 
Guard!! *Bill Richter is planning to return 
this year again from Wisconsin and that's 
great. I guess Bill has found a new bonding 
with the Atlantic Ocean or some good 
clients in the Northeast? *lt was wonderful 
to hear from Bill Day, who says, "he's still 
around" despite over 28 years of active duty 
in the US Air Force. He flew over 5,000 
hours, primarily in fighters including 362 
combat missions in Vietnam. I'd say he has a 
four leaf clover in one of his pockets and 
keep it there, Bill! On the sad side of it all, 
Bill lost his wife of 45 years, to a fatal heart 
attack on March 17, 1997 and had a severe 
head injury with five skull fractures in 
January '94. But, he says, "I'm hanging in 
there." Keep it up, there's a light at the end of 
the tunnel. m Ash Lames and his lovely wife 
Deborah made a short visit with us here in 
Naples late in February. They were spending 
a few days in Southwest Florida prior to 
their return home to New Hampshire and 
following their annual trek to Nicaragua. Ash 
sent a post card to me after their visit and I'm 
going to send it to the Pentagon to be 
decoded. He can get more words on a post 
card than I thought was humanly possible! 
He did say that he tried to find Bob Hill in 
Ft. Myers but Bob won't stay put long 
enough to be pinned down. So what's new! 
Ash did say he enjoyed seeing some Spring 
Training baseball at the Cincinnati Reds 
camp in Sarasota. *Bob Hill did come to 
Florida for a very short visit to get his 
honey-do list completed and then Mary-Kay 
sent him back to Connecticut for the rest of 

the winter. What a soldier! Bob is involved, 
since his retirement, in a new venture dealing 
with estate planning and investments. So I 
hope he is staying out of trouble? Both Bob 
and Ash are planning on coming back for the 
Reunion Weekend! *Peter Honis Wagner 
gave me a call in February to chat about 
GDA and mutual Dartmouth friends. He 
was heading to New Zealand shortly after 
his call to inspect a new and totally unique 
sailboat that he helped design. I expect to 
hear from him upon his return to Naples. 
•We (Nancy & I) had a great day with 
Dorrie and Bill Lindquist (Sanibel Island, 
FL) a few weeks ago to see the Boston Red 
Sox beat the Cincinnati Reds in Ft. Myers. 
Bill is doing great and he and Dorrie still 
spend their summers in Maine. Bill also has 
plans to get to Byfield this June. # Our winter 
here in Naples was complete when Dave 
Ellsworth came by for a short but great visit. 
Dave still lives on Cape Cod and plays a 
super guitar. You'll recall that he did the 50th 
Reunion Class of '48 cassette tape that you 
got last year. He can also hold a tune pretty 
well, especially a ballad, so hold on as he may 
appear at Reunion this year. Also, beware 
that he flies his own plane and can appear 
out of nowhere. # I received a card from Phil 
Gemmer a few weeks ago and he too sup- 
ports a mini-reunion in June. He reflected 
on his memories of last year and said "It "was 
lots of fun and our class showed others the 
way to do things". Other than that his life 
was rich in skiing at Sugarbush with friends 
and family only to be followed by fly-fishing. 
•I talked to Tom Magoun recently and he is 
very well, having just returned from their 
annual visit to Hawaii. We agreed to make a 
push for a strong showing this year at 
Reunion, as the youngest of the old guard 
need to stay together. Y' all come!!!! See you 
in Byfield. 


Thomas R. Emery 

Interim Class Secretary 

312 Rookwood Drive 

Charlotte, VA 22903 

(804) 977-8763 

50th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

This is the last Class Secretary column prior 
to our 50th on June 11. 12, 13. In that 
regard, I would like to strenuously reinforce 
the foremost goal of your reunion com- 

26 The Archon — Spring 1999 

mittee...YOUR return for the 50th! If you 
are uncommitted, please if at all possible, 
reconsider. You only get one 50th class 
reunion to share the old times together and 
also, as Manson said, "to make new friends of 
old friends." # Now for some classmate 
updates: Kim Page wrote, "I am in the long 
process of getting a book published. My life 
partner and I are re-doing and adding to a 
coastal Maine house on Orr's Island. Life in 
North Carolina continues to be busy. 
Whoever said retirement days and time 
would hang heavy got it all wrong! See a lot 
of Sallie and Bob Cotney '50. Looking for- 
ward to reunion in June." *Bob Godfrey 
talked about his entry into cyber space: "I 
finally broke down and joined the rest of the 
world and bought a computer. Will have to 
admit that it has me hooked. Jo says we're 
going to have to install another telephone 
wire if I spend anymore time on the net. 
Look forward to seeing everyone in June." 
His e-mail address is BOJOGO@prodigy. 
net. *Gordon Price sent a note saying, "Ed 
Veasey and I both have 11 grandchildren!! 
We see one another frequently and are 
active skiing, playing tennis, and boating. 
Since we five close to GDA, we are involved 
with the 50th and are on the reunion com- 
mittee. We look forward to seeing you in 
June." # Ed Veasey reports, "I have been 
working with Gordon Price and Manson 
Hall on the reunion. I also sent to Manson 
my resume for the last 50 years and would 
encourage all of the class of '49 to respond 
as quickly as possible. Manson has a big job 
ahead of him and needs all the help he can 
get." *Phil Hopkins wrote, "I retired from 
Raytheon in 1994. I taught part time (con- 
versational Japanese) at Danvers High 
School and North Shore Community 
College over the past four years. At present, 
I am just taking things easy and looking for- 
ward to traveling and playing a lot of golf] " 
*Bill Chamberlin brought us current on his 
life: "Over the past five decades, I have been 
in manufacturing and sales, been a profes- 
sional fund-raiser and an investment broker. 
Most recently, we moved from Osage 
Beach, MS to Grantham, NH to build a 
home and enjoy retirement. We moved to 
Missouri in 1994 and enjoyed those four 
years immensely where I was a Foundation 
Director and then a broker for AG Edwards 
and Sons. I retired in March of '98 at which 
time we decided to return east to be near 
our 8 children and our 11 grandkids. 
Currently, I am tutoring math for several 
persons who want their GEDs, work out 
regularly and shovel too much snow. S'all for 
now, see you by the light of the moon." 
•Don Wochomurka reports, "Finally 
retired. . .and enjoying it! We will hope to be 
traveling if health permits. In the meantime 

having fun with our five grandchildren." 
*Bud Frame has made a significant shift in 
his professional life which he has shared 
with us: "SOLD Forbes... An American 
Company in January '98 and joined a ven- 
ture capital partnership named TRILLIUM. 
WOW! That a new set of glasses on fife; I 
feel like des Cognetsl Also became a rather 
full-time consultant to a formerly owned, 
highest quality folding carton business that 
just produced the new product rollout of 
Gillette's new MACH 3 razor. Peggy and I 
just returned from South Africa where the 
animals all said to say hello to you. Had a 
successful back operation on New Year's 
Day. *Tom Sayles faxed an update on his 
doings. "Since retiring from Summit 
Bancorp in 1996, have spent time as 
President of the Summit Speech School, a 
school for hearing impaired children, ages 6 
months to 5 years. It is a great institution 
assisting upwards of 1 00 children in a newly 
renovated facility, utilizing the proceeds 
from a $5M capital campaign. As a 15-year 
Drew University Trustee, was assigned to 
lead a $62M capital campaign. It is a real 
challenge but fun working with Drew's 
President Tom Ken, a former NJ governor 
for 8 years. In our spare time, wife Pat and I 
spend quality time with our 5 grandchil- 
dren. One 4-year-old spends all Thursdays 
with us while his 4-year-old cousin is with 
us on Fridays. Took our 18-year-old 
grandson out to the University of Colorado 
in Boulder last July and he just recently was 
accepted for next September's class. We are 
so fortunate to have our three children and 
their families all living within 40 minutes of 
us. Looking forward to catching up with 
classmates at our big 50th Reunion." *Arch 
des Cognets reports from Australia, where he 
and his wife, Carol, five six months of the 
year, that he has completely recovered from 
his health travails. He spends a considerable 
amount of time on the telephone coordi- 
nating and directing the efforts of his 
reunion committee with superb results... he 
cracks a long, long whip! He and Carol will 
return to their home in Williamstown, MA 
about a week before the 50th. m Manson 
Hall took a week off in February from his 
"get out the book" labors to ski with his 
daughter in British Columbia at Whistler. As 
a matter of athletic interest, he also plays 
hockey weekly at the Boston Skating Club 
with a group of skaters ranging in age from 
thirty to seventy and twice a week with a 
Quincy group in which everyone is sixty! 
*Mansfield Smith provided some informa- 
tion on his illustrious career in the medical 
area. Here are some highlights that I selected 
from his impressive CV. After graduation 
from George Washington University School 
of Medicine and spending two years in the 

US Army Medical Corps, he commenced 
practicing in his surgery specialty (otolaryn- 
gology). He was the founder and president 
of Hearing Institute for Children and Adults 
Medical Group in San Jose, CA. He also 
became a clinical professor of surgery (oto- 
laryngology) at Stanford University. He has 
received numerous honors and appoint- 
ments among them, president of the Politzer 
Society (international ear surgeons' society), 
and a distinguished alumni award from 
George Washington University. He has pub- 
lished a quantity of papers, editorial com- 
ments and books. In short, a distinguished 
career that he will hopefully comment on at 
our dinner on Friday night at which he has 
graciously volunteered to act as MC! We'll 
be all ears, Mans!!! *Gale and I spent the 
month of February in Coronado, CA. A 
perfect place to flee from chilly 
Charlottesville, VA, and to be near four 
grandchildren in San Diego. While there, I 
saw Tora and Irv Grossman who five just 
north of San Diego in Solano Beach. I 
played golf with Irv and some of his pals. 
After a round, I found myself emptying my 
wallet and spitting out the hook! Irv is a 
good golfer and as an aside, is professionally 
associated with the Honda Classic, a PGA 
tour event (March 11-14) held in Coral 
Springs, FL. Irv is Honda's man to oversee 
this tournament and has been doing this for 
the past 15 years. I would hope he will pro- 
vide some insights to this work during the 
reunion. # As a final note, the current count 
of the 50th Reunion as I write this March 
15th column is 27. The reunion committee 
is working very diligently to reach a 30-35 


Alan F Flynn 

1 Katherine road 

Rehoboth, MA 02769-1938 

(508) 252-6482 

Thanks and appreciation to those who return 
their cards and especially to those who write 
more detailed letters or call and let me take 
notes.You have provided the following news. 
*Tim Greene and Debbie took a family trip 
to Disney World in October which included 
their five year old grandson. "It was great to 
see it again through his eyes." *l wonder how 
many of us could keep up with Denny Engs. 
"In September I led my 12th Sierra Club 
national backpack outing, 12 people for 8 
days in the High Sierra of California. Then I 
participated in a similar trip in the Gila 
Wilderness of New Mexico." Denny found 
time for a fall trip to visit with family on 
Cape Cod, which he has done for 28 con- 
secutive years. He comments, "It is interesting 
to see how priorities change over the years." 

The Archon — Spring 1999 27 

class notes 

Denny lives in the small mountain commu- 
nity of Crestline, CA. His activities include 
bicycling to stay in shape, ham radio, folk 
dancing and directing the San Bernadino 
Mountains Land Trust. "Some changes: I am 
vegetarian and follow a more simple life that 
does not require as many things as I thought 
I needed." We all look forward to seeing 
Denny in Byfield next June. # A great letter 
from Bob Comey kindly made only brief ref- 
erence to the Red Sox post-season encounter 
with the Indians. Bob then rubbed it in fur- 
ther by reporting that he and Sallie were in 
Israel in early November. "The Jerusalem 
Post did not carry Little Three football scores 
so I don't know how the Williams- Wesleyan 
game turned out." The highlight of Bob's 
letter began with: "Amazing •what one finds 
on the Internet!" He then reproduced GDA 
class of '50 notes from 1996 which he had 
found on the Internet while surfing. Now 
Bob is reluctant to write anything for fear of 
Internet exposure, but he did send a card 
bragging about two more grandchildren on 
'98: Colin born in August and Liam in 
October. In addition to the Israel trip, Bob 
toured Greece and Turkey last Spring. •The 
latest from Peter Gavian reports: "Treated 
myself to a bigger sailboat last Spring but find 
I have too much work — as a business 
appraiser — to use it as much as I had hoped. 
Youngest daughter graduated Skidmore May, 
1998; the oldest two each presented me with 
a grandson in 1997, so I can no longer deny 
my age!" *George Laventis has three grand- 
children. Could GDA be in their future? 
•"Still in the travel business after 45 years," 
writes Bob Squire. "Have taken small groups 
all over, but 17 times to Egypt. Favorite vaca- 
tion spot, Amalfi Coast, Italy. Try to get there 
for R & R every year. Great food, wine, etc." 
Bob's son, Robert Squire '75, will be cele- 
brating his 25th at GDA while we are hon- 
oring our 50th in June, 2000. *Bob 
Dickerman won't be able to make the SENE 
GDA '50 dinner in Mansfield, MA because 
he will be coaching his Providence Country 
Day School baseball team in a late afternoon 
game in Newport, RI. # From Dave Esty," At 
winter, skied all over the West and got 20 days 
of patrolling at Bromley. Grew a beard to 
keep off the frostbite but my wife says I look 
like a "crazy mountain man", my kids a "ter- 
rorist", my brothers a "bum", but I like it. 
First one I have grown. Something new to 
hide behind." All of which leaves Dave in a 
class "by himself." •"Leaving for Florida and 
North Carolina tomorrow," says Mai 
Robertson. "Rita and I are enjoying retire- 
ment, travel and the grandchildren. Tracking 

28 The Archon — Spring 1999 

investments and travel seem to be the big part 
of our fives. Nine trips last year." *Dick 
McCoy "went to Kenya and Tanzania last fall. 
Wonderful trip. Saw all the animals Africa has 
to offer. Went to Smugglers Notch, VT for 
Christmas. Very little snow, of 50+ trails, 6 
were open. Boating down the Mississippi 
next September." • "Who says retired life 
gives you nothing to do?" Dick Patton finds 
himself busier than ever. He had a client call 
him back to work for a few weeks, which 
paid for a couple of ski trips. "Snow out here 
is 12 to 14 foot base and more coming. Lynda 
and I went to Sun Valley, where we were mar- 
ried 28 years ago, in January. One of the 
nicest resorts in the country without the 
hype and hustle of the Aspens of the world." 
Dick plans to visit China and Tibet in April. 
Since the trip involves farm village family 
homes, Lynda has opted out. "Well, you only 
go around once," ends Dick. • "Tim Greene 
convinced me to attend the Southeastern 
New England GDA '50 Club on April 27th. 
Still working hard at being retired and staying 
in shape, with lots of tennis, golf, and swim- 
ming. Two winter months in Maui, summer 
in Maine and the balance in Marblehead.Tim 
and I go to the 45th reunion at Bowdoin, 
then the millennium at GDA." Who could 
this be, but Bob Cushman? • Charlie Bowen is 
"still enjoying retirement." His comment that 
they "have been traveling a lot" really under- 
states the case. "African safari and tour of 
South Africa last September, Australia and 
New Zealand this February with a cruise 
from Sydney to Auckland. Ran into Joe Welch 
'4 7 on board. Had a lot of fun with Joe and 
Donna. Charlie moved to a new retirement 
community in Lake Forest last July. "It's great, 
everything new. No more house responsibil- 
ities. Just lock the door and travel." Charlie is 
looking forward to the reunion in 2000. *I, 
Alan Flynn, retired in July, but Emi keeps me 
busy as business manager and office boy with 
her business training teachers to work with 
dyslexic children and publishing related 
materials. I tag along for her conferences, San 
Francisco in November and Cleveland in 
March, and we find time for short trips — the 
Amazon in January and Borneo in April. Will 
be in California for the arrival of a second 
grandchild in June. Thanks again and keep 
the news coming. 


to Guy Tudor '52 who received in April 
the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from 
the New York City Audubon Society. 

Dick McCoy '50 and an impressive striped bass 

Fred H. Barrows 
136 Hope Street 
Bristol, RI 02809 


Howard C. Reith 

7 Appaloosa Lane 

South Hamilton, MA 01982 

(508) 468-0203 

Thank you all for the expressions of con- 
cern about the intrusion of the amorphous 
mass into my body of well-tempered steel. 
But now to the eagerly awaited news from 
those few souls seeking immortality by 
allowing their reputation to be enhanced 
through the massive circulation of the 
Archon. The order of presentation that fol- 
lows by no means indicates preference or a 
greater nobility. In any case thanks for the 
cash. »Fred Hobbs insinuated a close female 
relative, a lawyer, is now involved with polit- 
ical activities in an unnamed city near a 
large river close to VA and DE. This same 
source also informed YHS that a son is a 
freshman at a "fuzzily written" college. He 
further informed us, "All is well." •George 
Bullock sent a note that amazingly did not 
request funds. Thank you for your thoughts 
George. "Re e-mail: my modem broke 
down. Re Ted's new adventure: possibly a 
microbe that has lottery tickets as a waste 
product would be a fruitful endeavor. But a 
microbe to cure a cold is indeed a worthy 
goal. Re Bill Atwell: another comment 
about our respected president is not 
required. And true we FOT's of '51 all have 
class." »Ken Bistany informs us that he, 
Yolanda, and the Suzanne and David Pope 
spent ten days cruising around the Florida 
west coast. Sure beats working! »Peter 
Whitney sent a truly impressive note men- 
tioning his activities as a surgeon and pro- 
fessor hither and yon. Also mentioned that 
he had been attacked by an amorphous mass 
and an operation as well as incantations by a 

local shaman seems to have solved the 
problem. Well done Peter. *Wes Muddle 
informs us that he still has his fine scam 
going with a marina and an insurance 
agency. Obviously successful as he is now 
collecting Corvettes and taking trips with 
Marge. Hopefully not being followed by 
boat owners and local authorities. •Yogi 
wished YHS well. Thank you. •Barry Gately 
informs us he is still retired and enjoying it. 
•Bob Loutit has a new house on Block Island 
and invites us all for lunch. «As Lieutenant 
Governor of the New England District of 
Kiwanis, Fred Franzius recently has been 
busy attending conferences. He has been 
unable to launch his bellowed sloop "Motu" 
the best two summers, but anticipates he will 
in 1999. Then he will be able to "harass Ted 
Barrows from just off shore!"Ted and Jackie 
were marvelous hosts to Fred and Dick 
Bittner when they sailed there in 1996. Fred 
is also expecting his fifth grandchild, the 
third girl, this June. 


Franklin E. Huntress 

5C Independence Way 

Glover Landing 

Marblehead, MA 01945 

(781) 631-4785 

Al Smith writes: "Retired, 1995, living in 
Naples, FL., 6 months year, Alexandria, VA, 
6 months. Have six children (two boys, four 
girls) , four married, two single, eight grand- 
children. Successful kidney transplant '94. 
Doing great, never an episode or rejection 
and never looked back. Still playing tennis 
and travel, travel, travel. »Guy Tudor reports: 
"Professional: In April, I am to receive a 
"Lifetime Achievement Award" from the 
N.Y.C. Audubon Society — a scroll (I think) 
and strictly an informal event. Personal: 
Recently, my wife and I bought a 
weekend/retirement House in Greenport, a 
small harbor town way out on the North 
Fork of Long Island, only a few hours (by 
ferry) from New England (New London)! 
For a lifetime city/apartment boy this takes 
a little getting used to, but we're quite 
pleased overall. However, my studio and 
address are not moving out of Queens yet." 
•Sabu says, "Spending most of my time at 
various health resorts trying to find out why 
I am still here. With friends like you and 
Auger who needs enemies! Let the world 
know that I am still very upset about the 
hockey program and it's leaders, the coach 
and A.D My best to all." »Rob Smythe 

writes: "Life is wonderful! Married 
September, 1998 to Priscilla Clute in Estes 
Park, CO. Sold Peggy's condo and my home 
on Elm Street. Bought a new house at 19 
Clouturur Lane in Marblehead, MA." 
•Noble Smith writes: "Still very active in my 
development consulting business working 
with primarily environmental clients. Noble 
Smith Associates continues to thrive. 
Another full-time commitment is our farm 
and Bertie's business, Hummingbird Hill 
Farm (herbs and perennials). Opened a 
second retail store in a nearby town. It goes 
to show that older citizens (65+) still have a 
lot of stuff left. I'll retire in 2015. Any free 
time is spent birdwatching which has con- 
sumed countless hours over the past 50 
years. Pray for the Flyers/Phillies/ 


William C. Pinkham 

P.O. Box 369 

Glenmoore, PA 19343 

(610) 942-3273 

sbpinkham @aol. com 

Word from Mark Lowell that he is still hob- 
bling around 38 months and seven opera- 
tions after his accident. He now wears a 
magnetic bone growth stimulator three 
hours a day and a plastic brace the rest of the 
time. He still can't go back to work so he 
putters around with home projects. When he 
questions the doctor regarding time frame, 
he just says, "Maybe another year." Mark 
now has two grandchildren, Austin, two, and 
Caldwell, five months. »Art Bartlett thor- 
oughly enjoys retirement. He writes that 
since they made the decision to retire there 
is so much to do, so little time, and they have 
to set the alarm clock earlier than ever. The 
first snowstorms left them in a winter won- 
derland. The snowbirds had migrated and left 
them in "God's Country" almost as a private 
reserve. Besides skiing in Tahoe (a gorgeous 
spot), they were looking forward to snow- 
shoeing and back country skiing right out 
their back door. The transition to God's 
Country was more complex than Art and his 
wife expected and included renting their 
Portula Valley home to "the tenants from 
Hell." Art's wife Nancy landed a job driving 
the 'hospitality cart' at Plumas Pines Golf 
Course and Country Club; so Art and 
Nancy golfed for free. In fact, based on 
jumping up from dinner while watching the 
Golf Channel to try new practice swing clas- 
sifies both of them as golf nuts. 
Unfortunately, there is no known cure. Golf 

interfered with their plans to fly fish, but they 
did get engaged in the community. Art 
manned the US Forest Service look out 
tower at Mills Peak, and they are heavily 
involved in several committees, including 
being appointed 'Mohawk Ski Area 
Ambassadors.' There's much more to tell, but 
it would probably require doubling the pages 
in the Archon. For the full story, e-mail Art at •"Lefty" Pierce broke his 
long silence and reports that while his offi- 
cial home is in New Hampshire, he winters 
in a home he bought in Cedar Creek Lake 
in East Texas. He says pulling up stakes gives 
you an opportunity to throw out a lot of 
junk you don't need anyway. He has a small 
consulting business in the design and con- 
struction of printing facilities. It easily moves 
along with him across country, and he now 
finds himself working on what he wants to 
do when he wants to. Says it's a "strange, 
wonderful feeling" and recommends it. 
•Charlie Palmer wants Oz to know that the 
Palms is now a look-a-like. . .The good news 
is that Charlie's alive and well. The bad news 
is that he totaled his car when he fell asleep 
on the Mass Pike last summer. Both air bags 
deployed. One saved him, and the other took 
out his right eye. Palms is enjoying life as a 
stockbroker, likes the people he's with and 
thinks he'll work forever. He's off to Florida 
for the month of April. Sounds like he has the 
ideal combination of work and pleasure. »I 
was glad to see that the new headmaster has 
the right hairline and the right kind of dog to 
be assured of success in his new job in spite of 
being a Williams graduate. . .Best wishes to all. 


Michael B. Smith 

1315 Merrie Ridge Road 

McLean, VA 22101 

(703) 522-4582 

45th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

John Moyer has been with his current firm 
for four years now. He has a 14-year-old 
granddaughter and a six-month-old 
grandson and a daughter who teaches in 
Marblehead. *Arky Vaughan is an instructor 
pilot for Boeing on the C-17 in Charleston, 
SO Arky took his family to Maine last 
summer for a vacation and had his fried 
clams and lobster "low lights" extinguished 

The Archon — Spring 1999 29 

class notes 

for another year. He also writes that he has 
had his fill of the NJ Turnpike, which he will 
now avoid at all costs. • Phil Bancroft writes 
that he has retired from Digital/Compaq 
and has returned to teaching two computer 
science courses at Bentley College. Phil 
hopes to get some time to jot down for pos- 
terity some of his various careers and adven- 
tures. We look forward to reading about 
them! •Howie Clarke dropped a note that 
he retired on January 1 and, to celebrate, 
spent six weeks in Florida. Ann and Howie 
will be scuba diving in the Turks and Caicos 
Islands in April and then journey over to the 
Orvis Fly Fishing School in May. •Warren 
Hutchins reports that he retired from 
General Electric in 1995 after 36 years ser- 
vice. He took up a second career almost 
immediately thereafter with Lightolier, 
retired again last fall, but still stayed on as a 
consultant. Hutch has lived in Huntington 
Beach, CA since 1988. His wife, Janet, and 
he enjoy diving in southern California. One 
of their sons is in Kansas City, MO and the 
other son is just 20 minutes from their 
home. The Hutchins became grandparents 
in 1998. •Dave Ellis writes that he greatly 
enjoys living in Boston as well as his exten- 
sive travels to Australia, New Zealand, 
Brazil, India and Canada. Dave is still the big 
boss at the Museum of Science in Boston. 
The Ellis' have three grandchildren, two in 
Durham, NH, and the third in Utrecht, 
Netherlands. •Dodd Miles will be retiring in 
late May after having tried to do so in 1995 
and again in 1998. He sends warm regards to 
all '54 classmates. »Stu Miller remains busy 
with his insurance agency, four children, and 
two grandchildren. He tries to get in as 
much fishing as possible whether in 
Massachusetts or in the environs of Sarasota, 
FL. Stu still lives in North Andover. »Paul 
Mundy says he is still working hard in his 
cruise ship specialist agency in central 
London. He and his wife, Judith, will be 
making four escorted cruises for his clients 
this year, from Singapore to Bombay, the 
upper Amazon, Hudson Bay, and Tahiti and 
the Marquesas. Sounds hke a tough life, 
Paul, having to spend all that time on cruise 
ships! •Dick Michelson sent a card saying he 
continues to enjoy his international and 
domestic travels, having been in South 
America, Antarctica, and Canada's Maritime 
Provinces over the past 12 months. Dick 
remains very active with mountain 

climbing, backpacking, and skiing. He also 
writes that he had a very pleasant visit with 
the late Mac Murphy last June after 
attending his 40th Reunion at Bowdoin. 
•Haskell Rhett telephoned in the following 
(after your faithful class secretary lost his 
written note): Haskell retired in 1997 and is 
traveling a great deal, happily taking advan- 
tage of the fact that his wife, Janet, is a pilot 
for United Airlines, flying 747 400s to and 
from Asia and other enticing watering holes 
(Dick Michelson, take note that she is flying 
a Boeing!) The Rhetts have two daughters 
and 2 grandchildren. One of the daughters 
is an English professor at Gettysburg 
College and the other a film editor in 
Hollywood, near another convenient 
United Airline destination! Haskell serves 
on a numbers of Boards, one of which is 
that of GDA. »Cary Bradford e-mailed that 
his wife, Happy, and he just completed 
building their second dream home 35 feet 
from Penobscot Bay in Belfast, ME, where 
they have now retired. They love Belfast and 
are probably in the sailboat market (now 
your class secretary can find a free mooring, 
he assumes, in Maine for his 38' Sabre!). 
They have been skiing in Stowe, staying at 
the Trapp Family Lodge. Thanks to the new 
GDA directory, they discovered that Lynn 
and Ron Paparella five in Stowe, and they 
spent an enjoyable day visiting with them 
and catching up on old times. •John Moyer 
writes that his wife, Sandy, and he have two 
grandchildren, ages 1 4 and one. John is still 
working with his son, Andrew, and another 
partner in the financial planning business. 
•Your class secretary, Michael Smith, con- 
tinues his international trade consulting 
business between Cub Scout and Little 
League activities with his two boys, 
Devereux and Christian. Deborah and he 
are looking forward to seeing a great 1954 
turnout at our 45th Reunion on June 


George O. Gardner 

53 Woodbury Lane 

Acton, MA 01720 

(978) 263-3052 

gardner.g@adlittle. com 

The Archon is published 

three times yearly. 

Deadlines for news are: 

July 15, November 15, March 15. 

Send class notes to your 

class representative or, 

tel. 978/499-3185, or 

fax 978/462-1319. 

Colin Curtis reports that he has become the 
200th Right Worshipful Master of Lodge St 
George, #200 in Bermuda, the oldest 
Scottish Constitution lodge outside of 
Scotland. He was given Grand Rank two 
years ago by Lord Burton and remains 
highly active in Masonic circles. His other 
main interest is The Order of St. John which 
is the oldest order of chivalry that remains. 
This year is the 900th Anniversary of the 
Order and he will be shuttling between 
Bermuda and London this summer. 
Basically, the order maintains and operates 
the eye hospital in Jerusalem, maintains a 
fleet of ambulances around the world pri- 
marily in what was the British Empire, and 
teaches first aid, CPR, and safety in the 
house and at work. It's a great organization 
and Colin heads up the Bermuda Branch. 
The Queen elevated him to the rank of 
Commander of the Order that entitles him 
to wear a neck decoration and black robes 
that create the "perfect image of Count 
Dracula." Apart from all of that, the 
Perfumery thrives and provides Colin and 
twelve other people with a decent living. He 
invites all of us to visit www.bermuda-per- and take the virtual tour where 
we will see his visage and comments at sev- 
eral places. •Don Hicks retired last year after 
25 great years in the advertising agency 
business. Marilyn and he are in good health 
and are heading to Scandinavia this summer. 
They five in Florida during the winter and 
summer in North Carolina. «On March 3, 
Bobette and Rick Sears became grandpar- 
ents for the first time. Ethan Mark Sears was 
born In New York City to Jay Sears 
(Kenyon '89) and Lauren Rosen (Cornell 
'89). Everybody is doing fine, thankfully. 
Their other son, Ian (Lake Forest '93) fives 
with his wife Tina (Trinity '96) in Los 
Angeles. Jay is on his 4th company; Ian on 
his second. Both work for companies where 
they have employment letters and equity 
stakes — a sign of the times. Rick and 
Bobette sold their house in 1996 and moved 
to a cooperative apartment, which probably 
has more useable square footage than the 

30 The Archon — Spring 1999 

house had. No more lawn, no more pool, 
much more civilized. While Bobette and 
Rick continue to operate an accounting, tax 
and counseling activities for small business 
and select individuals, it has not become a 
barnburner since start-up five years ago — 
but enough to keep them "off the streets." 
•AC Hubbard, Jr reports that he and his 
wife Penny retired over 1 years ago. They 
are active in community affairs. AC is 
involved in the education of high-risk inner 
city boys. AC and Penny still have their 
home in Baltimore but spend one half of the 
year in Jackson Hole,WY and travel several 
months a year. They will celebrate their 40th 
wedding anniversary this fall. They have 
three "great" children and three grand chil- 
dren who are the focus of their lives. •Jack 
Pallotta retired last year after 30 years with 
The Guardian Life Insurance Co. Between 
golf and travel he has been doing some con- 
sulting in the insurance industry. He and his 
wife plan to stay in NJ where their three 
children live. »On June 25th Peter Scott will 
deliver the last self-propelled howitzer to 
the Army. On that same day the plant will be 
turned over to the new owner and Peter 
will retire. Anne and he are looking forward 
to that day. Peter is planning to grow a 
garden, restore his Model-A, take some col- 
lege courses, travel and get in shape. 


James Dean 

P.O. Box 186 

South Berwick, ME 


(207) 384-9184 

Edward Spalding writes that he is chair- 
person of the Guidance Department of 
Cumberland High School, Cumberland, RI. 
•Bob Conklin just turned sixty in the com- 
pany of good friends doing similar things. 
1998 saw sixty some to Tony Hawthorne, 
Tom Elder, and Herb Hodos. We wish them 
well. »Bob Conklin and his wife had a five- 
week trip to Italy in September and 
October. Italy is now their second home as 
Bob is cutting back on his work load. We 
thank him for all the info he provides us 
from the West Coast classmates. •Art Balser 
has a son who is a very successful radio 
astronomer stationed in Greenbank,WV. Art 
has made a nice recovery from having had a 
liver transplant. »Jim Finger is very positive 
about life and GDA and he still loves to sing 
songs. # Joan and Frank Graf support the arts 
in New Hampshire and in particular the 
Opera. Son, Mike, is a very talented wood 

and cabinet maker in the seacoast. »John 
Henry reports that he has sold his business 
and is now looking for something special to 
do. He wants to see his classmates at the next 
reunion. »Joe MacLeod states that his son will 
be getting married in July of '99. His 
youngest is in his junior year at RISD. His 
wife and daughter are taking a female trip to 
Aruba and leaving him to work. »True 
Miller says hello to all his classmates. He has 
run a hardware store for 25 years and has 
worked hard for the Lions Club. »Rey 
Moulton sadly enough continues to have 
health problems. We wish him a speedy 
recovery. He has done an enormous amount 
in providing class gifts to the school, and is 
soon taking on the role of Trustee of the 
Academy. »Pete Renkert will retire soon and 
in the year 2000 he will move to his sixty 
acres near the Canadian border in Idaho for 
some fishing and hunting. His boat will be 
harbored in Seattle. •Billy Sayles retired a 
number of years ago to enjoy the good life 
in Barefoot Bay, FL for six months of the 
year and the other six on Kesar Lake in 
Lovell, ME. 'Reaves Strobel is semi-retired, 
has two sons, and spends as much time as 
possible on the outer banks of North 
Carolina. His home is near Nag's Head. 
•John Tisdale is doing well and wishes every- 
body in the class success as they grow older. 
•Tom Urmy has no plans to retire and is sup- 
porting two kids, 10 and 13. For a vacation this 
year he is taking the family to a dude ranch in 
Arizona. He has some trepidation over the 
riding aspect. »Jim Dean has a grandchild 
coming in late May. The difficulty comes in 
that the mother, his daughter, has her home 
in Seattle. 


Lyman A. Cousens 

4 Goodhue Road 

Boscawen, NH 03303 

(603) 196-6446 

shcnh @worldpath . net 

Jeff Fitts writes that he and his wife Sandy 
spend three months in Sarasota and 13 
months a year keeping his golf handicap 
under 10. Wouldn't we all kill for a life like 
that! Jeff is semi-retired (no work, with pay) 
and says he can still beat Charlie Volpone 
'55. m Wink Pescosolido advises the freeze in 
North-Central California has wiped out 
two crops in the past year. Farming is a 
tough business but sure beats going to Vegas. 
Wink also lost his GDA record in the long 
jump. It only took 40 years! Tom Parker 
always said, "Records are made to be 

broken. Well, Pat Boone records anyway." 
Tom has always been known as a deep 
thinker. »Your secretary, Lyman Cousens, is 
alive and well, working to make New 
Hampshire and Vermont safer and healthier 
places to work, drive and live. Working 
harder than ever but still playing golf and 
appreciating my bride. 


Ralph E. Ardiff 

238 Conant Street 

Danvers, MA 01923 

(978) 114-3336 

I have not written any class notes since prior 
to our 40th Reunion last June. It was great 
to see so many classmates back in South 
Byfield. Unfortunately, my notes are a little 
fuzzy, but I remember seeing the following 
folks at least for part of the weekend: Harvey 
Hoyden, Toto Hunt, Max Brace, Jack Morse, 
NuffWithington, Newt Lamson, Dick Croll, 
Ward Miles, Wayne Hockmeyer, and Jim 
Sylvester. It's amazing that all classmates 
looked either exactly the same or even 
younger than they did when we graduated 
from GDA back in 1958. "Friday evening at 
our class dinner was spent reminiscing about 
the intervening 40 years and also getting 
themselves brought up to date on the 
whereabouts of classmates who were not in 
attendance. We heard that Tony Bourne is a 
physical therapist and lives in Hampton, NH 
and that Mike Hale chucked the pressures of 
the New York advertising business and 
bought a farm in Middleton, MA. »Scotty 
McLeod is a school headmaster somewhere 
in the south. »Dick Croll plans to spend a 
couple of years in the Geneva, Switzerland 
area. 'Harvey Hoyden will soon be retiring 
from Delta and Ward Miles will also soon 
be retiring from TWA after long careers of 
flying classmates and others through the air, 
always arriving safely and on time (so they 
say). I'm not sure why it is, but several folks 
commented on what an excellent pilot 
Harvey is and that his piloting skills were 
only surpassed by his puck-stopping skills 40 
some-odd years ago. *Jack Morse sold his 
company, which transmitted tape via satel- 
lites of major events and tragedies 
throughout the world, and is living a more 
relaxed lifestyle. »Jim Sylvester still runs the 
family hardware store in Hanover, MA. 
•Toto Hunt is contemplating retirement 
from the insurance business and still plays 
golf to a 6 handicap. 'Newt Lamson is living 
a very active family life with two grown 
daughters and a second family, which 

The Archon — Spring 1999 31 

class notes 

includes a ten-year-old and an eight-year- 
old. 'Nuff Withington's youngest recently 
graduated from Governor Dummer, giving 
June a little more time to relax. •Jim Main 
was sorry to have missed the reunion, but 
reports that he and Claudette still do a lot of 
traveling. •Wayne Hockmeyer has not only 
invented a bass lure which has proven very 
effective, he has also started a new company 
called "Adventure Bound" which takes 
school youth groups and families on out- 
door adventure trips such as Whitewater 
rafting. »I also heard recently from Don 
Gray who reports that he had enjoyed a 
wonderful retirement (for one month) and 
then started another auction gallery with 
the oldest of his three sons. He reports that 
business is booming and that he is trying 
very hard to cut down his work-week to 6 
days. •Mike Dunsford is still very active in 
the high Sierras. He cross-country skis in 
the winter, snowshoes in the spring and 
hikes in the summer. He has a thriving real 
estate business and three grandchildren. His 
only failing is his hair loss, which he blames 
on Kevin Leary buying up all the Rogaine 
in northern California. «At the reunion, 
there was a memorial service, remembering 
among others, our departed classmates Ross 
Chase, Arthur Cushman, Bob Gass, Frank 
McGuire, and Akio Takeda. »I took over the 
secretarial duties from Chick Chase back in 
1990. If any of my classmates are interested 
in taking over my duties, a logical time for a 
new scribe to assume this task would be the 
year 2000. Wouldn't it be great to have a 
new and fresh outlook as we move into the 
21st century? 


Mirick Friend 

Box 540 

Mirror Lake, NH 03853 

(603) 569-3212 

40th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

As you read the news from our classmates see 
if you can spot one particular word that 
appears most often. 'Geoff Lewis writes that 
he has been retired for 2 V2 years. He says that 
being retired is "great, but busier than ever. 
Enjoying our home." He welcomes callers so 
when you are in DC give him a call. His e- 

mail address is »Fred 
Huntress asks the question, "How does 
'retirement' sound? I left teaching after 30 
years and built a beautiful home in Meredith, 
NH.We work part-time here for golf and ski 
fun. We have three grandchildren and retire- 
ment knows no bounds!" He advises Ferg 
Jansen to sell the restaurants and start playing 
with all that money. •Meanwhile, Ferg Jansen 
writes that his knees hurt, but he is still run- 
ning enough to keep up with Fred Huntress. 
Business is great; he is doing a large restaurant 
in downtown Hartford, CT. His family is 
great and he travels a lot. In his spare time he 
went to Puerto Rico to rebuild some houses 
that were damaged in the recent hurricanes. 
He sees Ray Ferris in LA often (maybe he 
could get Ray to drop us a line). »Bob Pouch 
writes that he extends "our best wishes to the 
Bragdons for a happy retirement. What a dis- 
tinguished career!" He is sorry (as are we) 
that he will not be at the 40th reunion this 
year due to family commitments. But he will 
be thinking of us. •Walt Cannon writes that 
he is "still plugging away as a general and tho- 
racic surgeon in Palo Alto, CA. Kids (four) are 
now all on their own. Irene is still working at 
the Stanford Health Center." He is currently 
restoring a 1937 glider that he found aban- 
doned in the Mojave Desert. He says, "It will 
fly again!" He plans to compete in the U.S. 
National Glider Championships this 
summer. He also tells us that spring in 
western U.S. has been great this year. •Peter 
Sherin informs us that "when the Sherin 
family gets back from a spring break trip to 
Israel, 13-year-old son David will choose 
between Noble and Greenough and BB&N 
for next year. He applied to only day schools 
per order of Mom. He would have loved 
GDA!" *Ted Bliss writes, "Ginny and I cele- 
brated our 35th wedding anniversary in 
September. Our younger daughter, Karen, 
and her husband are living in Newburyport, 
MA. After many years, I am reacquainting 
myself with Governor Dummer and the local 
area." 'Bill Donnelly says he and Joanne will 
be at the reunion in June. He is enjoying the 
real estate business after leaving the health 
care field while Joanne is looking forward to 
retirement. Their son Jay has finished his doc- 
torate and is working at MIT Lincoln Labs. 
•Bill Whiting writes that he has taken early 
retirement from the telephone industry (Bell 
Atlantic, NYNEX, New England Tel. and 
AT&T) having survived three mergers. He 

has found that "one can easily fill the day 
with volunteer activities." He is working with 
several conservation groups, helps to maintain 
the local Historical Society buildings, is 
helping to bring the Internet and other new 
technologies into the local public schools as 
well as working to upgrade his town's com- 
puter hardware and planning for a major 
school renovation. His wife Bobbi continues 
as the Financial Officer and Business 
Manager at Shore School in Beverly (MA). 
Daughter Brooke Whiting '92 finished 
Amherst and is pursuing her master's at the 
University of Pennsylvania in Landscape 
Architecture. Son Brad graduated from 
Dartmouth and is working in Oregon. «As 
for myself, I went through an unexpected and 
unwanted divorce in 1996. Seeking the "geo- 
graphical cure," I moved to the Lakes Region 
of NH where I had a summer home as well 
as where my family was living. I have since 
built a year-round home in the small town of 
Tuftonboro. This year I entered my first elec- 
tion and won a two-year seat on the Budget 
Committee. I also volunteer two mornings a 
week at the local elementary school in the 
fifth grade. What a challenge being with kids 
this age! I still refuse to admit to being retired 
after selling my McDonald's in 1986 and 
continue to look for a small business to buy 
and run. My older daughter Amanda is living 
and working in the restaurant industry in 
Boston while Galen is finishing her junior 
year at Washington University in St. Louis, 
MO. Hope all is well. 


John C. Elwell 

266 High Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950 

(978) 462-8749 

Donald Alexander writes: "In the summer of 
1998, I was appointed to the Maine 
Supreme Court." »Greg Meyer's wife, Joan, 
reports that Greg is completing his first year 
of law school at the "young age of 57. "Their 
son Bryce is now one-and-a-half years old 
and according to Joan is "gorgeous." Like 
the children from Lake Wobegon who are 
all above average? Bryce has won two 
beauty contests ... definitely must look like 
his mom. Greg is interested in environ- 
mental law and may take courses at Vermont 
Law School. Keep up the good work Greg... 
you make us all feel young! 

32 The Archon — Spring 1999 


J. Stephen Sawyer 

3616 Beech Run Lane 

Mechanicsburg, PA 017055 

(717) 732-3908 

Pete Boynton writes: "I'm semi-retired as of 
the end of January, but doing some grants- 
manship consulting for my former employer 
and looking around to find a fun and inter- 
esting retirement job within a couple of 
hours of Washington, DC or perhaps in 
Ohio where my wife's family lives. Neither 
of us is very keen on moving to southern 
California where I used to live. I was pretty 
burned. out when I left where I had worked 
for nearly 22 years, moving from one con- 
tract or grant proposal and resulting project 
to another, and am enjoying a little slower 
pace. But if the right job comes along where 
I can use my experience in the nonprofit 
sector running international programs and 
writing proposals, I wouldn't mind getting 
back in the saddle again for another five or 
six years. «As for your class secretary, I've 
made almost a complete recovery from my 
bike accident last August, and have been able 
to cancel a scheduled follow-up shoulder 
surgery at Walter Reed Army Hospital. I 
now get my exercise on a stationary bike in 
the basement. My daughter and her kids 
have made two visits to us from Indiana 
since then, the most recent just last week. 
Sarah is now six years old, going on 16, and 
Cassie will be four in a few days from this 
writing. Laura and I continue to carry on 
with our lives in central PA. 


Thomas S. Tobey 

59 West Portola Avenue 

Los Altos, CA 94022-1209 

(650) 941-5060 

Thanks to cyberspace, I have made contact 
with some members of the class not heard 
from in a long time. First to step up was 
Doug Coupe. Doug writes that he is still at 
State Street Bank in Boston. He admits to a 
passion for golf. His other passion, although 
not in preferential order, mind you, is a new 
bride, Vivian. Doug has been married one 
year. Doug and Vivian spend time between 
their home in Queechee and Hingham. 
They plan to build a home in Belfair, Hilton 
Head Island, SC. »The second e-mail to 
arrive came from John Davagian. "Davag", 
as we used to call him, has a new lease on 
life having suffered from a heart attack in 

New Horizons 

John Hyslop '60 is following similar trails 
as our own Peter Bragdon. After 12 years 
as headmaster of Cheshire Academy in 
Cheshire, CT, Hyslop will be leaving his 
school this June. Citing the desire for new 
challenges as reason for his decision, 
Hyslop explains, "When I look back on 
the last 12 years, in balance I can only 
conclude that I have been blessed." Chair 
of the school's Board of Trustees, Young 
Dawkins III explains, "Hyslop has led the 
Academy to new levels of excellence in 
virtually every area . . . and has especially 
strengthened the school in the areas of 
development, internationalism, and com- 
prehensive education." 

May of 1997. John has closed his construc- 
tion business and turned to law, a profession 
he prepared for in 1969. John and his wife, 
Joyce, have also become grandparents for the 
first time. John's quote about that is: "I'm 
sure that those of you with grandchildren 
would agree that if we had known having 
grandchildren was this great we would have 
skipped having kids and gone right to the 
grandchildren!"* We have all felt the passage 
of time, especially recently upon hearing of 
the deaths of Nancy Stone and Mac 
Murphy. Both of these individuals were 
common fixtures in our lives those many 
years ago. Nancy at those Sunday dinners 
and Mac every day, whether in the class- 
room, on the hockey rink or playing lacrosse. 
As far as I am concerned, we've lost one of 
the giants of GDA. I ran into Mac and his 
wife a few years ago on campus. He will be 
missed. »Bob "Snickers" Snyder surfaced 
again too. It must have been one of those 
bleak winter days in Maine, sitting in front of 
the computer that brought him out of 
hiding. Bob has three sons, two in college 
and one in his PG year. The nest is nearly 
empty. Bob too reports having gotten out of 
the family business after 28 years. He hasn't 
settled on any new profession other than his 
recent return to lacrosse. Bob is coaching at 
Yarmouth High School. It's this kind of 
activity that keeps us young. *Bob 
MacLaughlin and his wife Kit blissfully pad- 
dled kayaks and peddled bicycles in New 
Zealand during the month of March. I get 
the feeling from Doug Coupe and Bob 
MacLaughlin that this second marriage is 
suiting them quite well. An entry just 
received from the travelers yielded this won- 
derful excerpt: "We've just returned from a 
three-week tramp around New Zealand. A 

fabulous trip! Hiking and camping in the 
rain forest, kayaking in the Marlboro sounds, 
and fossickling fresh food from farm stands 
along the roads. At one point, we got a tip 
about an unpublicized track (trail) and 
headed out with full packs from a cow pas- 
ture along a stream. Bell birds, parrots, fantails 
and robins escorted us along the way, and 
feasting on the insects we stirred up. The sus- 
pension bridge about halfway up the moun- 
tain was breathtaking in every way After five 
hours and nine miles of "steedy" (kiwi for 
steady) climbing, we staggered to a stop at 
the top of the world. Mountains and valleys 
in every direction. Incredible. We pitched our 
tent and slept like logs." • Toy Vaughan, a long 
time resident of the San Francisco area has 
packed across the country to resettle in 
Maine. He is "in the process of rebuilding a 
160-year-old farmstead in Appleton, near 
Cambridge, ME." He is not far from Bob 
MacLaughlin. What small world. »My wife 
Karen and I, Thomas Tobey, are anticipating 
some excitement soon too. Karen will be 
heading to Japan with a student group early 
in the summer while I head to Scotland in 
search of the perfect no-name golf course. I 
am hoping to play the Macrihanish Club, the 
name given to the Stanford Golf Club in its 
infancy. However, my real reason for this spe- 
cial trip will be to travel with my mother and 
sister, Mary Ellen. Some of you, whose 
memories are still intact, may recall Spring 
Dance in 1961 when Burke and Mary Ellen 
did a solo Charleston in the Cobb Room. »It 
is time to sign off and get this to the editor. 
The response on e-mail was good this first 
time around. Keep those messages coming. 


Peter P. Morrin 

1288 Bassett Avenue 

Louisville, KY 40204 

(502) 456-2397 

We are sad to report that classmate Jeff Ellis 
died in November. See In Memoriam. »In 
other class news, Bob Mann reports that he 
is still selling real estate in Fort Lauderdale 
and "raising a six-year-old daughter at age 
55." »Don Connelly is also a Floridian, still 
working for Putnam Investments and "still 
swinging a golf club like I'm killing snakes!" 
He enjoyed seeing Frank Gummey at the 
35th, whom he describes as "unchanged!!" 
• Carson Taylor writes from Billings, MT 
that he works as an arbitrator-mediator in 
legal disputes. Daughter Sarah got married 
last year and son Willis is a junior at 
Connecticut College. Stepsons Jack and 

The Archon — Spring 1999 33 

class notes 

New Chief 

Brigham and Women's Hospital an- 
nounced in mid-December that Anthony 
D. Whittemore '62 will be the hospital 
new chief medical officer. In his new role, 
Whittemore will serve as the link between 
the hospital's administration and medical 
staff. He will also head up an effort to 
improve the quality of care at the 663- 
bed Boston hospital. Whittemore, who 
earned his medical degree from Columbia 
University, also works as a professor of 
surgery at Harvard Medical School. 

Henry keep Carson going with their 
hockey, skiing and soccer, and Carson stays 
in shape as a soccer referee. »I had a good 
talk on the phone with Bob McGilvray. He 
is back to work after a year off. A bone 
marrow transplant was completely successful 
and Bob says he is lucky and grateful to be 
alive. As I spoke to Bob he was headed for a 
family vacation in Mexico, full of good 
spirits and warm in his praise of life in 
Vancouver. •John MacKenzie tells me that 
his brother Cal will be in London in the fall 
with a Colby College program. It sounded 
like a great deal. Thanks to all the class cor- 
respondents, especially to Bob Fullerton for 
his moving tribute to Jeff Ellis. 


H. Laurence Henchey 

8 Orris Street 

Melrose, MA 02176 

(781) 662-2588 

lhenchey@concentric. net 

35th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 


Kenneth A. Linberg 

677 5 A Pasado Road 

Ma Vista, C A 93117 

(805) 685-1868 

linberg@lifesci. iscf.ucsb. edu 

Eric Shepard reports that he entered into a 
new marriage this past October. We hope 
that his new wife, Diane Martel, will accom- 
pany him to our Reunion in June 2000 for 
which Eric professes enthusiasm. Would that 
such sentiment might spill forth from other 

34 The Archon — Spring 1999 

class members as well! »Craig Johnson has 
recently purchased a new home here in 
Santa Barbara and has been engaged in 
making the move to this new abode. 
Congratulations to both of you! 

Craig Johnson '65, Ken Lindberg '65, and John 
Chandler Hill '65 reunited in southern California. 



Class Secretary Needed 

Bennett H. Beach 

7207 Denton Road 

Bethesda, MD 20814 

(301) 951-9643 

ben_beach @tws. org 

Party at Harry's Bar in Venice. Rich Brayton 
turns 50 in June, and that's where you'll find 
him celebrating. Here's hoping Rich is more 
animated than he was in that yearbook 
photo of him and Harper Follansbee at a 
Lang Gym mixer. Rich's interior design 
business is still humming, taking him to the 
Middle East, Mexico, and all over North 
America. "Business is also brisk for Gardner 
Mattress. Gardner Sisk reports that he's 
already adding to his brand new facility, and 
he's considering opening a branch in 
Naples, FL. •JeffWood had lunch in LA with 
Wil Poon a few months ago. Wil's hockey 
team, the Los Angeles Cyclones, journeyed 
to Las Vegas to play five games in 56 hours, 
winning the tournament. •Paul Hemmerich 
fit three classmates into a winter drive to 
Florida. He saw Lew Rumford and Ben 
Beach at the Dickie Lee Fan Club in 
Maryland and then visited Barry Davidson 
in Virginia. »If you land in the prison being 
built in Berlin, NH, you'll have to answer to 
Sid Bird, the facility's first warden. Last 
summer Sid competed in the Top of the 
Notch Triathlon, so he's probably up to the 

It's a long train ride from British Columbia to Worcester, 
MA, but Andy Rimmington '61 plans to take it. He 
has been awarded a handsome fellowship to do graduate 
work in American studies at Clark University. 

physical rigors of the job. This conditioning 
also helps him keep up with his five-year- 
old son. »Reid Pugh is being paid cash 
money to perform at restaurants, coffee 
shops, and even a shopping mall. No dates at 
local teen centers yet. •African wildlife in 
three countries got a good, close look at Bill 
Alfond last winter when he journeyed to 
South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Son 
Justin was over there on a golf tour. 
• Nationbank's loss was Huntington 
National Bank's gain as George Swift made 
the move after a mega-merger. He's still 
working in Stuart, FL. •Jim Nevius has just 
hit the 25-year mark with Amerada Hess. 
Jim reports he's playing more golf — but not 
scoring much. • Jay Marsh continues to be 
called as an expert witness on economics 
matters. One of his recent appearances was 
in Tennessee on behalf of more than 1200 
consumers who had bought new cars from 
General Motors — only to discover later that 
the vehicles had been damaged by a tornado 
while at a railhead awaiting delivery to 
dealers. GM had repaired them but had not 
disclosed news of the tornado. Jay's job was 
to compute the buyers' losses. 

Larry Miller '67 lives. He is a veteran with United Way 
in Wilmington, DE., and looks forward to our 35th 
reunion in 2002. 


Daniel C. Look 

3287 Whitfield Drive 

Marietta, GA 30062 

(770) 977-3135 

Bob Martin writes that he is working as a 
chef at a fine dining restaurant in Angels 
Camp, CA and is raising a black Lab pup. 
•Bob Stewart writes that he has switched his 
legal practice to concentrate on divorce and 
failing mediation, especially custody issues. 
He is working on his master's in conflict 
resolution at Columbia College in SC. 
Bob's efforts are currently being focused on 
developing an educational process for the 
courts, attorneys, parents and mental health 
professionals on the issue of Parental 
Alienation Syndrome. In October 1997 
Bob remarried to Margaret Labieniec. She 
is a special education teacher/ trainer and is 
Bob's partner on the Parental Alienation 
Syndrome project. •Charles S.Johnson has 
just celebrated his son Spencer's first 
birthday. Charles feels there will be a lot of 
Governor Dummer in the future. Laura and 
he have recently purchased a lot in East 
Harwich. They plan to start building house 
there in a year or two. Calving season is up 
and running and they are getting ready to 
start planning for the upcoming season. 
• Charles B.Johnson writes that his time is 
being taken up with working on Y2K, 
officiating soccer, working. With his son off 
to college, Charles is looking forward to 
catching up on his reading and generally 
relaxing. *Art Veasey is now in his 1 1 th year 
at Cambridge Trust Co. in Harvard Square. 
If anyone is passing through the Square, Art 
invites you in for a visit. His wife Susan and 
he are occupied with their 11 -year-old 
daughter Helen and seven-year-old son 
Bobby. Art enjoyed the 30th reunion and 
looks forward to seeing old classmates 
again. »Harry Kangis is just sitting in 
Cincinnati patiently waiting for Marge 
Schott to sell the Reds and finally free us 
from our bondage! Life is still very busy in 
his role as president of Millstone Coffee, but 
there is always time for golf. Played Pine 
Valley last year, and says you haven't lived 
until you have experienced a 155 Slope. His 
real pleasure, however, is the two grandba- 
bies, now 4 and 1 . Julia and he are off to 
conquer Alaska this summer. 'Daniel C. 
Look's oldest son Sean is currently the 
News copy editor for the New Haven 
Register newspaper in Connecticut. Our son 
David continues to pursue his acting career 
in New York City and will be doing Hamlet 

this summer in the city. Our daughter 
Courtney is preparing for her senior year in 
high school and then off to college. The 
business continues to do well and I looking 
forward to my 50th this summer. Who 
would've thought? If anyone is coming 
through Atlanta, give us a call. 


Jeffrey L. Gordon 

Glen Farm Road 

Portsmouth, RI 02871 

(401) 849-5893 

jlgordon 1 @aol. com 

30th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

Ned Lattime writes that he has left Thomas 
Jefferson Medical School to take a position 
as professor of surgery at the Robert Wood 
Johnson Medical School and associate 
director of the Cancer Institute of New 
Jersey. »As a trustee of GDA, Josh Miner is 
the head of the Board's Technology 
Committee, which is responsible for over- 
seeing the purchase and implementation of 
the Academy's new technology platforms. 
The plan entails a complete wiring of the 
campus including dorm rooms, classrooms, 
and administrative offices for voice and data. 
This is a daunting and expensive task, which 
is nearly complete. »Tim Tenney writes that 
his son, Thomas, is now one year old. Tim 
played lacrosse in the Vail Lacrosse Shootout 
last summer with Pete Borneman, then skied 
with him in February. He says that Pete has 
not slowed down. As a trustee of GDA, both 
Tim and Josh served on the search com- 
mittee for our new headmaster, Marty 
Doggett. »Pete Wheeler is president of 
Commonwealth Financial Network. He has 
three children, ages 14, 9 and 6. He is 
headed in April to surf around the world 
stopping in Fiji, Sumatra, and the Maldives 
for five weeks. He says life is good and hopes 
his note finds everyone well. •Jon Williams 
asks the perfect question: "With all those 
members of the class of '69 on the Board 
these days, is there a problem with discipline 
at the meetings?" (Actually, yes. But it's all 
Tenney 's fault!) Jon is President of Metro 
Denver Homebuilders Association which 
leaves precious little time for his paying jobs 
running FLORSystems, LLC, a structural 
concrete systems supplier, as well as his 
custom homebuilding company. He says he 
will be there for the reunion. »Gary Martin 

is teaching and has an orthopedic surgery 
practice. He has four children ranging in age 
from 16 to 8, and still skis a lot. He hasn't 
had the need for an orthopedic surgeon yet 
himself. • Albert Nelthrop is practicing law in 
Allentown, PA. His son, Albert V. Nelthrop 
II, is now two, and he says it is the greatest 
thing that has ever happened to him. He sees 
his son as a future football and lacrosse 
player. »Brian Pfeiffer writes, "Having been 
far too good and obedient as a child, I have 
taken middle age as an opportunity to 
indulge some adolescent behavior that has 
been aching to be let out." Following a bad 
bicycle accident and the realization that life 
could be a lot shorter than he imagined, he 
has returned to studying music. He has 
taken a two-year sabbatical to study with a 
voice teacher and gradually edged into the 
study of music theory and opera. »Jim 
Bayley writes that he just completed 
Mountain Warfare School in Jericho, VT and 
in now off to Bolivia. He is still doing 
orthopedic surgery "to make ends meet in 
between trips." He is married with two sons. 


to Ned Lattime '69 who has recently 
written a book Gene Therapy of Cancer 
released by the Academic Press. Lattime 
has also just taken a position as professor 
of surgery at the Robert Wood Johnson 
Medical School and associate director of 
the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. 


J. Randall Whitney 

183 Nashoba Road 

Concord, MA 01742 

(978) 369-0914 

jrandall.whitney@ipaper. com 

Jim Winslow (AUes) writes that he has 
moved to Atlanta where he is on the faculty 
of Emory University. His focus is the psy- 
chiatry and psychology departments, as well 
as the Yerkes Regional Primate Research 
Center. Recently, Jim has pulled in a NIH 
grant to study the neural basis of social 
development with applications for autism 
and schizophrenia. While doing all of this, 
Jim is also teaching classes about the biolog- 
ical perspectives on violence, aggression and 
social affiliation, AND still finding time to 
apply for more grant money. •Peter Blakney 

The Archon — Spring 1999 35 

class notes 

has retired from the army and is now- 
working with EDS as a systems engineer. 
He manages the student loan business for 
the Department of Education. His daughter, 
Robin, will attend Old Dominion as a 
member of the swim team. Son, Andrew, is a 
sophomore at Lake Braddock H.S., involved 
in theater. Pete's e-mail is pblakney@tidal- •John Newman cannot believe that 
his daughter Kasia is now at Wesleyan in 
Connecticut. John has made a career move 
and is now working for the National Park 
Service at the Salem Maritime National 
Historic Site. His other daughter, Julia, is a 
sophomore at GDA. She and Catherine 
Whitney '01 (daughter of Randy Whitney) 
spent some of their spring break together. 


Mario Rivera 

180 SW 7 8th Avenue 

Margate, FL 33068 

(954) 720-1673 

Peter Harris is married and has three daugh- 
ters, one of whom will enter the University 
of Michigan this fall and study business. His 
second daughter will hopefully play Varsity 
soccer, and his youngest is a sixth grader 
who "plays the piano very nicely." Peter 
works in "antifungal drug discovery" at 
Pharmacia & Upjohn, the firm that sells 
Kaopectate and Rogaine. You can reach 
Peter by e-mail at Peter. K.Harris 
@am. 'James Fleming lives in 
Brazil. James is married to Lucia. They have 
two daughters Luciana (aged 16) and 
Katherine (aged 13). For the past 17 years, 
he has worked for Stolt-Nielsen, a company 
that owns and operates petrochemical 
tankers and liquid bulk storage facilities. He 
emphasizes that the tankers are "not crude 
oil or gasohne tankers, but sophisticated 
[and] pretty high tech parcel tankers. James 
is the managing director for his company 
that is headquartered in Sao Paulo. You can 
reach him by e-mail •Peter 
Alfond writes "I am still living and thriving 
in the Caribbean. My son, Kyle, has chosen 
to live with me for the past two years. My 
daughter, Rebekah, is at Brown. She inher- 
ited my brains (ha!). My business has 
expanded to the Dominican Republic, 
which I enjoy. Hope everyone is doing well; 
I do not seem to make it to the States as 

much as I would like " »Sam Tamposi 

sends his regards. He wants us to know that 
he is "still selling real estate in southern New 
Hampshire." His three children are keeping 
him busy. One is "on the way." Another, 
Jessica (aged 20) is a sophomore at 
Georgetown. Kristen (aged 18) will go to 
college in the fall in Florida. Sammy (aged 
15) is keeping him in shape with his hikes 
up Mt. Washington and skiing in the Alps. "I 
had a nice telephone conversation with 
"Scrubbs" and he is enjoying the Far East." 
•Russ Ethridge is married to Debbie. They 
have three kids aged 11,8, and 5. "[I] have a 
nice law practice and was recently appointed 
as Judge for Grosse Pointe, MI. He writes 
that he is "part-time judge, full-time dad and 
lawyer. Lots of work. Sailing and skiing 
whenever I have the time." •Mario Rivera 
writes: "I am married to Frances for 18 years 
this May 16 and I have two young ones, 
Kristoffer (aged 13) and Krystle (aged 9). I 
am the corporate credit manager for 
Stainless Incorporated in Deerfield Beach, 
FL. Stainless manufactures kitchen as well as 
custom dining room and play system equip- 
ment for restaurant chains (like Burger 
King, Arby's, Wendy's, etc.) I have been in 
touch with John Capron who has a great law 
practice in San Francisco. As I reported pre- 
viously, I have had to call on him for legal 
support in California, and he does a great 
job! I hope to see Joe LaPaglia in the near 
future. Joe is the director of finance for 
Universal Studios Escape in Orlando, FL. He 
is married to Lisa and they live in Winter 
Haven, FL with their two children Joey and 
Cristina. »It was great hearing from more of 
you this time around. Many guys used E- 
MAIL to correspond with me. Let's stay in 
touch. I'd like to hear from the rest of you 
out there! You can E-MAIL me anytime at" 


The Archon is published 

three times yearly. 

Deadlines for news are: 

July 15, November 15, March 15. 

Send class notes to your class 

representative or, 

tel. 978/499-3185, or 

fax 978/462-1319. 


Geoffrey A. Durham 

504 Roosevelt Drive 

Libertyville, IL 60048 

(847) 549-8407 

Edward Young 

1 1 Old Road 

Byfield, MA 01922 

(978) 463-827 

Many thanks to Rich Love for his years of 
faithful service as our class secretary. Rich, 
its "Miller"time! As these notes go to press, 
and I hear the chime of the Moseley Chapel 
bell, watch the teams come in from the 
track, the diamond and the fields, it is almost 
as though you are all still here with me. But 
then your notes remind me of the fun you 
are having in other places. Speaking of fun, 
our 25th was great fun and many of you 
made it back. This June our 26th can be just 
as exciting, so please come! Now for the 
news you've been waiting to read. "Thanks 
to modern science and an experimental 
operation in 1996, Roberto Arguello is now 
in very good health and back to involving 
himself in all sorts of dynamic projects. In 
addition to heading up one of the largest 
financial groups operating in Central 
America, Roberto has made good on a 
childhood hobby and now sells platoons of 
tiny soldiers. These specialized chess pieces 
are fashioned after well known military fig- 
ures and "hot" on the market. His ten-year- 
old son, Roberto, Jr., has gotten into the act 
and plans to save his portion of the profits 
for a "BMW Z3". It was great to reconnect 
with Roberto. I'm sure he'd love to see any 
of us when we're in Miami next. Just ask for 
the best banker and chess player in town! 
• Tim Crane a.k.a. "Roo", is Director of 
Development at Crane and Co. in Dalton. 
Interestingly enough, Tim works in the field 
of anti-counterfeit technology for banknote 
and security paper. Wow! I know a few 
towns that could use your help with pre- 
venting teenagers from using the copier to 
make counterfeit money. Tim and his wife 
Patty have two daughters, Holly (9) and 
Lilly (5). Outside of work, Tim is having fun 
restoring an old home he and Patty recently 
purchased. Tim, take a break and come back 
to reunion this spring. We missed you last 

36 The Archon — Spring 1999 

year! »Craig Laub and wife Kerry are the 
proud parents of a new baby daughter, 
Lydia, born December 2, 1998. 
Congratulations Craig! «Speaking of babies, 
Devia and Jay Martus are expecting a little 
bundle of joy, their first child (a girl, 
according to Jay) in July of this year. That 
little angel will have busy parents as Jay is 
Vice President and General Counsel to 
Sheridan Healthcare, Inc, a NASDAC com- 
pany and Devia is Dr. Devia Martus. Jay also 
writes of Mac Murphy: "Of all of my 
teachers and professors, he was among the 
very best and memorable. He improved my 
writing dramatically and I still feel his influ- 
ence." Ditto Jay, for all of us who had the 
pleasure and privilege of having Mac 
Murphy as a teacher, coach or friend. •Bill 
O'Leary ("Buck" to some of us) is still one 
of the best board members good 'ole GDA 
has had in a while. He certainly is too 
modest to have written that, so take it from 
me: he's good and we should be proud! Bill 
and family, wife Libby, sons Will and John, 
and daughter Hope are all happy and well 
on the west coast. Bill will be east for a 
Board meeting at the beginning of May. If 
you get this in time, come on up if you 
'wanna' see him. 'Bruce Sheldon, writes that 
he and wife Jody, son Matt (12) and 
daughter, Joanna Lee (8) , are all happy and 
well in Darien, CT. Bruce is vice president 
of Leasing and Sales for Pyramid Real Estate 
and management in Stamford. Bruce, I'll put 
in another pitch for a visit. Darien is not far 
and we'd love to see you at Reunion, or 
better yet the Alumni Baseball game. •Born 
to Kerry and Craig Laub, was a daughter, 
Lydia, on December 2, 1998. •Jaike 
Williams is enjoying himself in beautiful 
Chapel Hill, NC. Jaike writes that he has 
expanded his sports taste to include basket- 
ball and NASCAR. Jaike has three daugh- 
ters, the oldest soon to be on the college 
search and the youngest enrolled in the same 
local school where Leigh Bloom's wife, 
Robyn, is a teacher. Who says it "ain't" a small 
world! Jaike, tell your daughter to tell Leigh's 
wife to tell Leigh to write or better yet, come 
for a visit. •Before I go, I guess I should report 
that my wife, Sheila, and I are "tickled pink" 
that our eldest of three, Eddie, has been 
selected to attend the New England Young 
Writers workshop at our alma mater 
Middlebury College. He is one of a small 
number of sophomores selected in the very 
competitive prose division. Kristina, now a 
freshman at GDA, is on high honor roll and 
our two-year-old Aaliyah is thriving! Anyone 
with a two-year-old or who has had one 

knows what I mean. Well, that's all the news 
fit to print for now. Seriously, I do enjoy 
hearing from you and I do hope to see as 
many of you as possible whenever you can 
make it back to campus. Be good until 
next time. 


PamJ. Toner 

223 Riverside Drive 

Fairfield, CT 06430 

(203) 254-2371 

Pam . toner@newsedge. com 

25th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

The 25th Reunion Committee is hard at 
work to make sure a lot of us show up on 
campus in June. I look forward to seeing 
everyone at the Class Dinner on Friday 
night, on campus with your families on 
Saturday and at the big ball on Saturday 
night. »The news from the field from 
Raymond Brooks: "Having humbly faced 
major surgery in December for what turned 
out to be a benign salivary gland tumor, I 
am about recovered and facing life with a 
new perspective! Looking forward to seeing 
everyone in June." »Greg Connolly writes, 
"Back in the US after 4 years in England, I 
am vice president at Targus Group 
International working mostly in Asia and 
Latin America. My daughter, Whitney is 15, 
and my son, Peter, is 13. Happy to be back 
in Peterborough, NH." Hope you can join 
us at reunion, Greg, now that you are state- 
side. »Jeremy Greenman writes, "My wife 
and I had a baby boy, Colin Thomas, born 
on 2/ 19/99. We have also moved out to the 
country." Congratulations, Jeremy. 'Steve 
Winer is also among the sleep deprived with 
a new baby girl, Jillian. Born on March 30, 
1998, Steve and his wife, Mary Ellen, will be 
celebrating Jillian's first birthday. Steve will 
be joining us at reunion in June (in between 
tennis matches during the tournament that 
he is also running the same weekend!) 
•Konrad Schoen has joined our reunion 
committee. He has already contacted 
Brandon Chase and is hoping to be seeing 
Peng and Pu Maneepairoj next month. 
Konrad started his own law firm seven years 
ago and is challenged by the ups and downs 
of owning the business. •Woody Wallace 
writes: "I find it hard to believe that we are 
coming up to our 25th, especially since I 
have a daughter who is a sophomore at 

Duke, a son who is a senior in high school 
and another daughter who is in first grade; 
time flies! With the merger of Price 
Waterhouse and Coopers and Lybrand into 
Price Waterhouse Coopers, I have been very 
busy and have new responsibilities. Prior to 
the merger, the firm originally had me 
scheduled to move to Columbus, OH, then 
Chicago, but that changed as most things in 
my job do. Up until that point in time, I had 
been traveling extensively to Asia, Europe 
and all over the US. I am now spending 
most of my time in the New York office and 
I now have responsibilities as part of our 
national office. I currently am a National 
Technical Accounting Consulting Partner 
with primary responsibility for the New 
York Metro region. I spend most of my time 
dealing with clients' accounting issues, 
establishing the firm's position on new, 
complex and difficult accounting matters, 
and I also spend a fair amount of time 
dealing with the Securities and Exchange 
Commission. I'll be at the 25th. See you 
in June!" 


David J. Bohman 

308 Trebor Lane 

Dayton, Ohio 45459-4232 

Carol Ann Goldberg- Ay din 

301 East 94th Street, 24B 

New York, NY 10128 

(212) 410-1781 

Dear Class of '76: Hope you are having a 
wonderful spring. It's been a long winter in 
New York City and I'm so glad that warmer 
weather has arrived. My little family is fine 
and dandy. »I heard from Lisa Palais, who 
moved from Newburyport to a location just 
outside of Boston. She is no longer 
"lawyering" but is continuing to help those 
who are in need. Lisa is planning on going 
back to school in the near future to obtain 
her master's degree in social work. »Debbie 
Gravelle Qua is up in the Kennebunk/ 
Portland area and recently decided to put 
aside her outside career to stay home to care 
for her wonderful children, Ian (age 11) and 
Blake (age 8). We chatted during my 
evening at the NYC phonathon and we 
talked for a long time about work, moth- 
ering, turning 40, our husbands who work 
far away from home, and the ever-present 
woes of fighting our hair. «I also spoke to 
Sara Davidson Garcia, who is still living in 

The Archon — Spring 1999 37 

class notes 

Houston. Her lovely daughter Katie (age 9) 
answered the telephone with such a sweet 
voice. Sara is still in the table cloth rental 
business and it's hard to believe that Sara 
started the business 16 years ago! She has a 
large staff and has been working 7 days a 
week, which has become exhausting. She is 
planning on selling part of the business (the 
rental of tables, chairs, table cloths, silver, etc) 
but will retain the chair covering end of 
business. Sara has lived in Texas for 18 years, 
but she bought property in Ogunquit to 
keep some of her ties to New England. 
Sara's sister moved to Florida and she was 
planning go see her and meet with Jill Leach 
Sarver, who lives in the Fort Lauderdale 
area. »For the first time in years (maybe since 
graduation) I spoke with Chris Duff. He is 
living up in Vermont and is married to 
Tracey and has two children, Ryland (age 8) 
and Forest (age 1 0) . All is well and everyone 
seems happy. He reported that his wonderful 
sister Julie Duff '80 and her family had a 
terrible house fire in Newburyport, but 
thankfully everyone is fine. »I saw Neal 
McElroy at the phonathon and he looks as 
wonderful as ever. He and Nina are doing 
well and their children, Elizabeth and 
William, are thriving in the city. After many 
years of renting a house up across from the 
horse farm in Hampton, the owner finally 
sold the home to Nina and Neal and they 
are thrilled. It's a joy to escape NYC in the 
summer to go home to the beach. •Chip 
Calcagni sent a great post card to me this 
past summer and he chatted on the phone 
with Neal at the phonathon a few weeks 
ago. Within the past two years, Chip has 
married, moved from Westchester to 
Brooklyn Heights and become the proud 
father of a baby girl! He sounds so very 
happy and a thousand congratulations to 
you and your wife. •Peter Hampton also 
wrote a post card to update me on his life. I 
misplaced the card somewhere in my apart- 
ment or my daughter stole it for her art pro- 
jects. Nevertheless, I do remember that Peter 
continues in the marketing research field. 
Hey Peter, please write again and I will 
follow up with detailed notes the next time. 
•Hope to hear from more of you very soon. 



Carolyn L. Borwick 
95 Haseltine Street 

Bradford, MA 01835 
(978) 372-9006 

chorwick@sprynet. com 

Hello to everyone. •Heather Blair did write 
to me (via e-mail) a long time ago, and I 
apologize, but my computer went whacky 
and it was erased. Heather... please write 
again. •Sarah Barry says hello to everyone 
from sunny ol' Florida. She "decided to 
make a big career change last month... 
started with Advantech Solutions in Tampa 
as their Benefits Manager. Working hard, but 
having a great time! Where is everyone? 
Please e-mail me at and 
let me know how you all are. Looking for- 
ward to our 25th. Let's have a great 
showing!" •Mike Tulloch "just started a new 
job at State Street Bank in February as a vice 
president of Product Management for the 
Global Trade Banking division. This was an 
unsolicited change as I was quite happy at 
BankBoston but a friend called and 2 1/2 
weeks later I was gone. My new e-mail 
address is 
Our daughter Katharine was born last July 
and is crawling around and keeping David 
(9) and Bennett (7) on their toes. Susan and 
I are enjoying being parents of a little baby 
again." •Bill Cronin wrote: "Still living in 
Santa Cruz, the central coast of California. . . 
building houses with ocean views (on a 
lucky streak) and surfing in brutally cold 
water. My daughter, Kia (born in Hawaii), 
just turned 13 (ouch!) and Liam, my 10- 
year-old son, has his sights set on a spot in 
the Red Sox or SF Giants roster. Hey, 
SOON... "Well, Bill, I happen to know a few 
classmates who have already hit 40, but they 
shall remain nameless. •Elaine Salloway 
writes: "I made considerable changes over 
the last couple of years... I started my own 
counseling practice on strategic market 
intelligence providing knowledge and 
action planning for market research and 
analysis. I got engaged to be married, and 
bought a house with my fiance in Newton, 
MA. I hope everyone is well. I would love to 
hear from my classmates." »I have spoken 
with Vicki (Papaioanou) Murphy, Kate 
(Wise) Tewksbury, and Trade (Ackerman) 
Fornaro lately, and all are doing well. »Now 
that I am a single parent of two, I am back 

in the work-force (part-time) at Bradford 
College in the Alumni Affairs office. It is a 
great job. I walk to work, have a free health 
club membership, and can see Sarah's school 
out of my window! Remember everyone, 
not too long from now, and we will all 
be back for the 25th. Start making your 
plans NOW! 


Scott M. Pope 

25 Tidewater Farm Road 

Greenland, NH 03840 

(603) 436-2903 

Hello all!! Well, if you haven't heard it by 
now, sit down, turn the light on so your eyes 
have a chance to focus properly, and read 
this quote. "The 20th reunion brought 
about major changes. TAD HIGGINS 
REUNION. Brad Clark performed the 
ceremony, Jule-Ann flew out from 
California with her two boys, Drukker 
danced, Kaknes celebrated the end of Tad's 
bachelor-hood and Goodhart oversaw the 
whole romance. Due to our great memories 
on the Parker River we got married down- 
stream on the salt marsh island in Rowley at 
high tide. Tad left his beloved state of New 
Hampshire to be with me in the New York 
State Hudson Valley. We are wicked happy 
and carry on our fond memories of starting 
our romance at Governor Durnmer, where 
we shared more than our fight against the 
Seabrook Nuclear Power plant. Your fellow 
classmates,J(am/e Purinton and Tad Higgins." 
both for your letter and personal kind 
words. It is very exciting news for you both 
and I hope you will keep sending me fun 
news as you grow in your fives together. As 
a side note, I enjoyed your spelling of 
Goodie,.. it's appropriate you spelled it 
"Goodheart." Jamie and Tad's address is PO 
BOX 766, Copake, NY 12516 if any of you 
wish to drop a note to them. I received sev- 
eral e-mails and cards from classmates and 
thank you all for writing. As represented in 
my letter, all correspondence will be pre- 
sented in its entirety. •Andy Stephenson 
wrote: "Saw Tom Driscoll last December. 
Had dinner, good time, lots of laughs at a 
local Mexican place in my home town of 

38 The Archon — Spring 1999 

Swampscot. Very busy up here. At work, I 
am working with others to align our math 
curriculum with the learning results our 
district created... slow but important work. I 
am also helping to negotiate our next 
teacher's contract with the town of 
Southwest Harbor. My son Lyle goes to the 
same school in the same building and I 
really enjoyed being so close. He is doing 
well and loves school. Great start, he's only 
5. At home, Becky and I are planning an 
addition on our home that will be started a 
year from this summer. The small farmer still 
fits as I tapped maple trees today and 
ordered more laying birds for this summer." 
Thanks Andy... I have enjoyed e-mailing 
back and forth. If anybody wants to e-mail 
Steph, his "new" e-mail address is andy 'Geoff Gwynne 
wrote the following remembrances of his 
dad to me in a personal note, included with 
his permission. I would like to share his 
letter with you. (He was sorry to have 
missed the reunion). "Greetings from 
Colorado! My wife and I have lived in 
Denver for ten years. We just gave birth to 
our third son, Trevor. I am an Episcopal 
priest. Five years ago I left the staff of a large 
church and began a new church, 
(Episcopalians call the "missions"), which I 
continue to serve. In addition to Trevor's 
arrival the big news for me this past year, 
though not happy, was the death of my 
father, Sam Gwynne '4 7, who among other 
things, played a good game of baseball for 
GDA, then Princeton. During his tenure at 
GDA the Boston Globe wrote of his pitching 
that he could "throw a strawberry through a 
brick wall." He had a remarkable memory; 
so if he had ever met you Scott, which I 
hope he did, he would have no problem rec- 
ollecting the details of your conversation. An 
unforgettable man. My grief was wonderful, 
as was that of my whole family's, for he 
loved us well. We have so many treasures to 
draw upon for the rest of our days. I am left 
with simple words now: I miss him. I have 
no regrets. He is enjoying the fruit of his 
considerable life of faith and commitment 
to God and others in Paradise. I relish that 
thought. I am sorry not to have made our 
20th. My wife and I travel east (to 
Falmouth, Cape Cod) from our Colorado 
home at least once a year, always during the 
summer, but the timing for our trip did not 
coincide with Reunions. I hope to see some 
of you between now and our 25th. Please 
feel free to call anytime you are on the 
Cape. (We might have a spare bunk if you're 
headed to the Islands.) We were overjoyed to 

have our third son, Trevor, in December. 
God bless you all. Yours, Geoff Gwynne." If 
any of you would like to contact Geoff, his 
e-mail address is: 
•Alan Leahey e-mailed me. "Scott, I'm 
living in Allentown, PA (since 1992) with 
my wife Kathy (we've been married for 14 
years) and my three daughters, Kelly (11), 
Colleen (9) and Jennifer (8). We just moved 
into our present home in January, and are 
just getting settled after some remodeling. 
I'm still practicing ophthalmology and spe- 
cialize in cornea and refractive surgery in a 
large area of Pennsylvania known as the 
Lehigh Valley. I had the chance to play in the 
GDA Allies golf tournament last spring in a 
monsoon at Essex Country Club with John 
Webster and Dave Ham. The highlight of 
the round was John's eagle on the last hole. 
I also saw Jim Giampa this summer, in New 
Hampshire." Alan, thank you for the mail. 
Alan can be reached at: acornea 
@ix. »M. Philip Graham sent 
me an e-mail: "Hey, Popey! Just getting back 
to you per your communication of March 2 
with my news. I have moved to the Maine 
coast. I am supporting myself by working 
three days a week as an office manager in a 
medical practice. This is so I can spend the 
remaining two-plus days in music and youth 
work for the church. I look forward to 
seeing some of you in the near future. Take 
care. And thanks for staying in touch. I also 
enjoyed the reunion last year very much. 
Regards." Thanks for staying in touch. The 
reunion was a blast. If you want to touch 
base with M, his e-mail address is: philipg »I received an e-mail 
from Tom Mathews. He knew I was going 
to be hard up for news so in usual sup- 
portive fashion, here is Tom's e-mail: "Hi 
Scott, I figured we would be hurting for 
news so I thought I would drop you a quick 
note. I added two new girls to the Mathews 
family on Aug 20. Twins Emma and Morgan 
are doing great and about to hit the 7- 
month mark. Mom and Dad certainly have 
their hands full (both of them) trying to 
juggle work travel schedules and twin 
feeding schedules! Hope all is well with you 
and yours! "Typically you are right about my 
lack of news Tom, but since I haven't written 
in a while, I got lucky this time! Thanks. 
•Bray Walsh sent me an e-mail: "Scott, How 
are you? Got your letter today. Was good to 
hear from you. I also had a fabulous time at 
the reunion. Saw many friends I had not 
seen since graduation! Figured if I did not 
send this right away I would not at all. Was 
suppose to get together with Drukker and 

Reunion Unites 

The 1998 Reunion brought about 
major changes in the lives of two class- 
mates. Due to their "great memories on 
the Parker River," Jamie Purinton '78 and 
Tad Higgins '78 were married four 
months after their 20th reunion last June. 
The newlyweds say, "We are wicked happy 
and carry on our fond memories of 
starting our romance at Governor 
Dummer, where we shared more than our 
fight against the Seabrook Nuclear Power 

McDowell last fall but have not. Time just 
flew by. Hey, I am off to Turks and Caicos 
for a week of scuba diving on Grand Turk. 
The hump back whales are suppose to be 
migrating through the area so I am excited 
about maybe diving with them! Thanks 
Scott.Talk to you later."Thanks for the letter 
Bray! I would enjoy hearing about your 
dive! Drop me a line! »Greg Rose and I have 
e-mailed each other a fair amount since the 
reunion, and it sounds like his new life as a 
doc is taking off. He sent some photos of 
our reunion via e-mail and they were great. 
I will share his last e-mail of news. "Scott! 
Still in Beaumont! Working like crazy. We 
are way too busy. Finally finished construc- 
tion of workbench. Now putting in lights. 
Just bought a car from one of the other 
docs! 1995 Mercedes 320 SL convertible. 
Great fun.V6 instead of theV8 in the SL 500 
but plenty of power. Going to a MRI 
meeting in Hawaii. Hope things are going 
well for you." Thanks for the consistent 
communication Greg. I enjoy hearing from 
you. Now, For any available women out 
there, Greg is single... has a fast car... is a Doc 
...lives in Texas. ..and is having a blast 
enjoying the single life! If you want to drop 
him a fine, his e-mail is: 
•The last bit of news was from Anna-Maria 
MarkoslV. (typed-no less on the "don't be 
shy card" "Hi there Scott! It was great seeing 
you and the gang at our 20th reunion. Since 
then, I remarried to Jim Bussing, whom 
many of you met at the reunion. Besides my 
daughter, Ariana, who is now 8, I have a 
step-son, Jamie, who is 9 and a step- 
daughter Kaitlyn, who just turned 7. 
Although life is a lot more hectic these days, 
I couldn't be happier! Hope all is well." 
Anna, thank you for writing and sharing 
your great news about your new begin- 
nings. As I recall, you had beautiful hand- 
writing at GDA. Thanks for typing and for 

The Archon — Spring 1999 39 

class notes 

the "extra effort." •Well guys ... that's all the 
news I have. I enjoyed sharing your letters 
and communicating with you all. As time 
goes by and more of you are on line, I hope 
you will drop me an e-mail. For those 
resisting... drop me a line the olla' fashion 
way, or call. Have a great summer and stay in 
touch. Adios. 


Avery K. Woodworth 

19 Downfall Road 

By field, MA 01922 

(978) 463-2563 

funnyfarm@greennet. net 

20th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

O. K. folks, here we go again. I realize that I 
have been a bit remiss in my secretarial 
duties of late. Oh well, what can I say. Life 
goes on at its usual hectic pace. I now have 
absolutely no idea how many animals we 
have here at the Funnyfarm. It would be 
great to have people visit over reunion 
weekend. Bring the kids. GDA has a pretty 
full schedule set up, but I seriously doubt if 
we all want to go to all the events that they 
have planned. I have talked to several alumni 
from the class of '78 and they said that the 
dinner dance Saturday night was a good 
time. Troy Dagres, Debbie Baker Black, and 
I have talked a little about reunion weekend. 
We thought it would be fun to have a party 
Friday night at one of our houses. We also 
thought that Saturday or Sunday morning 
might be a good time to get together here at 
the Funnyfarm for some casual hanging out, 
maybe some croquet, pony rides, hay rides, 
Frisbee etc. Any ideas please let me know 
( or call 978- 
463-2563 ). Lets try to get lots of people 
back for this weekend, I think it will be a lot 
of fun!! It does not really matter what we 
do; the important thing is that we have lots 
of classmates to catch up with. »Born to 
Alexandra and Stuart Cawley was a boy, 
Angus on October 28, 1998 in Chester- 
town, MD. This news was reported by the 
proud grandparents, Hugh and Elizabeth 
Cawley ofWest Newbury, MA. »So far Andy 
Linn gets the award for longest distance to 
travel for reunion. •Troy Dagres and his clan 

will be making an appearance. He says that 
he will drag a few people with him, I will do 
the same. •Debbie Black and her boys will be 
around. •Ian Fitch says he is psyched to 
catch up after 20 years. »I am hoping that 
Lisa Law and Laura Roome will car pool 
from Winston-Salem, NC. I am sure that 
most of the "local" people will show up for 
one event or another. •Kathleen Leary 
Livermore has talked to most of you this 
spring about money, and it sounds like lots 
of people are excited to see each other in 
June. The more the merrier! ! »Anyway let's 
have a big turn out for this reunion. If you 
have any old pictures be sure to bring them 
along. If you have any old clothes just wear 
them, you will be totally in style. Any ideas 
please let me know. Look forward to seeing 
lots of old friends this June. 



Class Secretary Needed 

Leslie Robins writes: "My fiance, Ron, and I 
were in Kona to scuba dive in October. We 
happened to pick Jack's Diving Locker and 
wound up diving with Keller Laws '81. We 
had a fabulous week of diving!" »Rand 
Pendleton says, "New year and I have a new 
job. I now work for the sporTVision — the 
people that brought the yellow first down 
line to ESPN football this past fall. Look for 
more cool effects next year! Hope all is 
good with the rest of the "80s gang". •Emily 
Woolf Economou and her husband John are 
proud to announce the birth of their son 
Robert Soterios Economou, born February 
13. Drop them an e-mail at economou »Russell Savrann writes: "I am 
general counsel of American Hospitality 
Concepts, Inc. for one year. Still live in 
Scituate. How about a South Shore party for 
alums in the area? Played in the trustees' 
tournament this past fall — I think I was the 
only alum under 40!?" 

The Archon is published 

three times yearly. 

Deadlines for news are: 

July 15, November 15, March 15. 

Send class notes to your class representative 


tel. 978/499-3185, or fax 978/462-1319. 

Jennifer G. Steward 

115 Main Street 

Boxford, MA 01921 

(978) 352-7694 

As always, it was wonderful to hear from so 
many classmates. I have lots of news to 
report! »Richard Aranosian sent an e-mail 
from Ft. Lauderdale, FL where he has been 
living for a little over two years. He •writes, 
"I am still living the wild single life and 
working as a network administrator for 
Access One Communications, a local 
growing telephone company. I am an MS 
MCP and am currently working on my 
MCSE. Hi to all my northern friends. Hope 
you are keeping warm. I'm working on a 
nice tan. I look forward to seeing everyone 
at our 20th reunion! If anyone gets down to 
South Florida, please feel free to look me 
up. •Mark Whitney and his wife Mary Anne 
are also in Florida now. Mark relocated to 
Boca Raton to continue his work in 
mergers and acquisitions for Tyco 
International. He sent word that the family 
is enjoying Florida, and that they will wel- 
come a new baby this summer. Son Richard 
is five and daughter Margaret is three. 
Congratulations to all! «I have a lot more 
baby news to report; many of our classmates 
are beginning or expanding their families! 
Mark Hejford wrote that their family grew 
to four with the birth in November of 1997 
of son Andrew. Andrew joined siblings Kylie 
(9), Mark (7), and Mitchell (4). Mark and his 
wife Diane are living in Newton Square 
outside of Philadelphia, where Mark works 
for a medical distributor of specialty prod- 
ucts for critical care units. •Sherm Horton 
wrote to share news of the birth of Walker 
Kibbe Horton. Sherm and his wife Lynn 
welcomed Walker on May 14th, 1998. 
•Benay Todzo and her husband are enjoying 
California with their two sons. Miles Todzo 
was born on July 13th, 1998, joining his 
two-year-old brother, Quinn. Benay says she 
is relieved they enjoy California so much, as 
travel with the little ones is increasingly 
complicated! »Keller Laws checked in from 
Hawaii with the following news. "Been 
living in Kailua-Kona working in the family 
business, Jack's Diving Locker, since 1991. 
Teaching scuba diving, shooting underwater 
photos and videos. I've been involved in a 
few TV shows including "Hawaiian Diving 

40 The Archon — Spring 1999 

Adventures" which shows throughout 
Hawaii. I am writing a book about manta 
rays, about which very little is known. My 
wife Wendy and I have a son Russell Keller 
the 4th and are expecting our second child 
this summer. Life is great. Visit our web site" »East Coast baby 
news included the birth of a daughter, Use 
Kirsten to Jennifer Malamud Schaffner and 
her husband Bob. Son Max is two years old. 
Jennifer is on leave from Fleet Bank, but will 
ultimately return to her Salem office part 
time. She sends a special hello to Vinca! 
•Mike Reilly and his wife Diane are thrilled 
to be expecting their first child in May. 
Mike continues to work as vice president 
and general manager at All States Asphalt, 
Inc., while wife Diane is director of the 
therapy department at a therapeutic 
boarding school. Mike had a great time 
seeing Eric Adell, Peter Brandli and Jeff 
Bailey, (and all spouses) at Mike's brother 
Chris's wedding in January. "Diane and I 
love western Massachusetts, but we need 
more visitors!" Sounds like an open invita- 
tion! »That concludes the baby news, but I 
have more to report. Gloria Morison 
checked in on behalf of husband Mike 
Morison and brother-in-law, Andy Morison. 
"Mike's big news is that he was promoted 
last summer to partner at Anderson 
Consulting. Other than that, we're busy 
fixing up 'this old house' and playing games 
like 'Sorry' and Go Fish with Sydney (5 1/2) 
and Olivia (3). Andy married Elizabeth Frost 
last June in Boston. It was quite a gala!" 
•From Bangkok, Pong Suksangium sent the 
following e-mail: "There's nothing exciting 
to report. As you know the economy is still 
bad. I am working for UBS AG. I did not 
change my job, but the bank changed its 
name after the merger of Swiss Bank Corp 
and Union Bank of Switzerland. It's been a 
difficult time here, and most of my col- 
leagues were laid off after the SBC and UBS 
merger. My boys are now 5 and 3 years old, 
and they still drive me crazy. I am also 
building a new house, so I'll be quite busy 
with the house and the kids among other 
things. My e-mail address is now suk- 
sangium." »Two more 
classmates checked in with news from the 
west coast. Vinca Weatherly is enjoying life 
in California with her husband and two 
children Julianna Jaye and Christopher 
Kirby. She is keeping very busy not only 
with her children, but also with school as 
she pursues a graduate degree in clinical 
psychology. »Antea uonHenneberg just 
returned in March from a three-week trip 

to South East Asia. "I had a great time 
exploring the island of Bali with my future 
husband Andrew. We managed to do and see 
quite a bit. The island is well setup for 
tourism, but lacks tourists. So do them a 
favor and go visit. 'Stephen Oldjield writes: 
"Recently moved to our new home in rural 
North Norfolk and loving every minute of 
it. Working for Price Waterhouse Coopers. 
Lots of travelling around the UK but unfor- 
tunately nothing as far as the states yet. Have 
two children: Joshua, age 5 and Eleanor, age 
2 years. Wife, Kerry, is setting up a livery 
business for horses at our new home which 
has 12 V2 acres and ten stables. Would love 
to hear from any old classmates and all most 
welcome for visit if in the UK." »Kathryn 
O'Leary was out for a visit last September 
for the San Francisco Blues Festival. We had 
a great time and packed in a lot of tunes and 
fun. She also had a chance to visit her 
brother Buck O'Leary '73 who resides just 
outside of S.F. with his family. No drive by 
shootings or sightings of any other GDAers 
to report. Hope everyone has their hair and 
good humor left!" With that, I'll sign off! 
Thanks to everyone who took the time to 
be in touch. Enjoy a wonderful summer! 

Nancy L. Wickwire 

33 Caron Road 

Bedford, NH 03 110 

(603) 472-8993 

anwick@worldnet. att. net 

Hi everyone. I will start with Chuck Yerkes, 
whose card arrived on November 23, about 
four days after my deadline and too late for 
the winter issue. He says: "FINALLY! 
Ending my three years in NYC: after nine 
years! Going where the climate suits me 
better: Berkeley, CA. Got a job, got a lot of 
stuff; by the time this gets out, maybe I'll 
have a place to live. I'll try to remember 
snow and honking cars. As always, works for e-mail." 'Also 
got a card from Bob Low: "Was in Byfield to 
see the Holderness-GDA hockey game this 
winter. Campus looks nice. Anxiously 
awaiting the start of another lacrosse season 
Heb and Andy's voices emerge each spring!" 
•And one from Elizabeth Wells Buntens: 
"My e-mail is 
William and I are expecting a baby at the 
end of July, our second. I am currently a 
stay-at-home mom with Aurora, 15 months 
and loving it." »Got a note from Tim 
Stetson's dad that reads: "St. Michaels, MD is 
"home" but Tim is rarely there. He instructs 

at many places in North America, but since 
this involves expeditions he is rarely in those 
"places" where his mail goes. Tim works for 
National Outdoor Leadership School. 
Through May, 1999: Nols Kenya, PO BOX 
67, Naro Moru, Kenya, East Africa." »Got an 
e-mail from Karen (McKinney) Jantzen: 
"We had our 4th on June 3, 1998. Little girl 
named Phoebe H. Cute as a button, but a 
tough start. Rushed to Dartmouth's 
Neonatal ICU at birth, and back again three 
weeks later for an appendectomy and lower 
intestinal surgery. Everything is going great 
now. She is sporting the smallest pair of 
glasses I have ever seen and is a large bundle 
of energy. Fortunately we have the other 
three kids to wear her out. I am looking for 
e-mail addresses! Mine is mjantzen 
@conknet. com. Thanks and hi to all!!"«Bi7/ 
Dee did NOT send in a card but, stealth sec- 
retary that I am, I have information about 
him nonetheless. I was at work one day 
last summer, at the Superior Court in 
Manchester, NH. Went into a courtroom to 
watch a bit of the trial in a fairly high-pro- 
file case. (Well, high profile for NH, if that 
means anything). I look across the aisle and 
see this guy. Looks like a lawyer, since he's 
wearing a dark suit. Tall, dark hair. Looks 
familiar. Looks like Bill Dee. But I am not 
sure, since Bill Dee sent in a postcard just 
about a year before this about his new job in 
a NEW YORK CITY law firm. This was a 
high profile case, but not so big as to bring 
in out-of-state help. So, at the next recess I 
wait outside and sure enough, It's Bill Dee!! 
He had left the firm in NYC and started 
with a NH firm two days earlier! He told 
me that his wife was finishing up the school 
year in New York (she's a teacher) and then 
would be joining him. They were expecting 
a baby in late September or early October. I 
haven't run into him since, so I don't know 
if they had a boy or a girl. The firm is 
Sheehan, Phinney Bass & Green and they 
have e-mail: visit the web page at www. He can probably be tracked 
down that way. •Heather Ryan: as usual, no 
card. But I did have the pleasure of attending 
the birthday party of her daughter Ashley, 
who turned 2 in February. Ashley is 
expecting a baby brother or baby sister 
sometime in May. Heather got laid off by 
Lotus last fall, but landed on her feet with a 
job at IBM. It's a telecommuting position 
which I think is fairly similar to that thing 
on Star Trek where they "beam people up." 
Anyway, she has to travel to New York every 
couple of weeks, but other than that she 
works at home. »Alison (Miller) Montague: 

The Archon — Spring 1999 41 

class notes 

was also at the party with husband Dave and 
sons Gabriel (3 1/2 ) and Alex (18 months). 
The Montague family is currently homeless, 
as their house is being remodeled. Not to 
worry, it's been a fairly warm winter. Just 
kidding. They are borrowing Dave's parents' 
home for a few months. »Nancy Wickwire 
reports: "I had to change my primary care 
physician (remember when we used to call 
them "doctors"?) recently and was dismayed 
to discover that the new pep was 
YOUNGER than I. How can someone 
younger than me practice medicine? And 
the dog I got at the pound two days after 
taking the bar examination is going to be 
nine years old in May, 1999. That means it's 
been nine years since I graduated from law 
school. Which means we are going to be 
having our 20th reunion in just a couple of 
years. 2002.Yikes. Hope to see you all then." 


Caroline S. Krause 

242 Locust Street 

Danvers, MA 01923 

(978) 777-2801 

Adam Hirshfield writes: "I am pleased to 
announce my engagement to Marlene 
Markard of New York City. Marlene is a 
corporate lawyer at Camhy, Karlinsky and 
Stein, and an accomplished classical pianist. I 
am in litigation at Kasowitz, Benson, Torres 
and Friedman, and a hack guitarist. We plan 
to marry in the spring of 2000 and to reside 
in New York." •Peter Ross writes: "I'm still 
working at TASC in Reading, MA. Talked 
to Peter Riley last fall. We live less than 5 
miles away from each other, but we still 
haven't found the time to get 
together. ..maybe this spring/summer. 
Between work, the kids (Charles, 4 and RJ., 
8 months), the yard and more work there 
isn't much time left over for anything else! 
We hope to make it to a reunion one of 
these years. Hope everyone is doing great. 
Caleb Ham, give me a call!" »Lisa Leveille 
and Thomas Malay plan to wed May 15, 
1999. «Born to Nerissa and Alexander 
Cawley was a girl, Sawyer, on June 19, 1998 in 
Waterbury Vermont. This news was reported 
by the proud grandparents, Hugh and 
Elizabeth Cawley of West Newbury, MA. 

Save Fenway Park! 

Amidst a busy schedule at Salem State 
College and an active extracurricular life — 
including most recently, an adventure to 
Florida for the Red Sox Spring Training in 
Fort Myers — Carolyn Krause '83 has found 
time to join the Board of Directors of a 
non-profit organization called Save Fenway 
Park! Formed two years ago, the group's 
mission is to convince the Red Sox to ren- 
ovate and enhance Fenway Park, Krause 
explains, "instead of building some cheesey 
new McMallpark." She adds, "Since GDA is 
a place that values the history of important 
buildings and of historic preservation, I feel 
that this project might appeal to a large por- 
tion of our alumni/ae." Visit the organiza- 
tion's website at www.SaveFenway for more information. 


Cathy Scerbo 

360 High Street 

Hampton, NH 03842-2304 

(603) 926-4079 

15th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

Hello Class of '84! It has been a wonderful 
winter here in New England. Actually, how 
wonderful depends on how much you like 
snow. We haven't seen much, so for a busy 
mom of three with a daily commute to 
work, it has been a great winter for a 
change. Only one or two major storms. My 
kids were a little disappointed as they only 
got their new Christmas sleds out in the 
snow once this season. I heard from a lot of 
you and am glad to hear how well you are 
all doing. 'Michael Graf and his wife Aileen 
have recently had their first child, Charlotte. 
Congratulations Mike! They have moved to 
Newburyport and Mike continues to work 
with furniture design out of Portsmouth. He 
writes that he still sees Nolden Johnson '85 
and his wife Beth, who are in the process of 
buying a home in Marblehead. Mike sends a 
"Hello to all!" 'Jim Lancaster, MD, writes 
from Dartmouth that he is finally in his last 

year of residency in anesthesiology at 
Dartmouth and was made chief resident. 
Congratulations Jim! He is currently doing 
research using "Human Factors" techniques 
to study pediatric sedation throughout the 
hospital. You know, Jim, we have a Human 
Factors department at Liberty Mutual, but it 
must be very different from your study as it 
does not involve sedation at all (although 
maybe it would be more effective if it did!!) 
Jim writes that he skis every day he has off 
and he's still single! »Melissa Finnon writes 
that she is now living in Atlanta with hus- 
band Martin Fiorillo and new baby Miranda 
Jane, born May 7, 1998. Congratulations 
Melissa! She and Martin married in 1995 
and moved to San Francisco. They lived in 
Pacific Heights for two years and Mehssa 
was in sales at NeXT Software. They were 
then relocated to northern Atlanta where 
they were able to buy a home and are really 
enjoying suburban life. Luckily, NeXT 
Software company was purchased by Apple 
and Mehssa was able to keep her job and is 
now working as a district sales manager for 
Apple selling web development solutions in 
GA and AL. Apparently she is also living in 
the same town as Greg Thompson, who is in 
the tech industry as well. Greg, from the 
sound of Melissa's note, I believe you should 
be expecting a sales call from her soon! 
Finally, Mehssa writes, "we are definitely 
planning on coming up to reunion and I am 
really excited to see everyone and meet their 
families." •Jim Donaldson writes, "How is 
everyone?" Jim is living near the shore in 
Wareham with his wife, Susan and two 
stepchildren. "We are expecting our first (a 
girl!) child in August!" Congratulations! Jim 
is working as a quality assurance officer for 
Jacobs Engineering Group in the clean-up 
of Otis-MMR.Jim and (growing) family are 
planning a move next year to the 
Marion/Rochester area. So nice to hear 
from you Jim! »Kristen MacKenzie Pollard 
writes that she and husband Sam had their 
second baby, Clara, in September '98. Clara 
is "like Graham, very smiley and curious; 
however too curious at two am when she's 
up and ready to go for the day." Kristen has 
put occupational therapy on hold until the 
kids are older but she is planning a switch to 
hand therapy from geriatrics in the future. 
She writes, "I am looking forward to 
reunion! Maybe by June the dark circles 
under my eyes will be gone!" If they are, you 

42 The Archon — Spring 1999 

will have to let me know your trick. I have 
had them for almost five years now! 
•Elizabeth Kimball Williams wrote in 
February that she and her three sons were 
moving back to Newburyport in March. 
Alan has found a new job in the States and 
will be joining them in June! We are so 
happy to have you and your family back in 
the area, Liz! •John Cummings writes that he 
and his wife Stacy have a two-year-old son 
named Jack who "keeps the world in per- 
spective." Although, John does not consider 
Jack his "number one son, that title is 
reserved for our very spoiled dog, Rebel." 
John writes that he has "finally landed my 
dream job." Last summer John became an 
Assistant United States Attorney for the 
District of Columbia working in the general 
felony section. He writes that it is exciting 
and time consuming and credits his wife 
with having the patience of Job in dealing 
with his unpredictable hours! John still 
proudly wears his Governors sweatshirt (an 
updated version from Christmas) and thinks 
about GDA often. "In retrospect, it was a 
wonderful, beautiful and peaceful place to 
go to school. On a hectic day in court, I 
dearly miss it." Finally, John writes, "Please 
give my best to everyone else at GDA, par- 
ticularly the class of '84." I certainly hope 
you will be able to take the time to bring 
your family up here for reunion, John! «I did 
see Betsy Tuthill Farrell in November to 
start the plans for reunion. She and Tom 
were expecting their second child in June. 
We had started planning for reunion, but my 
schedule got so hectic that I haven't seen her 
since. I certainly hope you and your 
growing family are doing well, Betsy, and 
that your newest arrival will come in a 
timely fashion to allow you to enjoy 
reunion with us all! »I also heard from 
Kathie Lambert Watt who is also expecting 
another baby this year, in September. This 
will be her third — the easiest, I promise! 
Someone once told me the trick to three is 
going from a man-to-man defense to a 
zone, and they were absolutely correct. I 
hope we will see you and Gill and the kids 
at reunion this year! »My family is doing 
wonderfully. Dan just recently passed yet 
another Microsoft exam. I think he will 
finish his certification by the summer, which 
amazes me as he is such a dad of the 
nineties-completely involved with the kids, 
housework, etc. I don't know where he finds 
the time. I definitely couldn't work and have 
three kids if he weren't so great. My son 
Sean is getting to be such a multi-dimen- 
sional person. He wants to be a pediatrician 

and a vet when he grows up and he is sure 
he will have at least six kids, which maybe 
explains why he needs two well paid jobs! 
He will be five in June and has been reading 
for the last few months. Dan and I are sure 
he is a genius, but we try not to let it on to 
him, as we might have to cough up the cash 
for a private school education if he finds 
out! My son Drew just got bit by the March 
Madness bug. He is two and a half and is 
doing his version of dribbling a basketball 
around the house whenever he can. He 
comes to Dan and me and says "play 
basskbol mommy, daddy. Shot, score, yes!" 
Being huge basketball fans, we are nurturing 
that love as best we can. For those of you 
trying to convince your spouse to have a 
third child, you should borrow my son 
Ryan. He will be 8 months this week (April 
1st) and he is just content to hang out and 
watch everyone. He has started pulling him- 
self up, more to get a better view of Sean 
and Drew, I think, than any interest in 
standing. And, being the professional parents 
that we are, he is already a great sleeper. We 
started teaching him the Ferber ways early. 
As for me, my life with three kids, two dogs, 
one husband and a job is crazy most of the 
time, and I wouldn't change it a bit. I look 
forward to your cards and letters as a valida- 
tion that I am not the only one out there 
doing too much and loving it. Somehow I 
manage to keep track of all your cards, 
although occasionally I have to try to trans- 
late through the crayon scrawls, but it adds 
to the fun of maintaining the class notes. I 
hope you are all well and can come and 
enjoy our reunion celebration this year. It 
should be a busy one with the departure of 
the Bragdons and the arrival of the new 
headmaster, John Doggett and his family, 
including FIVE sons. At this point in fife, I 
can't even imagine running a school full of 
teenagers, let alone raising five sons at the 
same time. Take care and see you in June! 


Nathalie E.Ames 

2337 N. Commonwealth 

Avenue-Apartment IE 

Chicago, IL 606144 

(773) 883-1325 

NatAmes@aol. com 

Anne Williard and Ben Armstrong were 
married on on February 19, 1999. »Quinn 
Pollock writes, "Life is good. I got engaged 
in June to a beautiful spy down here in 
Washington and I'm working as a veterinary 
pharmaceutical sales representative. We are 

launching a new product as I write this and 
I'm even busier than usual. I want to thank 
everybody for their participation in last 
year's Annual Fund. What a success. Thank 
you! I miss New England and I get back up 
whenever I can. If anyone is ever near 
Washington, please call or e-mail me at »Raquel Ardito Barletta 
is still living in Panama, working in graphic 
design, and now venturing in creating web 
pages/sites. Very exciting and definitely the 
future in this business. As for now she has 
only "one daughter named Natasha, 15 
months, and I'm totally in love with her. I 
hope everybody is doing well and enjoying 
fife." 'Anthony Fusco writes: "I have settled 
in to my associate position with Glovsky & 
Glovsky in Beverly, one of the leading law 
firms on the North Shore. My practice areas 
include estate planning, probate administra- 
tion, real estate and business law. On the per- 
sonal side, my children (Nicholas, age 4 in 
April; Gabrielle, 2 1/2) are doing very well. 
My wife Kathleen and I are really enjoying 
being parents. We are still in Arlington, 
although planning to return to the North 
Shore. We welcome visitors. «At the GDA 
Alumni Basketball Game, it was like "old 
times" sharing the back court with Derric 
Small. Jon Kazanjian gets my vote for MVP, 
however. It was also a pleasure to play with 
Tony Thomas, one of the GDA basketball 
"legends." Speaking of GDA hoop greats, 
Steve Bucknall is playing in an Italian 
Professional League, and was recently traded 
to a First Division team. I look forward to 
seeing you at our 15th Reunion (gulp) in 
the year 2000. »Dennis Gately writes, 
"Things have been rather hectic for me. Last 
July, Noelle and I moved back to San Diego 
to take a position as a Leukemia Society of 
America Fellow at UCSD. But the real crazi- 
ness started in December. In the span of one 
month we: bought a house, had a baby boy, 
and changed jobs. Our baby boy is named 
Christopher Joseph and he and his mom are 
doing well. I am now working at a biophar- 
maceutical company called IDEC. It is a nice 
change after being in academics. Speaking of 
academics, I got a visit from Chris Chance in 
January. She is working as a postdoctoral 
fellow psychologist in a residential facility in 
Cambridge, working with adolescents and 
families. Visit if in Cambridge: 617-864- 
4274. »Bevin Cherot, Captain US Army 
Aviation, has been busy Here is his life sum- 
mary: "Went to Boston University, joined 
the Army, went to Airborne school, went to 
Ranger school, went to combat first time in 
Panama (Bco 3/75 Greek to any civilian, 

The Archon — Spring 1999 43 

■ ■„■■■.;... v- : -r;^r 



sorry). Being shot at makes me realize I really 
am crazy ... good idea to go back to 
University. Win a two-year ROTC scholar- 
ship back to BU. Graduate with 2.8 (took 4 
semesters to get back up there. What's school 
for anyway?) I'm in the army again, this time 
as a pilot and an officer ... thought the sun 
glasses would be cool, and just maybe some- 
body 'would think I was smart, besides the 
best kept secret is flying and getting paid for 
it. End up at an Ice Berg called Fort Drum 
with the 10th Mountain Division (20 min- 
utes from Canada, -20 degrees as a daily 
ritual). Well, the command didn't like this 
place either so we "were volunteered for such 
lovely corners of the earth as Somalia, shot at 
again damn, and then Haiti, not exactly club 
Med anymore. Now I'm a Company 
Commander of an Attack Helicopter 
Company in the 82d Airborne Division at 
Fort Bragg, NC. Not only do I fly aircraft I 
parachute out of them again just like my old 
Airborne Ranger days. My philosophy is I'm 
too dumb to quit this stuff but I'm livin' 
LARGE and having fun, one day I'll grow 
up, maybe. Met a dentist, another captain, she 
actually puts up with all this stuff, she'll even 
follow me to the "Dark Side" (Special Ops) 
because that's where I'm headed. Going to 
Canadian parachute school this month, very 
cool. Well that's my life as a dog wrapped up 
for ya. Glad everybody else made it as a brain 
surgeon, lawyer or venture capitalist high 
speed investment Wall Street type. If you ever 
break down in North Carolina on I 95 look 
me up. SeeYa! Blue skies." •Katvina (Russo) 
Ramsey says she was recently promoted 
within Merck, specializing in cardiovascular 
diseases now. Mitchell and Eleanor are now 
5 and 3 and they now occupy themselves so 
she can have a little free time even when 
they are awake. They are planning a trip to 
Disney World in May. She says it seems as 
though the Bragdons just arrived at GDA. 
Have 16 years really gone by that quickly? 
"Hi" to all of the class of '85. 'Anna (Hill) 
Gerry writes "Mark and I had a daughter last 
summer. Her name is Cordelia Grace Gerry. 
She might just be the perfect baby. She's 
beautiful in every way! I'm still coaching at 
GDA, soccer and lacrosse. I better see some 
of you at the alumni lacrosse game. If not, at 
least next year for our 1 5th reunion! »Rob 
Cloutier says he is finishing his first year of a 
fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine 
at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

He is also working in various ER's as an 
attending physician (nice not to be a resident 
any more!) He and his wife had their first 
child, Jared Paul, on August 2, 1998. He is 
happy and healthy and adjusting to their 
ridiculous schedules. His wife Nicole if 
finishing up her OBGyn residency this 
spring. He would like to hear from Sean 
Mahoney and Ben Armstrong. His e-mail 
is •Kate Kaplan-Cook 
is living in Dallas, TX with her husband Pat. 
They are expecting their first child in April, 
a little girl! She works for IBM as a customer 
satisfaction program manager. Hope 
everyone is well! 'Stephanie Gardner 
Ginsberg writes: "My husband Scott and I 
have a 14-month-old son, Andrew or 
"Drew", who is now running around. I work 
part time as a physical therapist in 
N. Andover, MA. I see Kate Appleton 
Fitzpatrick and her two daughters, Paula 
Goldberg Madoff when I visit New York 
City, zn&Jeannie Smith in Boston. »Jim Tagg 
writes, "Big news: Kim and I have a baby 
boy, A. James Hamilton Tagg III, born on 
11/19/98. I have forgotten what a good 
night of sleep is like. I am already showing 
him how to wrestle. I have gotten together 
with local GDA alumni using the new 
alumni directory. All is well!!!" 'Michael 
Terrile writes "Hey everyone! This summer 
(July 10th) I'll be getting married to Heather 
GiAresso. Heather teaches 5th grade at the 
Hampsted (NH) middle school. Jon Shain 
will be my best man. I continue to enjoy my 
job teaching lst-4th graders art at the 
Hampsted central school. I'm showing my 
painting at the Demeri (yes Lisa and Jill) 
Gallery in Rockport, MA. »Esmee (Huggard) 
Williams and her husband Ken are 
expecting their first child in May. They have 
been spending time rehabing their home in 
Seattle, WA. »Dinah Daley is enjoying life in 
Vermont. She has gotten together with 
Becky (Chase) Werner several times this year. 
They will both participate in the Burlington 
marathon at the end of May. • Jeffrey Tafi 
writes: "I recently moved to Washington 
DC. I am working as a lawyer at the law firm 
of Mayer, Brown, and Piatt. My primary 
areas of practice include bank regulatory, 
consumer financial services and electronic 
commerce." »Thanks for everyone who 
wrote. I am still busy here in Chicago. The 
real estate market is still very strong in the 
Chicago area. I just completed my third year 

as an agent and I was among the top three 
percent of 7,000 agents in Chicago in 1998. 
I really enjoy what I am doing. Laura is 
loving school and has many friends. I took 
her to Disney World and on the Disney Boat 
in February. I needed a vacation after that 
hectic week! In June I will take her to 
Vermont for my 10-year reunion. Then in 
July we are going to a dude ranch in 
Wyoming. If you come to Chicago, please 
call. It would be great to see all of you. 


Jennifer Dupre 

312 Washington Street 

Wellesley Hills, MA 02481 

Rees Fisher writes: "After graduating from 
Lafayette, getting my MBA at Thunderbird, 
and my MA at Columbia, I took a leave of 
absence from a PH.D. (also Columbia) to 
move to the Baltics. I taught business at the 
university for two years, then went on to 
establish companies in Lithuania, Latvia, 
Estonia. We have import/distribution rights 
forVictorniox-Swiss Army Brands, Teledyne 
Water Pik, Timex and a couple of other 
firms. I'm now setting up a company to 
work in Finland with Teledyne, while my 
girlfriend, Eda, is busy planning our escape 
during the cold winter months! If anyone is 
in the region, please feel free to drop me a 
line at »Mike 
Malamud e-mails: "...writing from Bogota, 
Columbia. I'm living in Bogota and 
working at the Embassy. I have been 
working for the U. S. Department of State, 
as a special agent with the Diplomatic 
Security Service. As a "DS" Agent I have 
two roles. Domestically we are investigators 
that have authority over Visa and Passport 
fraud. We also so dignitary protection. We 
protect persons other than heads of state. I 
started with DS in '96 after 4 years with the 
Border Patrol. I then went to NYC and was 
there two years. In those two years I traveled 
to Argentina, India, Holland, Kenya, 
Burundi (for two month mission where we 
enhanced the Embassy security due to war 
and civil unrest), and a host of other coun- 
tries. I was also tasked to protect dignitaries 
such as Shimon Peres-Israel, Yassar Arafat, 
John Major, Margaret Thatcher, Princess 
Ann-England, Rolf Danktesh-Turkish 
Cypriot, and a whole bunch of others. I 

44 The Archon — Spring 1999 

have also tempted on Secretary Albright's 
security detail and even got to go white 
water rafting with her. Who ever said that 
government service wasn't fun! I am now 
living in Colombia as an Assistant Regional 
Security Officer. This has a whole new set of 
responsibilities. For example, my office is 
charged with maintaining the security of the 
Embassy, its personnel, counter intelligence 
threats, and to advise the Ambassador on 
counter terrorism. I look back on my GDA 
experience and can't believe where I am 
today. That's it in a nutshell. Please feel free 
to have anyone in the GDA family e-mail 
me back. Whether just to hear war stories or 
any info on what I do or what Bogota is 
like. I would love to hear from any and all 
persons! Give my regards to GDA." 
Michael's e-mail address is MB153@ »Raul Valdes-Fauli writes: 
"Greetings from Miami!! It's beautiful here 
this time of year! 1999 has really been 
exciting for me so far! I'm working for 
Colonial Bank. I'm pleased to say that I've 
been promoted to the vice president of 
Safety Deposit Boxes. I enjoy my job. It's 
very challenging, but not as exciting as my 
new endeavor — acting! I'll be in the Coral 
Gables Community Players adaptation of 
Pirates of Penzance as Frederic (The Pirate 
King's apprentice)!! I can't even begin to tell 
everyone how exciting acting is. I've never 
done theater in the round before! Also, I 
know I wasn't the only person surprised 
when looking at the unauthorized biog- 
raphy of Monica Lewinski's to see a photo- 
graph of her and Tracy Beckett in the press 
room together! I just spoke to Beau Jones, 
he's bought a new summer cottage in 
Provincetown! I'll be visiting him there in 
June during the Bastile Day celebrations. 
Anyway, here's hoping my class is doing 
well, and if anyone is in the Miami area look 
me up!" •Kim Carey Rochford says, "Hi 
everyone! It's been a year of change for me. 
My husband Dale and I moved from 
Newton, MA to North Hampton, NH and 
we both changed jobs. I've been teaching 
part-time and re-modeling our house. We 
also adopted a dog and we hope to start a 
family soon. I see Julie Adams quite a bit. 
She lives in Portsmouth. And I had a great 
time with Hedi (Dur) Charde and Kim 
(Mooney) McNulty at Lee Hay man's wed- 
ding in October. Kim and Hedi both had 
babies in 1998!" 'Patrick McCullom reports, 
"Last September my wife Sandra and I had 
a baby boy, Maxwell James McCullom, and 
in October we moved to South 
Glastonbury, CT" •Monique M. Proulx 

writes: "Hi to all! My daughter, Brianna is 
almost 17 months old and is more fun every 
day. I talk to Tanya (Curry) Hoffman and 
Tracy Beckett often. Check out Monica's 
book — you'll see a familiar face. My best to 
everyone." »Mosa Kaleel says, "Life is great. I 
got married to Nancy last May I'm still 
directing public access TV, but hope to move 
on soon." »Cassie Frank writes: "Still living 
in Santa Barbara, CA. Loving it! Working as 
a store manager for Banana Republic. 
Loving it. Just returned from vacation in 
Amsterdam and New Hampshire. Loved it! 
Surprised to hear about Mr. Bragdon. Ran 
into him on my last visit to GDA last year. 
My visit brought back so many memories! 
GDA won't be the same! Best wishes to 
both him and Dottie. Thinking of all my old 
friends and classmates." »Hedi Dur Charde 
says, "Life is great! Gave birth to Nicholas 
Rohrbach Charde on 9-13-98. He is now a 
thriving 6-month-old who has already trav- 
eled to Switzerland. Hope all is well with 
you!" »Mark Thomson e-mailed, "I have 
made a few changes: I have moved to LA! I 
am still working with Nestle but have been 
promoted to a corporate position. I see 
Melinda Stahl on a daily basis since she has 
moved into the Chocolate Division as a 
marketing manager. Small world! I am now 
manager of technical services for our sugar 
business. This includes products like Bit 
O'Honey, Laffy Taffy, SweeTARTS, SPREE, 
Gobstoppers, Runts, etc. Talk about a sugar 
high! I work with marketing and our man- 
ufacturing facilities with new products. I am 
also responsible for industrial engineering 
for the division. It is quite busy. I bought a 
home in Redondo Beach. I can't wait to get 
settled again. I do not move in until the end 
of April. Hope all is well." »And now this 
humorous (?) commentary from Gene Taft: 
"My life couldn't be better, I really feel as 
though I've found myself and "hit my 
stride" as they say in the past couple years. 
Since 1995 I've been on the Pro/Am figure 
skating tour which has taken me to some 
delightful places including Helsinki where I 
placed second in the 30 and over bracket last 
year. There is nothing like the roar of the 
crowd and seeing your name in lights while 
performing a flawless triple lutz at center 
ice. To make ends meet in the summer I'm 
doing Disney on Ice where I am the under- 
study to Goofy. I never thought prancing 
and skating around in a big dog costume 
could be so challenging yet rewarding. It's 
not all work though. As I always maintained 
at Governor Dummer, a guy has to have his 
hobbies and creative outlets. Currently I'm 

collecting Spiderman paraphernalia of all 
sorts in order to soon compile a coffee table 
book on Spiderman/Peter Parker that will 
hopefully hit the book shelves next summer. 
As you can tell I've really got a full plate, but 
it's always good to keep in touch with old 
friends. Got to go hit the ice but give me a 
call if you are in the Big Apple any 
time soon." 


Pamela L. Paradee 

169 Bellevue Street 

Winooski, VT 05404 

(802) 655-7618 


Well the snow has finally melted, we're actu- 
ally getting up to temperatures in the 50s 
(some days), and I'm only scraping my car in 
the mornings now. That's a hopeful sign, 
spring is slowly making its way to Vermont. 
Tucker turned one year old on February 
10th and I think I can join all the rest of the 
parent world out there in saying, the first 
year really is a blur. He is running around all 
over the house, yard, stores... you name it. 
His best toy is our dog Maggie, whom he is 
a complete rascal with. Troy and I are 
enjoying every second of it! I've had a won- 
derful school year so far, returning part time 
and sharing my classroom as a job share with 
a great partner. Looking forward to summer 
vacation, which is right around the corner, 
to take advantage of our place in Bethel, 
make a trip to Newburyport, and up to 
Quebec City. »Anita Bartschat is living out 
in Salt Lake City, UT She's been taking 
advantage of the mountains with much 
skiing, hiking, and soon to be mountain 
biking. She's adjusted to being mom to two 
beautiful little guys, Christopher (2 1 /2) and 
Nicholas (6 months), whom we had a nice 
visit with this fall, and enjoys every 
moment. Anita says she's even beginning to 
leave them alone together in the same room 
without imagining too many wild thoughts. 
Yikes! »Chris McMorris and his wife 
Marianne will be expecting their first child 
in June — congrats! After traveling a bit in 
Britain and Ireland, they have settled in 
Sacramento, CA. Chris is psyched he has 
been hired to do what he actually went to 
grad school for (and loves it!). He is an 
architectural historian for a historical 
research firm and Marianne is a recovery 
nurse for a surgical firm. •Jennifer Todd also 
writes from San Diego, CA where she is 
living after getting her MBA from 
Northeastern last June. »Amy Mack loves 

The Archon — Spring 1999 45 

class notes 

living in San Francisco. She managed a 
restful vacation in Hawaii before starting her 
new job in a public relation department. 
Great job, great people, she says. But she's 
mostly enjoying the temperate weather for 
ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, hiking, 
and snowboarding. E-mail her: amack@ 
us. oracle. com. •Paula McCarthy and her 
husband, Greg, recently visited Amy for 
some snowboarding in Tahoe. Kristen 
LaBrie, Lise Carrigg, Leslie Miller, Vanessa 
Hunt, and Paul Bartholomew all attended 
Carla Rivela's wedding at the GDA chapel. 
Kristen commented it was "beautiful." She is 
living in Newburyport and working as a 
project manager for a construction company 
in southern NH. »Rob DeLena is a new 
home owner. He and his fiance, Marybeth, 
bought a house in Charlestown. He has 
started his own recruiting firm for legal per- 
sonnel called Legal Staffing Solutions in 
Boston. »Mike Hart and his growing family 
five in Haverhill. I got a great note decorated 
by their two-year-old. They'll soon be wel- 
coming their fourth child this summer. 
Congratulations to all of you! Beyond 
staying busy at home when he is not trav- 
eling, Mike is the vice president of retire- 
ment for Alliance Capital. »Buzz Crocker 
keeps in touch to let us know how 
Chicago's going. He is working for the 
Dearborn Division of Starbucks and is living 
in the Gold Coast neighborhood of 
Chicago. »Lisa Taplin relocated last spring to 
Mt. Desert Island, ME. E-mail her @ (Happy 7/7 Ann!) This 
summer, she will be starting her own book 
publishing as well as continuing with her 
graphic design on the side. She works for 
the Abbe Museum in the archaeological 
department with promotions, marketing and 
fundraising. Lisa, does this mean GDA can 
count you on for phonathons? •Well Jeff 
Ashworth, you may have missed me by 
phone at your phonathon, but don't worry, 
I caught up with John Blau when he called. 
He lives in Manhattan with his wife and 
their dog. He assured me that was enough 
for now. He is working in finances, 
but... sorry John, I don't remember specifi- 
cally what area. 'Jeff Ashworth did talk by 
mail however and let me know he was off to 
Paris with his girlfriend for a week in 
March. Mike Zracket and Lucy Armstrong 
clued him in on some no miss spots. He's 
playing softball this spring with Bill 

Dumoulin, Greg Waldman, and Rob Wattie. 

Hopefully we'll see him at the alumni games 
this spring but some minor foot surgery 
might hold him back. If not, for sure at the 
Bragdons' farewell. »News of that reminded 
Tracy Bodge how long it's been since she's 
been in touch. It was great hearing from 
you. She's been running her own cosmetics 
company called Three Custom Color 
Specialists with two friends for three years 
now in NYC. They manufacture and dis- 
tribute lip color and blush out of their NYC 
laboratory but also run a mail order business 
and website. They'll be launching for Henri 
Bendel in NYC as well as stores in the 
Philippines and Saudi Arabia. E-mail her 
at She'd love to 
hear from all. 'Jason Moloney and Peter 
Barton are off to exciting places or involved 
in interesting business as usual. Jason is off to 
Senegal and Guinea-Bissau to do a jour- 
nalism fellowship then returns to NY to 
ABC. Peter will be spending his summer in 
DC working for the US Department of 
Justice as part of the Appellate staff of the 
Civil Division. He'll be researching and 
helping to write briefs to the US Federal 
Appellate courts and petitions for certiorari 
to the US Supreme Court. (Sorry Peter, I 
couldn't paraphrase this!) Good luck, and 
stay away from interns in berets! Keep in 
touch, enjoy spring and summer, and maybe 
we'll catch up at the Bragdons' farewell! 

Class Secretary Needed 

Lisa (Sweeney) Ryan and her husband are 
excited about their new arrival, a baby 
daughter, Kali Elise, born August 18. This is 
their second child; their first, Madison Leah, 
was born 1/31/97. »Andy Noel had a great 
summer with his wife, Kate, and their new 
85 pound chocolate lab, Tucker. He is fin- 
ishing his graduate program at BU and is 
still running a hockey camp at RPI.Andy is 
in his second year as assistant athletic 
director at Lake Forest Academy and sends 
his congratulations to Kim and Derek 
Sullivan on the "almost new" addition to 
their family. He also sends congrats to 
Kristen and Alex Moody on their nuptials 
and Alex's new job at Shattock (sp?) St. 
Mary's School. •Erin (Saunders) Brainstem 
has a new job with an architecture firm in 

Members of the Class of '88 at Petica Barry's wedding 
last September: Dan Morison '88, Kristina von Trapp 
'88, Heidi Danielson '88, Petica (Barry) Lubin '88, 
Nancy Hough '88, Karen Licht, Meg Licht, and 
Meganne (Murphy) Fabrega '88 

downtown Denver that specializes in recre- 
ational centers, primary schools and 
housing. She and Adam will move into their 
new home (currently under construction) 
in November. She says there is "plenty of 
room for guests" if anyone is coming 
through the Rockies. •John Khantzian was 
married to Jennifer Tracey on October 11, 
1998. They have purchased a house in 
Cumberland, RI. • Born to Vicky and 
Christopher DiClemente were twins, Kyle 
James (4 lbs., 15 oz.) and Kara Ann (4 lbs., 2 
oz.) on October 28, 1998. «Born to Heather 
Roche was a boy, Noah Michael, on 
November 30, 1998, 7lbs., 4 oz. and 21" 
long. •Expecting a child in May are Paul A. 
Bucci and his wife. »Kristina von Trapp 
writes: "I'm still living in Snowmass, CO full 
time. Teaching skiing in the winter, and gar- 
dening and horses in the summer as well as 
travelling a bit. I'm even in the phone book 
now! Went to Tica's wedding in September 
and saw Heidi, Meganne, Nancy and Dan 
which was awesome. I'll probably be home 
in Vermont at my parent's for the month of 
May as they are building a new house." 
•Heather Roche says: "Had a baby boy, Noah 
Michael on November 30th. He was 7 lbs., 


to Jenny Reynolds '88 who has been 
nominated for a 1999 Boston Music 
Award for Outstanding Debut Album, 
Contemporary Folk Her first full length 
recording "Colored in Poetry" which was 
released last fall and can be checked out 
online at 

46 The Archon — Spring 1999 

4oz., 21-1/2" long. He is absolutely won- 
derful and so much fun. Being a mom is the 
greatest! We're still living in Merrimac, MA. 
We've been here two years and still loving 
it." 'Chris DiClemente and his wife Vicky 
are "proud to announce the birth of their 
twins, Kyle James and Kara Ann on October 
28, 1998. Both are healthy. Kyle weighed 
41bs., 15oz. and Kara weighed 4;bs., 2 oz." 
•Jenny Reynolds writes, "My first full length 
recording "Colored in Poetry" was released 
last fall. It has been selling very well and I 
have been nominated for a 1999 Boston 
Music Award! It has been great to see Reggie 
Edmonds, Jon Morisseau, Jill Packard and 
Jodi Packard '90 at shows. E-mail me for 
more info: 
•John Sullivan reports, "Just finished a 
directing class at NY Film Academy. Made a 
16 minute film costarring Paul Wann." »Paul 
A. Bucci writes, "I lost my election to the 
Cranston City Council. More importantly 
my wife and I are expecting our first baby in 
May!" «From Anne Weitz Kandel: "It was 
great to see everyone at Reunion last 
summer. Can't wait for the next one. I am 
working at Tabor Academy in the admissions 
office and my husband and I live in the 
dorm. We are expecting our first baby May 
30th. 'Heather Hinrichs writes: "I just started 
graduate school at San Francisco State to get 
an MSBA in International Human 
resources. I'm taking summers off to lead 
hiking trips in Europe. This summer I'll be 
in Italy and Norway. Charity Lombardi 
came for a visit and we saw Jenny Petscheck 
and Carrie (Walton) Penner while she 
was here. 


Kristin A. Brown 

15 Peabody Terrace, Apt. 21 

Cambridge, MA 02138 

(617) 864-1762 

Kristinjbrown @gse. harvard, edu 

10th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

Greetings Class of '89! I hope you are all 
gearing up for Reunion (or had fun at 
Reunion, depending on when you receive 
this issue of the Archonl). It is amazing that it 
has been TEN YEARS since we leaped over 
(some of us successfully) the Mansion 
House wall! The past ten years have brought 
lot of exciting changes in all of our fives and 
I hope you all continue to keep the updates 

coming. 'Preston Beach writes, "I am cur- 
rently living in Windham, NH in a condo I 
bought. I am working at Avid Technologies 
in Tewksbury as a Network Administrator. 
Life is going well. I am looking forward to 
the reunion when I hope to see more of my 
old friends than I did at the 5th year 
Reunion. »Rob Ashworth and his wife also 
bought a new home, in "good old 
Andover...the Fosters Pond area." Rob says 
work is very hectic at Tamor. He hung out 
with Derek, Matt, Dan, Rob Wattie and all 
significant others up in NH. They skied at 
Wildcat where he broke his skis and Derek 
broke his thumb. Rob explained that Matt 
was certainly taking advantage of his friends 
buying new homes... he is making a nice 
commission! •Derek Van Vliet was another 
homebuyer. But in this case he was actually 
a homebuilder. He and Megan built a beau- 
tiful new home in Newburyport off of 
Turkey Hill Road. They had a wonderful 
house warming party which many GDA 
alums, including myself, attended. Derek, 
did you get a new fire alarm yet? How about 
a new screen door? •Allison Schermerhorn 
Williams is another Class of '89 home- 
owner. She married Greg Williams last 
August in the GDA chapel. (Some of us may 
have met him at the 5th Reunion.) Since 
getting married they have been doing 
"stuff" around their new house that they 
bought in May. Alison recently started her 
master's degree in social work at UNH. 
Don't you love being a student again, 
Alison? She hopes to see everyone at the 
10th. »Tina Hilliker writes that she has not 
purchased a new home but is living in beau- 
tiful home on the water in Buffalo while it 
is being sold. She is recruiting technical 
people in the Buffalo area. She has kept in 
touch with Alison Hyder, Lindsey Curley 
and sometimes Alison Magee, Mariah Lilly 
and Lisa Hernandez. She is looking forward 
to Reunion weekend. 'Jessica (Cowles) 
Pidgeon had lots of news. Her sister Jenn 
Cowles is getting married in July. Jess and 
her husband, Bill, are expecting their first 
baby in October and they are moving back 
to Maine. With the last name of Pidgeon 
and her love of birds, Jess explains that 
everyone jokes that the baby will be born 
with feathers and wings for arms. »Adam 
Barton is now living and working in west 
Michigan. He is a grant specialist for the 
Christian Reformed World Relief 
Committee. 'Joy Fosdick Chuba writes that 
she and Jim are still living in Somerville and 
keeping very busy. Jim is finishing up with 
his graduate program and Joy is starting at 

Chicks, Flicks, Politicks 

Little did Lise Carrigg '8 7 know that 
the study skills she learned at GDA 
would take her so far. Begun as a 
homework assignment when she 
was a graduate student at New York 
University's Interactive Telecom- 
munications Program, the website and 
soon-to-be-released book Girls on Film 
was officially founded in 1995 by 
Carrigg (second from left in photo) and 
three of her friends fromVassar College: 
Sibyl Goldman, Andrea Pyros, and 
Clare Bundy. The four movie enthusi- 
asts spent the better part of two years 
adding movie reviews and witty com- 
mentary to the website, and they were 
ecstatic when Girls on Film was 
acquired by New York new media 
company, Concrete Media (http:// in 
February, 1997. 

The site, which has now expanded 
into Girls On ( — 
featuring TV, book, and music reviews 
along with film— gets over 10 million 
page views a month. The Girls have 
been featured in Time, Entertain- ment 
Weekly, Newsweek, People, The New York 
Times, Seventeen, and many other publi- 
cations. The site's witty, chatty, and bold 
commentary has gathered a devoted 
following — even Roger Ebert gives a 
thumb up. As Carigg explains, "The 
point is to say: 'Here's who I am, here's 
what I thought, here's what it's based 
on — and feel free to agree or disagree, 
but I just wanted to get the conversa- 
tion started." 

This May, HarperCollins will publish 
the first Girls on Film book, entitled 
Girls on Film: The Highly Opinionated, 
Completely Subjective Guide to the Movies, 
which features more than 360 recom- 
mendations from every 
film genre, personal sto- 
ries from the Girls, and 
light-hearted side-bars. 




The Archon — Spring 1999 47 

class notes 

Lesley College in the fall, hoping to obtain 
a master's in Expressive Therapy. She is 
looking forward to seeing everyone at 
Reunion. »I was so happy to hear from Erik 
Danielson whom we haven't heard from in 
years! He writes, "I am trying to maintain 
my sanity here at UMASS, Amherst. I am in 
my final semester of graduate school in 
the Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation 
program specializing in Geographic 
Information Systems (GIS).Yes, I think I am 
showing symptoms of being a computer 
nerd. Luckily I have Kate, my supporting 
wife who sometimes feeds me and helps 
give me a thread of social life. I look forward 
to our class reunion this June. I may be 
giving my defense around that time, so I 
may be there in body but not entirely in 
mind." •John Sullivan writes, "I'm living 
in Atlanta working for Advantage 
International, a sports marketing agency. I 
deal primarily with BMW of North 
America handling their consumer events. It 
keeps me busy and requires a great deal of 
travel especially during the summer. I know 
I have been horrible about keeping in 
touch. I am hoping to make it to the 
reunion this summer and catch up with our 
classmates. I couldn't even tell you who the 
last person from GDA I spoke with was. I 
am sure there are some good stories out 
there that need to be shared." «I agree with 
you, John, and I can not wait until June 
when we can share those stories. I am con- 
fident that our wonderful class will make 
reunion exciting and memorable. As for me, 
it will be a very exciting weekend because I 
graduate from graduate school the day 
before reunion! I know I will be excited to 
celebrate with all of you! I look forward to 
seeing you in Byfield — bring bug spray! 


Robin A. Remick 
1088 Park Avenue, Apt. &C 
New York, New York 10128 

(212) 831-4109 

Hello class of 1990. Only a little bit of news 
to report: Shannon Ballard Davenport is 
teaching at Winnacunnet in Hampton, NH 
and she is almost done with her master's of 
arts in teaching degree at UNH. Shannon 
reports that she has seen Kevin O'Handley 
and Margo Doyle. Margo is finishing up her 

MBA at Harvard, which I might add she 
casually refers to as "HBS"! »I also heard 
from Emily Pearl. Emily is living in North 
Yarmouth, ME and founded her own busi- 
ness called "Brickyard Kennels." In addition, 
she still trains sled dogs and has seven of her 
own. •Sometime ago, I heard from Mike 
Kalil Hyder. He is doing very well and 
works on the trading floor in Chicago. • Ian 
Jones is living in St. Paul, MN and "plays 
bass, guitar and sings with the Vanguard 
Project, which released a CD and is now 
releasing a single and video." It was great to 
hear from everyone who wrote in but if you 
want more dirt on your old classmates, you'll 
have to start sending in those postcards! 


Nicole F. LaTour 

121 W 56th Street 

New York, NY 10019 

(212) 957-1696 

Nicole. LA. 

I hope that everyone is well and is basking 
in the long awaited warmth of spring. I am 
happy to say that I heard from a lot of you 
and even some people I have not heard from 
in years. I caught up with some of you while 
working at the GDA phonation here in 
NYC. With me calling were Stephen Aron 
and Scott McLeod, both of whom continue 
to take the NY financial community by 
storm. Stephen put the ultimate squeeze on 
his brother Michael with a speaker phone 
call to coax him into giving to the annual 
fund. Stephen has started his own 
"matching" program, promising Michael 
that he will match any gift of his... I am 
wondering if this applies to everyone? 
Michael had a great time in Mardi Gras this 
year with Stephen and Kori Winter. He 
hopes that next year maybe more people 
will join them. »Todd Bairstow is planning a 
visit to Virginia in April and Michael 
encourages other to make the trip down to 
Charlottesville. »Brian Carvette is also living 
here in New York City with his wife and is 
busy working and preparing for the birth 
of their first child this summer. Congrat- 
ulations Brian. »Alanna Caffrey is back in 
Boston and is in her first year of law school 
at Suffolk. »Jen Jasse is happy living in 
North Carolina with her fiancee Andy 
Mack. She is becoming a real southern 
Belle, she assures me. She is very busy 

working and planning for her wedding on 
December 4th of this year. »I spoke with 
Lynne Madnick for the first time since grad- 
uation. Lynne was speechless to say the least 
(but still gave a pledge to the annual fund). 
She was just back from six months con- 
sulting work in Australia and on her way to 
Puerto Rico for another couple of weeks 
and then will be deciding where her base 
will be, Boston or New York. •Chuck 
Rodman is very busy these days, after grad- 
uation from law school this spring, he has 
moved to Miami where is an assistant dis- 
trict attorney for the Miami/Dade County 
DA's office. Chuck really loves his work, and 
the weather, but does miss the Northeast. 
•Jeff Panall is still very busy out in Chicago. 
He works in a myriad of venues, ranging 
from his own printing operation to the Art 
Institute of Chicago and is still involved 
with music with his own band. •Charles 
Peterman writes that he is "living the life of 
your typical computer engineer in 
Cambridge." Somehow, I don't find com- 
puter engineering "typical," but that's just 
me, an English major. •Karen Queen con- 
tinues to enjoy her life as a law student at 
Northeastern. She is finishing up her stint at 
Cellular One and sees Toby Levine who 
continues to be very happy living and 
working in Boston. »Nick Dunham is living 
in Salem, MA and working at Mullin 
Advertising. »Regan Jones is living in 
Quincy and is working for Hingham public 
schools. She works as a special education 
teacher working with severely learning dis- 
abled children. While very challenging, she 
loves what she is doing. •Megan Price is in 
graduate school getting a specialized 
master's in teaching degree that will allow 
her to be a reading specialist. Meg is moving 
to Landsdale, PA where she and her fiancee 
Brandon (yes Brandon from Medway) just 
bought a house and are busy preparing for 
their July 24th wedding. Congratulations 
Meg! Meg had a nice chat with Cathy 
Burgess not too long ago who is happy 
working in Boston. She had dinner with 
Leah Colangelo over the summer as well. 
She thinks that we should all call her for a 
massage as she now has her massage therapy 
practice up and running. I agree! Meg also 
talks with Tara Ryan '92 often who is now 
vice president of Ryan Associates. »I had a 
fun dinner with Alexis Colby and Catherine 
Tuthill where a lot of reminiscing took 

48 The Archon — Spring 1999 

place. Catherine is very happy at her new 
job and is on her way to Tampa for the Final 
Four series. Tough perks Cat! Alexis was 
recently engaged to her college boyfriend 
Tim. They have deserted me here in the city 
and moved out to the 'burbs of 
Connecticut. Alexis is the head of the 
American furniture division at Christie's 
auction house and is planning a summer 
2000 wedding. Congratulations Alexis! 
•Bence Oliver, Matt Murphy and Stratton 
Newbert reunited to go skiing in Austria just 
days after the avalanches had devastated the 
area (of course). They got in just after the 
roads had been reopened and were greeted 
with the best skiing they've had in half a 
century. Stratton was greeted with an accep- 
tance letter from Stanford where he will go 
this fall to get his master's in structural engi- 
neering. Way to go Stratton. Even though 
he's switching coasts on us, Stratton will not 
be far from familiar faces. Bence received a 
promotion from Intel and will be moving 
from Sacramento to San Jose which is only 
miles away from Stanford. The Bay area may 
never be the same. •! also caught up with 


Leslie MCant '91, Mia (Lindenfelzer) Kerns '91, 
and Leah Colangelo '91 at Mia's wedding last year. 

Mia Lindenfelzer Kerns while she was in 
town on business. Mia is living in Virginia 
with her new husband and works as an 
attorney for the Pension Benefit Guaranty 
Corporation in Washington DC. She speaks 
with Leslie McCant who is doing well in 
Baltimore and is in the process of applying 
to law schools for the fall. I hope everyone 
is doing well. I hope that I will get to catch 
up with some of you this summer. As always, 
keep in touch. 

The Archon is published 

three times yearly. 

Deadlines for news are: 

July 15, November 15, March 15. 

Send class notes to your class 
representative or, 
teL 978/499-3185, or fax 978/462-1319. 

Joshua C. Lappin 

1677 Beacon Street, #3 

Brookline, MA 02146 

(617) 731-0868 


Plenty of news to report so I'll just dive right 
into it: First of all, more weddings! »Erin 
Elwell got engaged this winter and is getting 
married next spring. Right now, Erin is busy 
working on her graduate degree in psy- 
chology at BU. »Javier Braun called me from 
Mexico to let me know that he will be mar- 
ried this June. Javier is looking at coming 
back to the U.S. this fall, as he is in the 
middle of applying to schools for his MBA, 
including some schools in New England. 
•Nicole Bellaire is now known as Nicole 
Downer, as she was married this past 
summer. Nicole is also at BU working 
towards getting her MAT in secondary 
English Education and will graduate this 
May. »And finally, Patrick Gervais is getting 
married this August. Patrick writes, "I hope 
that getting married is enough of an event 
to see Todd Spain and Chris Rodes. I was in 
Boston for Thanksgiving. What a great 
feeling to be back in the place I love the 
most! Hope you are all doing fine. Montreal 
is more beautiful than ever. My invitation 
still stands for everyone." Congrats to all of 
you newlyweds or soon to be newlyweds. 
• Chris Ruggerio was living in the Hartford 
area working for Diebold Incorporated. He 
is looking forward to seeing more classmates 
this spring, as he is moving to Boston in 
April. »Brooke Whiting is still in school at 
UPenn and will be done, "hopefully," in 
May of 2000. Brooke is off to Europe this 
summer studying the reinterpretation of his- 
toric landscapes and gardens through con- 
temporary design interventions. »Miles van 
Rensselaer is destroying his lungs in the 
depths of silica clouds, welding smoke, and 
ferric acid fumes. He apologizes for missing 
the passage of the Samoan Vigilante across 
the proverbial threshold between bachelor- 
hood and marriage. If he had been there, 
however, Anthea may not have been Mrs. 
Nickerson, unless of course, she has a fellow 
pyrotechnic fetish. Miles would like to con- 
gratulate Boar's Skull. (This must be Sam 
Nickerson? Am I translating correctly?) 
Miles managed to get into an art show 
recently in NYC at the Hellar Gallery, and 
of course says hi to Queen Brave Lion. 
•Hoyt Morgan wrote in to wish Peter and 
Dottie Bragdon the best. Hoyt is now living 
in San Francisco, heading up business devel- 
opment for an Internet start up company 

called Feel free to e-mail 
him at 'Jackie 
Hogan writes, "Happy, healthy, hedonistic. 
Despite chronic fantasies of world travel, I 
recently moved into a sweet house in the 
Baltimore burbs. I have 21 fish, 2 miniature 
frogs, and a cat that suffers from existential 
ennui. I make routine trips to the hardware 
store and have great plans for a welding pro- 
ject. I remain a research slave to the man at 
Hopkins and am (potentially) soon to be a 
corporate nazi at Arthur Anderson." »Steve 
Peabody is working at State Street Global 
Advisors in Boston. He is an assistant port- 
folio manager in the Trust and investments 
division and is studying for the first level of 
the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam. Steve 
saw Jimmy Buffett in Boston with his 
brother Chris Peabody and Nick Lapierre. 
•Cara Fineman is glad to be back in Boston 
after spending the past two years in Latin 
America. She recently saw Lisa Widdecke in 
California, and she sees Amy Nicolo and 
Karen Queen. 'Melissa Margarones is still in 
Maine teaching grade 9 English. This year, 
Melissa is working with "at risk" students. 
It's challenging work, but Melissa says she is 
enjoying it. 'Melissa hears from Sabine 
Schumacher, who is currently writing her 
exit thesis in Germany. »As for me, things 
here in Brookline are going well, but I'm 
getting pretty tired of my hour-long com 
mute to Worcester. So, I'm most likely 
moving to the central Massachusetts area 
soon. »Jon Kazanjian recently took me on a 
tour of the Big Dig. We had a lot of fun until 
we got caught in the monsoon. Long story. 
•On a serious note, Mr. and Mrs. Bragdon, 
(or Pete and Dottie as you insist on being 
called by alums no matter how old they are) 
thank you very much for all that you've 
done. You will be missed. Good luck! 


Nancy Stevenson 

21 Old Farm Way 

Newbury, MA 01951 

(978) 462-5474 

Hello Class of 1993! As was recently 
announced, Saundra has passed along her 
position as Class Secretary to me. Please help 
me to inform everyone of what you are 
doing and where you are by e-mailing me a 
quick note to include in the next Archon at «As some of you 
know, my acceptance of the class secretary 
position coincided with my move back to 
Massachusetts from New York City. I was 

The Archon — Spring 1999 49 

class notes 

Pam Kidd (ex-qfficio) '93, Nellie Godfrey '93, Rob 

Kealler '93, Laura Renna Riley '93, Katie Renna 

'96 (maid of honor) , Janna Panall '96, andjody Dan 

'93 at Laura's wedding. 

working at an advertising firm where I often 
saw Trip Hosmer who was busy performing 
at many of the hot clubs in the Village with 
his band. Another very busy New Yorker is 
Glenn Gardner. We would often get 
together to catch a movie on the Upper 
West Side but, needless to say, his graduate 
studies in film and philosophy at Columbia 
would often lead to intense discussions. Way 
out of my league!! •Jill Hindle wrote in to 
say she is also in New York City: "A quick 
train ride from Gara Marcous, Nathan 
Goldstein and Derek Ambrosi." She is 
working for a book publisher called The 
Lyons Press but is also singing and recording 
an album with some of her friends from 
Middlebury. She hopes everyone is well! 
•Kristen Hand also made her way down to 
New York City soon after graduating from 
Bowdoin. But she wrote in to say she will be 
taking a leave of absence from her job to 
attend an art workshop in Tuscany! This is 
very exciting as it has always been a dream 
of Kristen's to have the chance to create art 
in Italy. As many of you know, Kristen is a 
very talented artist and GDA recently held a 
show in the Carl Youngman Gallery of her 
work from the past 5 years, entitled "Places 
of Mind." She says, "It was an incredibly 
rewarding experience for me to prepare the 
show and intensely satisfying to discuss my 
work with GDA faculty, parents and stu- 
dents." Good luck in Italy, Kristen! 
•Speaking of dreams coming true: Jody Dan 
has gone on to study medicine in prepara- 
tion for a nursing degree. At the Annual 
Alumni Phonathon, Jody told Jennifer 
Saunders that she is back in Ipswich con- 
ducting her courses via internet while com- 
pleting an internship at Brigham Women's 
Hospital in Boston. 'Jennifer, Andrea 
Manning and I all went to the phonathon 
and had a chance to talk to many people in 

50 The Archon — Spring 1999 

our class. We found out Wendy Swartz is 
engaged; congratulations Wendy! »Since I 
have been back in MA, I have spent a lot of 
time with Jennifer Saunders and Andrea 
Manning as they are roommates sharing an 
apartment in Portsmouth, NH. Jennifer is 
doing well as an executive assistant at 
Wentworth Capital in Portsmouth. 
Recently, Mike Guilbert '90 started on at 
Wentworth as well so they have enjoyed 
catching up on GDA gossip. Andrea is 
working as a recruiter and loving it. In fact, 
I have accepted a position as a recruiter at 
the same company so I look forward to 
spending even more time with her! 
• Recently, Andrea went down to 
Washington, DC to visit Anne Savage. 
Apparently they had quite a fun time out in 
Georgetown. Andrea also keeps in touch 
with Katie Mack who is reportedly in 
Cambridge, MA. »It is not surprising that a 
large part of our class is in Boston these 
days. Dawn Morrill just switched jobs and is 
enjoying the change. She lives in an apart- 
ment in Somerville with some of her friends 
from Tufts. Dawn recently spoke with Archie 
Seale (who is still in Madison, WI and loves 
it!) Dawn and I went to lunch at The Grog 
in Newburyport soon after I moved back. 
Speaking of The Grog: Nicole Simkins is 
back in the area, having left behind the sun 
and fun of Florida, and is taking on some of 
the financial duties of The Grog. »Lissa 
Murnane writes she is working in Boston as 
Chief of Staff to a state senator. She recently 
moved into a new apartment in Marblehead 
and hopes everyone is doing well. •Jim 
Morse wrote, "It was great to see everyone at 
reunion. This November I took a job with 
the Blackstone, MA Police. I'm still working 
on my master's degree as well as teaching at 
the Police Academy" Anyone passing 
through Worcester should look him up! »Ilse 
Abusamra is still enjoying her work as an 
assistant dean of admissions atVassar College 
in Poughkeepsie, NY. She often drives back 
to New England on business trips and 
weekends visiting her parents and friends 
within the Boston area. »That is about all I 
know. I would love to hear back from those 
of you who did not write in this time (or 
ever) You know who you are! Take care and 
I hope everyone enjoys the coming spring! 


Kristen L. Marvin 
1440 North Sepulveda Blvd. 


Van Nuys, CA 91405 

(818) 901-8994 

joelkris @earthlink . net 

5th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13, 1999 

It seems like the class of 1994 is really 
keeping busy. I am still living in Los Angeles 
and working for "The Drew Carey Show." 
The weather is amazing and there's always 
something exciting to do. *Kate Savage is 
living in Atlanta, GA working for the Atlanta 
Symphony Orchestra. She just returned 
from a trip to Costa Rica which was won- 
derful. She is taking cooking classes. 
•Chunbai Zhang is finishing up his first year 
of MD-PhD (biochemistry) at Dartmouth. 
He is looking forward to the five-year 
reunion at GDA this summer. He would like 
to thank the departing Peter and Dottie for 
their good works. •Josh Manring is living in 
Naples, FL and is hoping to return to New 
England for the reunion. 'Melissa King has 
been working in an elementary school in 
Istanbul, teaching English, and now is travel- 
ling around Europe with a friend from 
Australia. She's looking for another teaching 
job in Istanbul because she really enjoys 
Turkey and the people she has met. She will 
return this summer for the reunion. Her e- 
mail is: »Mike 
Nannis is happily married living in Derry, 
NH in a condo he and his wife bought 
about a year ago. He just started going back 
to school and is majoring in criminal justice. 
He has been applying to police departments 
all over the state and thinks he may get hired 
in late April. In the meantime he might be 

Laurel Abusamra, Kathryn DiNanno '90, Use 
Abusamra '93, Alexis Colby '91, and David Abusamra 
at Christie's in New York City. 

starting a new job at the Hillsborough 
County Correctional Center as a correc- 
tions officer. »Tom Collett is studying in 
Germany and recently visited Switzerland. 
•Juan Lopez will be heading to Winter Park, 
FL to get another degree in video and film 
production. He worked with his dad for a 
year in his cattle farm and is hoping to 
attend the summer reunion. His e-mail is ^Alfonso Garcia is living 
in Madrid, where he graduated in Business 
Administration last summer. He works for a 
Spanish stock broker in the fixed income 
trading desk. •Matt Prunier and Nikki 
Abdulla are doing well, living in Salisbury, 
MA. »Kasey McGarrigle and Catherine 
Perry are living together in New York and 
are both working a lot. • Tim O'Keefe is cur- 
rently working as a winter naturalist with 
the Aspen Center for Environmental 
Studies. He will be back in New England 
for the summer, but will return to Aspen for 
the next two years as an environmental edu- 
cator. Hopefully I will hear from more of 
you next time. Hope everyone can make it 
to Reunion! 


Laura Beth Barnes 

4578 West Linda Lane 

Chandler, AZ 85226 

(602) 940-1740 

WOW! Our class is so busy! •Damon 
Jespersen is at Marlboro College taking 18 
credits and living in a 14' x 16' tree house 
that he built last summer. »Eric Whittier 
spent another break in Breckenridge, CO 
and writes, "It was a good time with good 
snow!" Eric is planning on staying in 
Tennessee after his graduation from 
Vanderbilt University with a research job. 
The goal that he is setting for himself is to 
enter medical school in the fall of 2000. 
•Amy Collins is a senior at Hobart & 
William Smith Colleges, and is spending a 
term working as an intern for Senator John 
Kerry in his Washington, DC office. 'Ashley 
Russell will be graduating from Brown and 
moving to San Francisco where she'll be 
working at the Gap's corporate offices. 
Ashley is excited about her opportunity, 
because she has always wanted to work in 
the fashion industry. »Ed Guzman will be 
graduating from Stanford University with a 
history degree. He has been loosening up in 
spring semester 1999, now that most of the 
academic pressure is off. He's been writing 
articles for the New York Times throughout 

Player of the Year 

A year ago March, the New York Times ran 
a profile on women's ice hockey player 
Brandy Fisher '94, because she didn't 
make it to the 1998 Olympic Team. 
Instead, Fisher hit the headlines as the 
inaugural Collegiate Player of the Year, 
earning the Patty Kazmaier Award. A stu- 
dent of the University of New 
Hampshire's top-ranked team at the time, 
Fisher scored key goals in the round of 
final games that secured UNH the 
Division I Hockey Championship Title. 

A year later, Fisher is again making 
news. In February, she joined the United 
States squad, still steaming with Olympic 
glory, to compete in the 1999 World 
Championships in Finland. One of seven 
newcomers to the team, Fisher must have 
added something right: the US team beat 
Russia, 10-2; Sweden 11-0, China 6-0; 
and Finland, 3-1; only losing to Canada in 
the Gold round, 3-1. 

the year, but is hoping to get a job reporting 
full time. "Journalism is my passion, it's just a 
question of where I make my mark!" 
•Zeynep Guchan will be graduating from 
George Washington University and is 
awaiting acceptance into graduate schools in 
New York City. *Meg Murphy is graduating 
from Elon College with a degree in corpo- 
rate communications with a focus on public 
relations. She's had a few job prospects, but 
has not decided on anything. Meg is hoping 
that her new job will bring her back to 
Boston. She speaks with Jaime Shulman all 
the time, but would also like to hear from 
Liz Bruno. 'Jamie Shulman, also, wrote that 
she speaks to Meg Murphy all the time, so 
needless to say the two are still friends. Jaime 
also writes, "I spent my junior spring 
semester in London and traveling around 
Europe with friends. I lived in New York 
City last summer and am going right back 
after graduation where I hope to find a job 
in product development or buying. Syracuse 
University has been incredible, but I am 
ready to move on!" •Deb Barry wants 
everyone to know that her parents are 
moving to Florida, so that people know that 
she will no longer be residing in Andover. 
She writes, "Congrats to everyone gradu- 
ating this spring and best of luck with your 
next endeavor!" •Sheffie Faulkner spent this 
year's spring break in Jamaica and last 
summer traveling through England, France, 
Germany and Russia. Over the winter break 
he caught up with Mark Graves, Brian 

Crowe, Archie Kasnet, Jason Weiler and 
Preston Picardi. He'll be graduating from 
Roanoke College and hopes to return to 
the north, because he is getting sick of 
southern hospitality. »Chris Terry is very 
busy doing schoolwork. He writes, "I am 
graduating from Bates College in 3.5 years, 
despite my little semester detour at USNA! 
Todd Robbins and I are roommates, and I 
see Meta Mason and Jill Yanofsky all the 
time." »Todd Robbins, also, admitted that he 
is in fact roommates with Chris Terry. He 
writes, "I'll be graduating from Bates 
College with a biology degree and plan on 
spending two years in Algeria with Peace 
Corps. After that? Snowboarding out 
west!!!" »Casey Barbaro is graduating from 
Quinnipiac College with a degree in health 
administration. She'll be moving home to 
Salisbury for the summer so that she can 
save to purchase a new car, but hopes to 
return to the Hartford area due to the fact 
that they have a stronger job market for to 
market her degree. »School work and activi- 
ties at Arizona State University have kept me 
busy, but I am looking forward to my gradu- 
ation in May with degrees in economics and 
Asian studies with a minor in history. My plans 
after graduation are to attend law school. 

Jeffrey R. LaBelle 

59 Rhode Island Avenue 

Manchester, NH 03104 

(603) 668-5906 


Janna Panall 

490 Main Street 

Amesbury, MA 01913 

(978) 388-7098 

jpanall@lasell. edu 

As our junior year comes to a close it is hard 
to believe that our college years are almost 
over. I feel like we were all together at GDA 
just yesterday and here we are about to enter 
our senior year of college. I have had a busy 
year at Lasell College in Newton where I 
am continuing to study fashion design and 
merchandising. I have had the opportunity 
to organize a lot of fashion shows in Boston 
over the past few months which has been a 
lot of fun. It seems as though I can draw one 
conclusion from all of your wonderful 
responses: our class was scattered all over the 
globe during spring semester!!! »I did a bit 
of globetrotting myself and spent spring 
break with Katie Renna in Vienna, Austria. 
Katie is studying abroad in the beautiful city 
of Vienna for the semester and will be 

The Archon — Spring 1999 51 

class notes 

remaining in Europe over the summer for 
an internship in Berlin, Germany. (Katie, 
Mr. Seufert would be so proud!!). Katie is 
teaching English at an Austrian school 
and has had the opportunity to travel 
throughout Europe to places such as Prague 
and Florence. I was fortunate enough to 
have her as my personal tour guide during 
my visit and she really knows her way 
around the city and took me to so many 
amazing sights. We even traveled to Salzburg 
and went on The Sound of Music Tour that 
took you to all the sites used for the filming 
of the movie, which I thought was quite 
exciting! 'Another member of our class who 
has spent the semester overseas is Mike 
Shedosky. Mike took academic leave from 
Hamilton College to study at University 
College of London for the school year. His 
concentration of studies is economics. Mike 
traveled to Paris last November to visit with 
Jeff LaBelle who is also studying abroad in 
France. Mike planned to tour Europe 
during his spring break in April and has 
applied to the International Trade 
Commission in Washington, DC for a 
summer internship before returning in the 
fall to Hamilton for his senior year. «I think 
that Josh Novis takes the cake for world 
traveler of our class. Josh was in Kenya and 
Tanzania for fall semester and spent three 
months travelling down the coast, around 
game parks and dancing with Maasai war- 
riors. Currently Josh is back at Lewis and 
Clark struggling through a social theory 
class before he begins to write his thesis in 
sociology/anthropology. Next fall Josh is off 
again to Africa for another abroad program 
in Zimbabwe to study gender and social 
change. But until he jets off again Josh will 
be home this summer doing a teaching 
internship to get experience for a graduate 
program in teaching. If anyone would like to 
try to catch Josh before he is off again his e- 
mail is »What would the 
class notes be without an update from Jason 
Greenbergl Jason, I must thank you because I 
know if all else fails you will provide me 
with enough information to write the 
entire class notes! Jason is following his 
dreams and working at ESPN's "up close" 
program in Los Angeles doing research. In 
addition he is starting a job with the United 
States Golf Association this summer and will 
be working at the U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur, 
and the U.S. Women's Open. He is still 

52 The Archon — Spring 1999 

Newly Published 

Jorge Flores '96 recently informed the 
school that a historical research paper he 
wrote at Stanford University was pub- 
lished in a text for college freshmen 
writing classes [Moser and Waters, Creating 
America: Reading and Writing Arguments. 
Prentice Hall: 1999]. Jorge explains: 
"Although I am not a writing major, nor 
a history major, I do still very much enjoy 
those topics. My major in mechanical 
engineering is very different from what I 
was doing at GDA, but I have used all the 
skills that I learned in the classes I took at 
GDA. I guess I came out of that school 
with a lot." 

broadcasting Pepperdine Athletics over the 
radio. We all remember Jason's days com- 
mentating basketball and hockey, we can say 
we knew him way back when. At 
Pepperdine he broadcasts 4 sports: men's and 
women's volleyball, men's basketball, and 
men's baseball. All of his commentaries can 
be heard live on the Internet at: www. 
Don't we all wish we had a resume that 
full!!!! •Katie Lyons is also keeping busy 
with school and work. She finished her 
English Lit degree and has just declared 
Communications and loves it. She works 
five days a week at IBM on the Y2K 
Initiative and is hoping to get an internship 
in the technical writing department. Katie 
writes, "Other than that I have been skiing 
in a t-shirt and enjoying the incredible 60 
degree weather." She will be driving back 
across the country in May and says that she 
really misses New England but plans to stay 
in Colorado for a while. •Tasneem Nanji is 
here on the east coast in New York City, 
going to school at NYU studying jazz per- 
formance. She loves it and welcomes anyone 
to look her up when they are in the big 
apple. Tas sees Richard Krupp '98, Lindsey 
Swallow '95 and Alanna Pike '95 on 
campus quite often and has been per- 
forming in clubs throughout the city. 
•"Everything is excellent" for Todd Winters 
who is still studying at New England 
College. "The Captain comes up periodi- 
cally; that's always interesting." We all know 
who Todd is referring to and I guess he is 
still retaining the nickname! •Carla 
Gottschall is trying to survive another 

upstate New York winter at Hobart. Quite a 
change from the warm weather she was in 
last semester when she spent her fall in the 
Dominican Republic, which she says, was 
both amazing and challenging. Carla is 
thinking about heading to South America 
sometime in the future to live for a while 
and says that maybe she and Brad Russell 
will go together. • Hilary Friend says, "I have 
had a great fall semester. However I am 
looking forward to studying in London this 
spring. I will be attending the University of 
Westminster. I am anxious to live abroad, 
and I can't wait to travel." »C. Bradley 
Russell writes, "Completing fall semester at 
school in Ecuador. Traveling Ecuador in 
January with sister Aldis, returning to Colby 
in February." 'Michael "SAVS" Silverio 
writes, "With my parents moving to New 
Jersey I'm hoping to find an internship with 
relevance to international studies in New 
York City. Otherwise I'll be spending my 
time in Hotlanta. I hope everyone from the 
Class of '96 is doing well and kudos to Doc 
Bragdon." »Over the holidays I had a chance 
to get together with a group of girls from 
our class and catch up. Here's the lowdown 
on what they are up too: Lauren Carroll 
spent last semester on the Semester At Sea 
Program where she traveled around the 
world on a cruise ship. During her stay in 
India she received the royal treatment from 
Irshad Mecca. »Mara Zanfagna is down 
under this semester studying in Australia. At 
the end of the semester she plans to fly to 
New Zealand to meet up with Kate Tierney 
who has been studying there since July. The 
two girls plan to fly home to the USA 
together and stop off at Fiji on their way. «A 
little bit closer to home, Scott Coulon is 
living in Boston with his brother and 
waiting tables at Legal Seafood. He is hoping 
to get back into school this fall but is also 
looking forward to enjoying his time in 
Boston and especially this summer. »This 
winter I also literally bumped into Aaron 
Sells on the street, who says things are going 
great at Bates. Although he is a semester 
behind from transferring he hopes to be 
graduating very soon. Over spring break 
Aaron traveled to North Carolina with his 
lacrosse team to play at Duke and UNC for 
a week. Of course the week they traveled 
down there was the only time the area had 
snow all winter, but they still managed to 
win both their games and have a good time. 

•Lea Miner is busy finishing up with her 
major so that she can start her thesis, which 
is a documentary. She just finished assistant 
directing the main stage production at 
school, a play called Smash. Lea is planning 
to move to Homer, AK for the summer and 
then go to New York in the fall to study 
production, theatre, art and architecture. 
Come next spring she will finish up her 
documentary and then graduate! Lea's 
brother Joshua Miner '98 just started at 
Lewis and Clark and Chandlee Gore '95 was 
just up to visit her a couple of weeks ago. 
Lea, when you see Chandlee tell her that I 
stayed with one of her sorority sisters while 
I was in Vienna — small world. »Ehsan 
Kandrikar e-mails: "Hello everybody!!! I am 
still studying in Switzerland, actually I am 
graduating this May. I have done really well 
the last two semesters. I hope I finish well 
too. After Swiss its time to go back to India 
and work. I enjoyed it here a lot particularly 
this winter. We had lots and lots of snow. 
Skiing is great. Finally I have got an e-mail 
address. It is Ehsanl378@hotmail. •Jihoon 
Hwang is studying religion at Davidson and 
is thinking about taking time off to teach 
meditation and yoga for a year. After college, 
he plans to learn acupuncture to become an 
OMD or ND.JiHoon writes, "I miss you all 
and am curious about how everybody has 
changed. I hope to see you all soon. Gotta 
go catch up with my Buddhist tradition class 
reading. Take care."JiHoon finished his post- 
card with the suggestion that the class notes 
be done over e-mail. You are all encouraged 
to do that and feel free to contact me that 
way if it is easier. My e-mail address is Keep that news coming; 
inquiring classmates want to know!!! 

The Archon is published 

three times yearly. 

Deadlines for news are: 

July 15, November 15, March 15. 

Send class notes to your class 

representative or, 

tel. 978/499-3185, or 

fax 978/462-1319. 


Jessie M. Gannett 

KSC MS 1800 

229 Main Street 

Keene, NH 03435 

(603) 358-1931 

jmg2@keene. edu 

Brian Marvin 
2B Washington Road 
Atkinson, NH 03811 
Brian @scoot. netis. com 

Rachel Lipman 

Kenyon College 

P.O. Box 1499 

Gambler, OH 43022 

Hello Class of 1997! It has been an inter- 
esting semester! I have declared my major 
(all three of them) and gotten a job on 
campus (I get paid to go to class!). I recently 
went to Texas with my best friend Brian for 
spring break. We had a blast! Busy is the only 
word to describe my life. I ran into Jocie 
Mueller '98 in Boston. It was very nice to 
see her! *Mara McManus writes that UVM 
is GREAT! She is working as an intern at 
Shelburne Farms. She spends her winter 
weekends at Stowe with friends. Sounds like 
you are a busy girl! •Keith Blades writes that 
he is living in Boston with Brad Walker '96. 
Keith is currently attending Northeastern 
and working full time at Legal Seafood. 
•G.M. Van Cott writes that he's been 
playing ball at a junior college in Los 
Angeles. He's hoping to be moving to San 
Francisco State. He keeps in close touch 
with Andrew and Polly Titcomb '91 and 
'99, Catharine Pear '96, and Mara 
McManus. His plans for the summer are 
either home or living in Ipswich with 
Andrew Titcomb and Matt Faino. Best of 
luck with your plans G.M.! »Lin Curtis 
wrote that she is still at Tufts and still loves it! 
She moves into her own apartment in June. 
She became a sister of Chi Omega last year 
and she is having a great time with pledges 
this year. 'Melissa Rosen wrote that John 
Hopkins is good! She is busy with classes, 
friends and the Hopkins student radio sta- 
tion. *Kathy May Soliven got married last 
year. She and her husband, Mike, recently 
welcomed a baby girl to their lives. 
Congratulations Kathy and Mike, You both 
have your hands full now! I hope to hear 
from more of you next time. Have a fantastic 
summer class of 1997! I hope you all are 
healthy and happy. Much love, Jessie. 


Elizabeth Erickson 

PO Box 1499 

Gambler, OH 43022 

Jacob Chase 

Macalester College 

1600 Grand Avenue 

Saint Paul, MN 55105-1899 

Jchase@macalester. edu 

Spring is blooming, here in Minneapolis/ 
St. Paul, following a relatively mild winter. I 
am enjoying second semester and am 
looking forward to travelling back to Boston 
for spring break. Though Macalester has 
top-notch mathematics and science depart- 
ments, I'm currently considering an anthro- 
pology/Spanish double major. Much of my 
free time has been in rehearsals for the con- 
cert choir, which has been a fabulous expe- 
rience. I am eagerly anticipating our spring 
tour through Chicago and our upcoming 
performance for the President Vaclav Havel 
of the Czech Republic. I hope that spring 
finds you all in high spirits! •Ellie Bill writes 
that she's "having a blast" in Kansas and plans 
to major in international economics and 
Middle Eastern studies. Elbe's looking for- 
ward to travelling through Europe this 
summer. •Eric Blair is contemplating a move 
from Miami to RPI or WPI for next year. 
Eric reflects positively upon the time he 
spent at the Bragdons' while at GDA. 
•Adrian Elkmann surprised me with a 
phone call one Sunday morning, concerned 
that he would not make the Class Notes 
deadline. Adrian wanted me to let you all 
know that he's enjoying his 13th year of 
high school in Germany and is busy 
preparing for final exams. In May, Adrian 
will travel to the US for two weeks. This 
summer, Adrian will fulfill his military ser- 
vice and further along, plans to study busi- 
ness. He can be reached at adrianelk-»Sflra/j Koken seems 
to be enjoying Barnard as well as a few 
Spanish classes and says that "New York is 
fabulous." »Mike Meagher reports that soccer 
at Harvard went well and that he's "getting 
playing time often," during the lacrosse 
season. Mike is on the staff of Harvard 
Model Congress this year and is looking for- 
ward to his spring break lacrosse trip to 
Florida. 'Jessica Savage informs us that she is 
enjoying her second semester out at 
Denison, where she sees Kate Hecht and 
Robyn O'Reilly around campus, often. 

The Archon — Spring 1999 53 

class notes 

Jessica says that "Ohio is nice, but it is 
nothing like the East Coast." Jessica adds that 
Becky Stephenson came to visit her first 
semester from Case Western and then I 
stopped by, just recently, to see her as well. 
Over her spring break, Jessica went home to 
Boston and visited Jocie Mueller at Boston 
University, where Jocie has decided to major 
in history and political science and is excited 
for a possible career in teaching. •Evan Trent 
is considering a Classics major, out at 
UChicago. Evan says he's "keeping busy with 
the usual computer •weenie pursuits," and 
plans to speak as this year's "MacHack" con- 
ference outside of Detroit. Evan can be con- 
tacted at«£/t2r«?»e^ 
Duggan is "studying at the University of St. 
Andrews (not, by the way, at "Saint Andrews 
University"). She seems to like it. She often 
sees a 1 997 graduate of GDA (whose name I 
forget), plays rugby and enjoys living in the 
country of her second citizenship." •Sarah 
Turner says that second semester at Bowdoin 
has been a lot better than the first. "Lila 
Noury seems to be doing great," says Sarah. 
Though Sarah seems to be surrounded by 
GDA alums up at Bowdoin, she mentions 
that she'd like to see Adelle Lilly more than 
she does. Sarah has helped start an equestrian 
team at Bowdoin. »On a more somber note, 
we remember the life of a member of our 
class, Brendon Oreto, who passed away tragi- 

cally and untimely, this past holiday season. 
For Brendon, Sarah writes: "You made me 
confident when I was unsure. You gave a 
smile to everyone you passed. Your life was 
special and you touched many." •Emily 
Novis reports that while she is enjoying 
school, her life has been turned upside 
down, dealing with the death of a friend. 
"Dealing with the loss of my best friend and 
going to school is not an easy thing," Emily 
admits. "I have spent a lot of time with old 
friends and I thank you all for your support. 
All we have to do is stick together," Emily 
urges. "Don't ever forget how special 
Brendon was to so many people." 

Dan Gadzuric '98 

Not Your Typical College Freshman 

According to Clark Francis, editor and publisher of Hoop Scoop, "Dan Gadzuric '98 
is a tremendous addition [to the UCLA men's basketball team]. He's the best pure center 
UCLA has had for awhile ... and a strong rebounder and shot blocker. [He gives] the 
Bruins a physical presence inside, something they've been lacking the last couple of years. 
Gadzuric [was] not your typical incoming college freshman." 

Gadzuric s first year beyond GDA has been filled with activity on the West Coast. The 
UCLA Bruins saw a regular season this year of 22-9, with Gadzuric contributing 207 
points for an average of 8.6 a game. He is continuing his GDA tradition of excellence, 
especially in rebounding. At GDA he holds the school rebounding record for a season 
(502) and career (1,130); on the UCLA team he totaled 139 rebounds, 49 offensive and 
87 defensive, and placed in the team's top five players for points, rebounds, blocked shots, 
and steals. He seems to be living up to his nation-wide pre-season press — featured every- 
where from the LA Times to Sports Illustrated — and the GDA community has been 
•watching his success with pride. 

In the end, despite a tradition of 11 national championships and 35 tournament 
appearances, UCLA lost tol2th-seeded Detroit, 56-53, last March in the opening round 
of the NCAA tournament's South Regional. We've got our eye on you, Dan — best of 
luck next year! 

in memoriam 

W. Roger Page '29 

W Roger Page died on November 1, 1998. 

John C. Cushman,Jr. '32 
John C. Cushmanjr. died on November 30, 
1998 in Escondido, CA. He lived in Lake San 
Marcos, CA since 1981, and prior to that, in 
Montclair, NJ since age two. At Governor 
Dummer, he played basketball, baseball, and 
golf, and also served on the Student Council 
and as the associate editor of the Archon. He 
attended Amherst College, and then earned 
his law degree from Fordham. He spent his 
career working in the real estate brokerage 
and management field, serving as president 
and director of D.A. Cushman Realty 
Corporation in New York City. His passions 
in life were his family, friends, home, young 
people, and adventurous travels with his wife, 
Florence. He never lost his love for golf, 
having shot his age 67 times. He leaves his 
wife, his sister and brother, three sons, ten 
grandchildren and one great grandson. 

John C. Healy '32 

John C. Healy died at his home in Myrtle 
Beach, SC on February 22, 1999. He is sur- 
vived by his wife Beth and two daughters, 
Sandra McGrady and Gail Anderson. 

Charles J. Caddoo '32 

Charles J. Caddoo died March, 1999 at South 
Bay Hospital, Sun City Center, FL after a 
long battle with Parkinson's Disease. 

James Adams '36 

James Adams died in November, 1997. 

Walter Fagnet '38 

Walter Fagnet died on November 21, 1998 

after a long battle with cancer. 

Samuel C. Gwynne '47 

Samuel C. Gwynne died on July 20, 1999, 
at his home in Falmouth, MA. His death 
resulted from a diabetic reaction. 

"I was thunderstruck at the news of his 
death," said long-time friend Fritz Freeman 
'48. As a student at GDA Sam was best 
known as "battery mate" to pitcher Freeman 
in baseball seasons of '46 and '47. Those teams 
lost very few games and sometimes played 
before crowds of 2500. "The baseball season 
was the focal point of our existence," remem- 
bers team captain and Class President Jack 
Deering '47. "It was a unique era and Sam was 

54 The Archon — Spring 1999 

in memoriam 

an integral part of it," he added. Sam also sang 
in the Glee Club and goal-tended for the JV 
hockey teams. 

In recent years Sam served GDA as a class 
secretary. "Nobody has ever or will ever do a 
better job than Sam," said Deering, adding, 
"He was the genesis of the success we had at 
our 50th reunion, that bellweather of all 
reunions ."Trustee and classmate Josiah Welch 
'51 thinks theirs was the only class to have a 
mascot attending reunion events, Sam's 
beloved black labrador, "Governor." 

After graduation, Sam attended Princeton 
University, majoring in English and earning 
his B.A. in 1952. He was active throughout 
his life in the affairs of Princeton. He was a 
member of Princeton's alumni council and 
chairman of its standing committee and was 
the former president of the Princeton 
Alumni Association of Northern Ohio. In 
1992, Sam received what he considered one 
of his highest honors of his life: he was named 
(along with classmate James A. Baker III, then 
Secretary of State), one of the Princeton Class 
of 1952's Distinguished Classmates. 

Sam found ways to serve. Throughout his 
life he served in the Episcopal Church as 
vestryman, warden, church school teacher, 
and deputy to conventions. He served in the 
Marine Corps. He was a lifelong member of 
the Menauhant Yacht Club and was a 
member of the Greater Falmouth Mostly All 
Male Men's Chorus, with which he traveled 
to Europe. He served the Boy Scouts and 
coached Little League for more than 20 years. 

While at a party on the Cape in 1949, Sam 
met his future wife, the former Nancy Jane 
Carrington. They were married and raised 
five children whom he loved and adored. Sam 
is survived by his wife, Nancy; children 
Samuel III, Sheryl, Deborah, Geoffrey '78, and 
Elizabeth; and nine grandchildren. With them 
we grieve, and give thanks for his consider- 
able contributions to us all. 
—The Class of 1947 

Loring T. "Pete" Yates '50 

Loring T. "Pete"Yates died on March 27, 
1999. Born in Newburyport, MA,Yates was a 
graduate of Dartmouth College and an army 
veteran of the Korean conflict. He was a 
retired bank teller from the First and Ocean 
National Bank in Newburyport. In addition 
to his mother, Esther Thompson Yates of 
Newburyport, he is survived by a son and 
daughter-in-law, twin granddaughters, and a 

Samuel C. Gwynne '41 and his beloved black 
labrador, "Governor. " 

Jeff Ellis '63 

Jeff Ellis died in November, 1998. Bob 
Fullerton '63 has written this warm apprecia- 
tion of Jeff: 

An age-old adage says: 'You don't know 
what you have until you lose it.' Some may 
know, others may not, but we lost one of our 
more celebrated, conspicuous, and illustrious 
classmates last November. I lost a dear friend 
who over the years has become my closest 
and most-trusted companion. Although we 
had known each other since 1959 when we 
met as dormmates in Ambrose House, it was 
not until we both arrived at American 
Airlines together in 1973 that I truly got to 
know Jeff. 

With the airline world changing due to the 
oil embargoes and deregulation of the mid- 
to late-70's, Jeff and I decided that it was a 
prudent decision to leave New England and 
transfer to Chicago, a city not beset by the 
cutbacks and withdrawal of service which 
plague the east coast. There we could con- 
tinue to fly rather than return to the ranks of 
the "plumber," otherwise known as the flight 
engineer. It was in Illinois that I grew much 
closer to Jeff. We confided in each other, we 
used each other as sounding boards, and we 
anxiously planned return trips to GDA for 
every five-year reunion. 

The Jeffrey Belknap Ellis that I came to 
know was a complex mixture of perfection 
(one could see that in his attention to flying, 
not as a job, but as an art), bravado, and 
warmth. It was easy to miss the warmth and 

tenderness because he chose to keep it 
hidden from most of the world, but inside his 
soul beat a loving and caring heart. At the 
same time, Jeff was assiduously scornful of 
those who failed to produce or whose effort 
fell short of their capabilities. 

Last September, I spent a week with Jeff at 
his house in Nevada where we were joined by 
his lovely fiancee Mary Fisher. We played a lot 
of golf, spent a day at the Reno Air Races, and 
had a beer as we 'bellied up to the bar' in 
Virginia City, the supposed home of the TV 
series "Bonanza." Jeff was the happiest and 
most contently-relaxed that he's ever been. 
Jeff passed away peacefully. He was found 
with his feet up on the coffee table, hands 
folded in his lap, the TV was on, and his head 
cocked to the side as if sleeping. There was no 
pain. There was no suffering. The memorial 
service was held in New London, NH. It was 
well attended by friends he had known in 
town; numerous pilots from the Boston, 
Chicago, and San Francisco bases; numerous 
flight attendants from Boston paying tribute 
to the friendship and professionalism Jeff had 
shown them over the years; and, of course, 
there were members of the GDA family 
Masters Robert Anderson and David Williams 
were there along with Peter Coburn '63 and I. 

It is difficult to believe that this emptiness 
I have been feeling will ever go away. Jeffrey 
Belknap Ellis was my true and unswerving 
friend. He was always there when I needed 
him as I tried to be in return for him. God 
bless his soul and spirit. We send our condo- 
lences to Jeff's family and friends. 

The Archon is renewing efforts to expand our honoring of deceased alumni/ae. 

Please forward obituaries and any notice of deaths to The Archon, GDA, Byfield, MA 

01922,, or fax 978/462-1319. 

The Archon — Spring 1999 55 

student profile 

McShane is an 
all-around good sport 
at Governor Dummer 

By Bob Monahan, Globe Staff 

Megan McShane '99 has very little 
spare time. 

The Governor Dummer Academy 
senior and class vice president studies, 
sleeps, eats and plays ice hockey, soccer and 
tennis. And more. She's a head tour guide, 
a member of the student council and a 
proctor at her dorm. 

You might say she's an ambassador for 
the Byfield private school. "I love what I'm 
doing," she said. "Every minute of it. I'm at 
a great school, with great friends, and I just 
like getting up every day. I'm happy" 

In a way, McShane is like a baseball 
player of six decades ago named Eddie 
Stanky Stanky's scouting report use to 
read: "Can't hit, can't field, can't throw and 
can't run. But he's a winner." Stanky played 
on three National League pennant-win- 
ning teams: the Brooklyn Dodgers (1947), 
Boston Braves (1948), and New York 
Giants (1951). 

McShane and Stanky are cut from the 
same cloth: average athletes who make 
things happen via leadership, enthusiasm, 
moxie and 100 percent efforts. McShane 
makes her dad happy, too. Mike McShane, 
a Wakefield High and University of New 
Hampshire graduate, is in the hockey busi- 

ness. He's the current head coach at 
Norwich University and before that, he 
coached at Providence College for nine 
years and St. Lawrence University for five 
years after stints at Dartmouth, Exeter and 
Hampton Prep. "I'm proud of Megan," said 
her father. "She's basically a good kid. The 
fact that she's a good student-athlete 
pleases me no end. And I admire her for 
her leadership." Megan is hockey and 
tennis captain. "I was born in hockey 
country at St. Lawrence (Canton, NY), 
and I've always been close to hockey 
because of my dad," Megan said. "But even 
though I always could skate, I didn't take 
up hockey seriously until I came to 
Governor Dummer." 

Megan entered GDA as a sophomore 
after attending public school in Cranston, 
R.I. She played junior varsity hockey right 
away and was called up to the varsity last 
year. "I wasn't a great skater two years ago," 
said Megan. "I could skate, but just so-so. 
I was surprised I picked it up so quickly. 
Skating with a hockey stick was really 

Megan is the second-line center and has 
a good feel for the game. She can put the 
puck in the net or set up a linemate with 
a neat pass. "I guess that's my dad in me," 
said Megan. "I watched hockey games all 
my life with my father coaching and all. 
Knowing what to do is one thing, but 
doing it is another. "I really like setting up 
a linemate with a good pass. But scoring 
is pretty nice, too. I like everything 
about hockey" 

GDA hockey coach Lindsey Wetzel said, 
"This is my second year coaching Megan, 
and she had more shots on net the first 
month of this season than she had all last 
season. She was elected captain by her 
teammates, she's a fine leader and she's 
been improving every week. As a center, 
she's aware of everything that's going on 
around her. And she always makes that 
total effort. She's good to coach. You say 
something to her and she accepts it with a 
smile. She's always trying to improve and 
she sets a good example." 

McShane has been playing soccer since 
the eighth grade. "Last year, we had a 
good team and we came in second in 

New England," she said. "We lost the 
championship in double overtime." 

Tennis has been McShane's game from 
way back. "I had a tennis racket in my 
hand as far back as I can remember," she 
said. "Great sport, and I'm honored to be 
tennis captain." 

McShane is a lefthanded tennis player 
and one of her favorites is Rod Laver, one 
of the best lefties ever. McShane plays No. 
2 singles and also plays doubles. "I like sin- 
gles better," said McShane. "It's just me and 
my opponent, and I love the challenge. If I 
lose, I can only blame myself. And I don't 
like to lose." 

"Megan basically hkes to compete," 
Mike McShane said. "When she's in a 
game she's in it all the way, like an athlete 
should be. I think she gets the most out of 
her self, which makes me proud of her." 
Megan plays left midfield in soccer. "I'm 
left-footed, too," she said. 

"We play Class B in soccer and we made 
the finals my junior year (losing to 
Nobles), and this past season we lost in the 
quarterfinals to Cushing Academy. My 
soccer days are over here, and maybe I'll 
play in college. There's a chance I may 
attend Norwich and be near my dad.That's 
a fine school and I love the cold weather 
and skiing that you get in Vermont." 

"Megan wasn't the most skilled player 
on the team," GDA soccer coach Anna 
Gerry said. "She was an emotional leader 
with an unbelievable attitude. She worked 
very hard. She has a good knowledge of 
soccer. She was pretty vocal and very spir- 
ited and kind of the heart of our team 
most of the time. She always was the one 
at practice who got everyone working 
harder. That's a major contribution. A lot 
of kids were more skilled, but didn't con- 
tribute as much." 

"I hope we have a good hockey season," 
said Megan. "We're going to be better than 
a year ago. We won our Christmas 
Tournament, which was a good sign. We 
beat Westminster and North Yarmouth and 
we also beat Brooks School, which was 
huge. We hadn't beaten Brooks in 
seven years." 

Reprinted Courtesy of The Boston Globe, 
January 17,1999 

56 The Archon — Spring 1999 


If your class year ends in 4 or 9, 

this is your reunion year and reunion 
just won't be the same without you! We 
hope you're planning on being at GDA 

this June 11, 12 and 13. 

Highlights include: 

Art Sager's final Glee Club concert, a 
dinner and dancing extravaganza in 
honor of Peter and Dottie Bragdon, a 
memorial tribute to Mac Murphy, and 
special tours of the Carl A. Pescosolido 
Library and the Center for the Study of 
Mathematics & Science. 

For last minute 


or any questions, contact Sandy Keyes at 

9/8/499— 31 85. Reservations are required for scheduled events. 

Strangers once 

we came to dwell together 

Dear Peter, 

It seems impossible to think that it was 16 years ago that I met 
you and Dottie in the Cobb Room at the reception of GDA's 
new headmaster. 

When I retired in 1969 following 39 years on the faculty, I 
never thought 39 years could have provided me with such 
wonderful and rich memories. 

Naturally, my school responsibilities would diminish, but the 
memories have grown more significant as the years have 
gone on. 

Peter, at your investiture in 1983 you told me that you very 
much wanted to be able to become acquainted with members 
of the alumni/ae. I was thrilled to be of use to you in the 
beginning by serving as a connection to former students. I 
remember fondly trips to the West Coast not only reuniting 
myself with graduates from the past 50 years, but also intro- 
ducing them to you. 

Memories were turned into realities. My 16 years of work- 
ing with you made me once again feel a vital part of the GDA 
community. I thank you deeply for that. For all that you have 
given to Governor Dummer, it was wonderful to know that in 
some way I was able to help you. 

When Sam Gwynne, 1 2 years ago, asked if I would help in 
getting former Glee Club members to perform on reunion 
weekend, your confidence and support were strong reasons 
why we were able to generate such enthusiasm and success 
performing our Saturday morning concert in the Moseley 
Chapel. Little did any of us know what a strong bond was 
being formed. 

One of the greatest tributes ever paid to me over the years 
was your comment that I reminded you of your father Henry 
Bragdon, one of the most respected men at Phillips Exeter 

I am proud to direct my final alumni/ae Glee Club Concert 
as you are winding up your final year as head of this wonder- 
ful institution. You have brought GDA to its finest stage. We 
will all sing proudly and loudly on Saturday morning of 
Reunion Weekend 1999. Thank you Peter and Dottie, for all 
you have given to this school and what you have done for 
me personally. 

— Art Sager, former faculty member (1930-1969) 




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